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With only one week away from the Geneva Motor Show, Citroen is giving us a glimpse of some of the models they will be revealing in Switzerland. To be honest, we expected something along the lines of the Survolt concept revealed last year, but their Facebook official page is showing something a little less extravagant. Citroen’s new C3 Red Block model will make its official debut on March 3rd, 2011, and is described as the rebel version of the city car.

The French manufacturer hasn’t said a work about any engine updates the car may have received, but they did announce that the Red Block version will come with a lowered suspension, a new set of 17" wheels, and a matte red Thorium tint with a 3D Bulldog carved dashboard.

The goal of transforming the C3 into a more devilish reincarnation of itself is to attract younger buyers, but with no engine updates to speak of as of yet, we don’t know how successful Citroen will be in getting the kiddies to buy this car.

It never fails that, when details for a long-awaited model are released, artists everywhere begin to imagine what future variations of the vehicle will look like. It was only a few months ago when details for the 2011 Citroen DS4 were unveiled and now Ugo Spagnolo, a student at the Institut Superieur de Design, has put his thoughts to paper on a new DS model for MY2019.

He’s called his concept the DS24 and his inspiration for it came from
the legendary Citroen DS19 that debuted at the 1955 Paris Motor Show. The DS24 features a futuristic look with a floating roof and sliding rear doors. For the interior, Ugo took his inspiration from the "elasticity of the air and the flexibility of the water." The cabin features a blue illumination and cloud-like white leather upholstery.

And in the spirit of the latest model, the DS24 features a hydrogen fuel cell which provides power to an electric motor that is integrated into the chassis. The car’s performance is unknown at this point, but we’ll excuse his oversight simply because we are so impressed with his design!

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We rarely hear from the Musketier tuning firm, but that doesn’t mean that mean these guys have fallen off the face of the earth. Recently, the German tuning company that specializes on aftermarket works done on Toyota , Citroen and Peugeot vehicles unveiled their latest work on the Citroen C3 .

Taking inspiration from the higher-spec DS3 , Musketier went out and added some new aesthetic touches on the C3, including the addition of LED daytime running lights on the car’s vertical front bumper with a matching contrasting color painted on the edges of the C3’s fenders and the lower edge of the bumper. On top of that, Musketier also reshaped the car’s rear lower lip to be able to install the twin exhaust system. The tuning firm also lowered the car’s overall ride height by 35 mm and while also installing a set of 18” wheels. Over at the interior, Musketier dressed up the C3 with leather upholstery while adding touches of carbon fiber and aluminum. Finally, the German tuning company also tweaked with the C3’s electronic system, resulting in a boost in output from 115 horsepower to 129 horsepower.

At face value, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of changes done on the C3, but nonetheless, Musketier’s work is still worth noting, especially if you’re as big fans of the C3 as we are.

In an attempt to give young and aspiring students an opportunity to win a six-month employment contract at the PSA Design Center in Paris, French automaker Citroen recently sponsored the ‘EV Design Challenge’ at the Royal College of Art in London.

The contest, which tasked students to create an ultra compact concept vehicle that has the opportunity to establish a “unique Citroen e-vehicle aesthetic for the future”, was participated by a lot of the students from the Royal College of Art.

Of all the entries submitted for the competition, Finnish design student Heikki Juvonen’s work, the Citroen E 3POD Antistatic electric vehicle, was hailed as the best of all the design entries.

Aesthetically speaking, it’s about the most advanced-looking tripod we’ve ever seen. It’s got two small front wheels with a larger bicycle-looking third wheel sitting out at the back that also works as a supportive structural element. Its rather unique look was created so it could stand out from the rest of the mass-market vehicles, while also differentiating itself with an emphasis on aerodynamics to minimize the battery size that will be put inside it.

We admit that we’ve imagined a world where vehicles like this would one day be proliferating the streets. After seeing Juvonen’s award-winning Citroen E 3POD antistatic electric vehicle, our imaginations have turned into an obsessive desire to see this unique ride come to life.

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If there’s an automaker that best exemplifies chic lifestyle, it’s Citroen . Known for having its fair share of collaborations with fashion designers – Yves Saint Laurent , are you there? – the French automaker has teamed up with another designer for a set of special edition DS3 hatchbacks.

In collaboration with renowned designer, Orla Kiely, Citroen is releasing a special edition DS3 that will be limited to only 500 units. Each of the cars come in four different colors and are painted with four different design patterns on the roof that feature Kiely’s signature stem or acorn design.

Commenting on her partnership with Citroen, Kiely was understandably ecstatic about the opportunity to work on her own special edition DS3.
“Collaborating with Citroën and DS3 was such an exciting project as it’s so different from all my previous work,” the designer said.

“I love the designs we’ve created and the way they’re incorporated into the car!"

