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A year after Citroen pulled the covers off of the C3 Red Block Concept at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show , the French automaker is returning to the same event with the production version of the model, appropriately called the "C3 Red Block Special Edition."

The car will be part of a strong delegation for the Frenchies with the C3 Red Block Special Edition carrying some of the distinctive characteristics that were done on the concept version. The model will be made available in five different paint finishes - Shark Blue with a matching bumper strip, Banquise White, Aluminum Grey, Manitoba Grey, and Obsidian Black with a gloss black bumper strip. On top of the plethora of hues buyers can choose from, the C3 Red Block Special Edition will also sport a modified steering wheel system, a set of new 17" diamond-effect rims wrapped in 205/40 tires, a modified chassis, and a lowered suspension set-up that drops the car’s ride height by 25mm.

Inside, the C3 Red Block Special Edition gets treated to some fancy make-overs, particularly the gloss black dashboard fascia, which adds a certain panache to the car. There are also aluminum-finished pedals and front door surrounds, a smaller sports steering wheel, and as an option to prospective buyers, red leather upholstery.

Engine options are also part of the offering for the special edition C3. For this bad boy, customers can opt to choose from an e-HDi 90 diesel, an e-HDi 100 diesel, and a VTi 120 petrol engine, with the respective outputs ranging from 90-120 horsepower.

Rumors have been flying around that say Citroen is preparing a competitor for models like the Volkswagen Golf R and the Renaultsport Mégane RS , and here it is. The French company has offered the first official confirmation of the upcoming DS4 Racing Concept. This first concept model will be unveiled next month at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show.

The new DS4 Racing Concept will be finished in a textured-effect matte grey paint combined with a two-tone roof and 19" two-tone wheels with a special DS4 Racing design. The car has been lowered by 35 mm, but offsetting that is a widened track, 55mm at the front and 75mm at the rear. These adjustments make the DS4 look aggressive, as well as more aerodynamic.

The Citroen DS4 Racing Concept is powered by a 1.6-liter turbo petrol engine that delivers a total of 256 HP. It also features a ton of carbon fiber components, including the air diffuser, front splitter, and wheel arch extensions.

Full details on the Citroen DS4 Racing Concept will be unveiled next month during its official debut at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, so stay tuned!

It’s Citroen ’s turn to go out and play in the snow, and they’ve brought their new generation C4 sedan along for the ride. These spy shots were taken in Northern Scandinavia, where the chill - and the risk of being outed - has prompted Citroen to cover a lot of the vehicle in that dread camouflage.

The current C4 Sedan is sold mostly in China, but with a lot of other smaller sedans popping up from different manufacturers (remember the Astra sedan recently spotted?) there may be a chance to see this model working its way to the European market. In countries like Italy, Spain, and countries in eastern European, the smaller sedan segment is rapidly growing, giving Citroen even more reason to make a big move.

Power for the Citroen C4 sedan is expected to come from the same engine range found in the current C4 hatchback, meaning choice of both petrol and diesel engines with power ranging from 90 to 150 HP. A Stop & Start system will also be offered.

Expect to see the new Citroen C4 sedan launched by the end of 2012.

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If you thought the Volkswagen NILS was a crazy concept, check out Citroën’s latest vehicle. This car looks like the guys over at Citroën dropped acid and designed an out-of-this-world van to capture the most fun out of a long journey.

The Tubik pays homage to its old predecessors, the 1939 Tub van and the 1948 Type H that was in production until the late 70s. The Tubik features a major leap in technology and design, probably none of which will ever see production. But boy do we love dreamers....

The images provided by Citroën are intended to capture the public with "a concept car designed to make travel meaningful again." That being said (by Citroën), we couldn’t think of a groovier way to travel than in this modern, MPV-type, snout-nosed people carrier.

The entire cabin is replete with violet lounge seats, glass encasing, and probably enough LED lighting to make Audi blush with embarrassment. And take a look at the driver’s quarters, it looks like something Segway makes. The cockpit, if that’s what you can call it, is a dizzying array of curved inserts, euphoric lighting, and a bizarre seat. The spoke-less, magically lit (with center-mounted LCD screens for side views) is something that we think should go into immediate production..yesterday.

If Citroën decides to make anything remotely like this concept, snatch it up out of an abundance of "wow" factor.

Hit the jump to see a short press release and images of the baffling, beautiful concept.

The Citroen DS3 was put on sale a mere 18 months ago and the company has already received 100,000 orders for it. As a thanks to their clients, Citroen will be bringing the DS3 Ultra Prestige to the Frankfurt Motor Show. The Ultra Prestige comes with a "Monogramme" decor on the roof, 17-inch charcoal-gray diamond-effect wheels, and a ‘Dark Chrome’ finish on the wing mirrors, door strips, and front grille.