We trust that these special edition models are catered to a specific audience because we can’t see ourselves driving around town with acorns on our roof. Not to say that we don’t like it because we actually do. It’s just not our, shall we say, cup of tea.

Details on the Citroen DS3 by Orla Kiely Collection after the jump.

They may not post the fastest ‘north to 60’ times in automotive history, but the Citroen DS3 and the Honda CR-Z are two sports hatches that have their own redeeming qualities. For starters, they’re more fuel-efficient than sports coupes, they’re both aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and in the case of the CR-Z, it’s a hybrid. Everybody loves hybrids these days so the CR-Z has that going for it, even though Honda is now creating a petrol version of the vehicle to increase sales..

Having said that, Fifth Gear’s Tiff Needell decided to give the two sports hatches a nice little shakedown around the track to determine which of the two hatches has the leg up over its competitor.

After their own individual lap times, Needell came to a number of conclusions. First, if you’re looking for a car that’s packed with power and speed, these two cars aren’t going to satisfy your lust for thrills. Second, where they lack in speed they make up for in efficiency, especially the CR-Z, which has an electrical motor that adds 14 horsepower to the car’s gas engine that produces 112 horsepower.

Third, the Citroen DS3 eventually proved to be a better ride than the CR-Z, proving that despite the times we are living in, old school technology can still one-up its more high-tech counterpart.

Source: MotorWeb

After the DS3 and DS4 , Citroen has announced that there will more DS versions launched in the near future, including a sports car based on the Survolt concept. And now that Citroen has dropped plans for a production version of the GT Concept , the future DS sports car will be the only high performance model Citroen will offer.

We don’t expect the production model to follow the concept that closely as we have already picked up on a few changes that will be made, but we are hoping that the overall look and performance of the production model will be just as good, if not better, than the concept. And with Citroen targeting younger customers looking for more than just a simple sports car, we can only imagine that it will be.

Look for Citroen’s only sports car to debut sometime in 2012 with sales starting as early as 2013.

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Put a cherry on top of this special-edition Citroen C3 Picasso because it sure as heck is mouth-watering.

The French automaker already has a slew of special edition models for the C3 Picasso, but the company figured that there’s no harm in adding another member to the family.

So that being said, feast your eyes on this cherry-popping ride straight from the C3 Picasso family, the “BLACKCHERRY”.

If first impressions could kill, then this hot hatch should be tried for murder. While the car’s technical specs aren’t exactly what you’d call a game changer – a 1.6-liter turbo diesel engine that produces 90 horsepower doesn’t really strike fear in anyone – the overall look of the car, especially the spectacular use of the two-tone cherry red and glossy black finish, is cherry hotness personified.

The exterior paint is complimented by the same use of the two colors for the car’s interior detailing, as well as on the side mirrors, the roof rails, and even on the wheels. Speaking of the wheels, there’s nothing mundanely ordinary about those, either. Keeping up to the overall theme of the BLACKCHERRY, Citroen used a set of 17-inch cherry red diamond-tipped alloy wheels on the special edition hatchback, providing a fitting completion to one hot piece of hatchback – a cherry on top of the sundae, if you will.

Although the number of C3 Picasso BLACKCHERRY models wasn’t announced, the car is expected to come with a sticker price of £15,195 – about $24,000 at the current exchange rates.

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Citroen DS9 Headed For Production

Citroen has long been in the shadows of the Germans. This is partly because their cars have been horribly unreliable and partly because they just weren’t as good to drive. But the French automaker is going to try and change all of that with their new luxury machine, the DS9.

The DS9, which is based off of the Metropolis concept, is the company’s attempt to move up market and challenge the Mercedes-Benz S-Class , BMW 7-Series , Jaguar XJ , and the Audi A8 .

Another reason for this new machine is that Citroen is planning on entering Asia with this vehicle, as it’s the first design carried out at the company’s Shanghai-based design team. It was first created in May of 2010 and Citroen hopes that it will show Chinese buyers that they can rival the higher-end products from the Germans.

Hit the jump to read on and see some new pictures of the DS9.

Citroen’s future plans includes more DS versions, including aDS Roadster based on Citroen Survolt concept . Today we have details on a new DS model that will compete with model like Audi S3 , the Volkswagen Golf R and the Ford Focus ST .

The new model will be called DS4 Racing (or Sport) and is descried as a "hybridized DS4 model." This new model will combine a 1.6 liter turbocharged engine with 200 HP and with a 95 HP electric motor on the rear axle. The result for this all-wheel drive sport model is a total output of 295 HP. This new hybrid system is similar to the PSA Group’s diesel HYbrid4 set-up or perhaps it will de derived from the new front-wheel drive hybrid system PSA Group is developing with BMW.

The new DS4 Racing is expected to make its world debut sometime in 2013, after the standard DS4 will go on sale in 2011.

Source: WCF

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