As for the interior, it will receive "watchstrap" seat upholstery in club leather, as well as an "Alpin Weiss" white club leather dashboard embossed with a DS logo that is also present on the upper part of the front seats. The color of the dials on the instrument cluster also match the white of the interior detailing, while club leather was used for the door panels and central armrest. This special edition will also be equipped with ultra-thick protective mats with braided double stitching in contrasting colors.

We’re all advocates of law-enforcement officials that go to great lengths to help and protect their citizens from rowdy rascals like this kid on a Citroen Saxo. Having said that, though, we couldn’t help but chuckle a little bit after watching this video of the kid elusively evading the police in a merry-go-round car chase in Coleshill, England.

The car chase stemmed from a police crackdown in the area, forbidding what’s called illegal car cruise events. Clearly, the patrol cars wanted to make an example of the wily driver, except that they couldn’t catch him. In their attempts to do so, the driver went around all available lanes, speeding up, slowing down, running in reverse, and crossing the middle divider as the pursuers tried in vain to catch him.

In the end, the driver of the Citroen sped away only for the police to find the car abandoned about 12 miles away with the driver still at large. We sincerely hope that the police catch this hooligan soon before he attempts to endanger any more lives.

But, still, you gotta give props to this kid for his elusiveness and driving skills. We haven’t seen the police made fun of like that since the days of the Three Stooges.

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One of the most impressive Citroens ever launched - the DS3 - is now being offered in a "Grey Matter" limited edition. The special edition will only be limited to 750 units and will be offered in VTi 120 and THP 150 versions, priced at €23,400 and €24,950 ex-VAT respectively.

The new DS3 "Grey Matter" edition will be distinguished by a matte gray body with chrome detailing on the side mirrors, side strips, and tail light casings. The roof comes in black or white and is enhanced by a decorative kit and 17-inch diamond alloy wheels in the same colors.

For the interior, the special edition will get Mistral leather and a MyWay Select Comfort Pack, which includes automatic climate control, the MyWay navigation system, and the HiFi system.

The DS3 Grey Matter will have two engines to choose from: the VTi 120 version which gets a naturally aspirated 1.6-liter engine with 148 HP and a THP 120 model that will be powered by a four-cylinder engine with an output of 154 HP.

Citroen has set its path in motion for the 2011 Shanghai Motor Show with a teaser image of the third model in the DS line-up , next to the DS3 and DS4 . The Citroen DS5 will make its debut at the Shanghai International Motor Show on April 20, 2011, but first, the company will be presenting their new model on Citroën’s Facebook page on April 18, 2011 at 10:30am Paris time (so about 4:30pm Eastern time).

The DS5 is described as "the manifestation of its finest expertise. A daring and sculptural creation, the DS5 perfectly expresses the DS spirit, namely bold choices on styling, architecture, sensations and refinement, while implementing the best in Citroën technology."

Next to an impressive exterior design, the DS5 is also the first Citroen model to feature HYbrid4 diesel hybrid technology, providing enhanced performance and class leading environmental credentials.

Updated 04/18/2011: This review has been updated with the official images and details. Hit the jump to read more about the new Citroen DS5.

UPDATE 10/05/11: Citroen has officially unveiled the first official promo video for the DS5. In addition to the a brief walk-around the car and some driving footage, there’s also a brief introduction on the technology and heritage of the car. Check it out by clicking on the photo above.

Citroen will bring the C6 Noir et Blanc concept car to the Geneva Motor Show this year. This model is a more luxurious version of the C6 limousine aimed for a more exclusive clientele. If the concept actually makes it to production, it will only be offered as a limited edition model.

The concept is finished in white with chromed elements for a sportier look. It also features elegant lines, a unique rear window, enough interior room for all of the passengers. The concept’s design was inspired by the Lignage prototype which was first shown at the Geneva Motor Show back in 1999.

The concept will be further distinguished by a head-up display, lane departure warning system, xenon directional headlamps, Hydractive suspension with electronically controlled springing and damping and a rear spoiler which automatically adjusts to speed and braking.

More details will be offered on March 3rd when the concept makes its debut in Geneva.

Citroen is further expanding its DS3 line-up with the addition of the Series Noire set to be revealed in just a few days at the Geneva Motor Show. There will be only 750 units built, based on either the THP 150 and HDi 110 engines. Prices will start at €24,750 - or about $33,800 at the current exchange rates.

The "Serie Noire" edition will be distinguished by matte black bodywork, a shiny black roof, 17-inch black, diamond-tipped Bellone wheels, a chrome-plated rubbing strip, and chrome-plated door mirror housings.

On the interior, the model will add Mistral/Lama leather upholstery with the fascia trim, air vent surrounds, interior door handle trim, and gear lever knob in the same shiny black color found on the roof. Standard equipment will include a MyWay navigation system and a HiFi system.

No modifications have been made under the hood, but with the added perks, this special edition gets a bit closer to the more powerful DS3-R model.

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