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concept cars

  A concept car is a car prototype made to showcase a new vehicle's styling, technology, and overall design before production. They are often shown at motor shows to gauge customer reaction to new and radical designs which may or may not have a chance of being produced.

A few weeks ago it was rumored that Spyker would unveil a Porsche 911 competitor at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. Now, it really happened, as Spyker is celebrating its global resurgence with the unveiling of the B6 Venator - a concept car that will go into production in early 2014 in markets like Europe or Asia, and will arrive in the U.S. in the autumn of 2014.

The new B6 Venator Concept will feature design elements we usually see in all Spyker models, like the V-shaped radiator grille, the aerodynamically shaped glass aircraft canopy and the 3D LED rear lights. The concept will be offered with 19-inch TurbofanTM wheels featuring a mirror-like finish.

On the interior, it combines the finest materials out there, like the Litano leather produced by Royal Hulshof Dutch Tanneries in Lichtenvoorde. The concept’s cockpit has been inspired by an airplane and this is evident by the dashboard that lights up as part of the "pre-flight check."

Under the hood, Spyker installed a V-6 engine that delivers about 375 horsepower and is mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission.

We’ll bring you more information, as Spyker releases it.

After much teasing and prodding over the past couple of months, Kia’s tiger-looking concept has finally broken cover at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show .

Apparently, it’s called the Provo Concept and, as you can imagine, it looks absolutely bonkers or at the very least, right up what Kia promised as a "racy new urban concept.” It sure wasn’t kidding, huh?

But the radical conceptual design of the exterior, particularly the eye-catching front profile, only tells part of the story of the Provo Concept. The interior is also awash in some fine and fancy suede and carbon treatments while the wheels, well, those ridiculous bad boys sure do speak for themselves.

It’s also worth noting that the Kia Provo Concept is looking like the Korean automaker’s answer to the growing crossover market, one that could have the likes of MINI in its crosshairs.

Find out more about the Kia Provo Concept after the jump

Next to theAston Martin Rapide Shooting Brake "Jet 2+2" Concept set to be unveiled at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, Bertone has also prepared an updated version of the original Vanquish-based Jet unveiled back in 2004. The new Jet 2 is still based on the previous-generation Vanquish, but its mechanics and design have been updated to fit the all-new Vanquish.

The new Jet 2 features the same shooting brake body style as the Rapide Jet 2+2 and so happens to be the personal car of Lilli Bertone, Bertone’s president.

The new Jet 2 features an updated design, new exterior colors and a more luxurious interior trim. The model also offers increased cabin space and a 2+2 seating configuration, thanks to the added 210 mm (8.26 inches) in length.

Full details on the new Bertone Jet 2 will be unveiled during the concept’s official debut in Geneva.

Peugeot RCZ R Concept

Magna Steyr, the same company that gave us the 3-in-1 MILA Coupic Concept last year, is coming back to the Geneva Motor Show and it appears that it’s bringing a modified Peugeot RCZ with it that it apparently has turned into an "exciting coupe concept.”

No details were given on exactly what kind of model this is going to be - no name even - but according to a company press release, the entire objective is to present the RCZ Coupe Concept with what the company calls View Top, an innovative sliding folding roof with integrated glass elements that creates a unique open-air feeling.

The inspiration behind the concept, it appears, is the aforementioned MILA Coupic Concept, a vehicle that turned heads last year for its innovative approach to multi-functionality.

“The inspiration for this concept car stems from Magna Steyr’s MILA concept series, which demonstrates the unique product design and engineering capabilities that we can deliver to customers,” explains Magna Steyr president Günther Apfalter.

“We are excited to take our original View Top design concept and bring it closer to reality by showcasing it as a concept on a sports car production vehicle.”

Suffice to say, we’re more than interested to see what Magna Steyr has up its sleeve. We’re still not quite sure what the concept is going to look like, which makes the whole thing even more interesting.

*Note: Photo is of the Peugeot RCZ R Concept

The Espera Sbarro design school in France gave the Geneva Motor Show a treat last year when it presented the Intencity Concept . While there’s really no production future for concepts like the Esperra Intencity, the vehicle does go to show the level of brilliance these students have in them.

This year, 30 students from Espera Sbarro have designed yet another concept vehicle that’s headed to Geneva. It’s called the REACT’E.V. Concept and it’s another barnburner of a design, to say the least.

The swooping design of the REACT’E.V. Concept certainly alludes to it being a hyper-aggressive sports car. All the elements are there: aggressive bumpers, bulging wheel arches, and angular ’wincing’ headlights. Taken as a whole, the concept looks pretty amazing.

Eye-opening design aside, the REACT’E.V. Concept was also built with a pretty stout hybrid powertrain inside it. First, there’s the PSA-sourced V-6 combustion engine that produces 210 horsepower and mated to a five-speed manual transmission that courses the power to the rear wheels. But that’s not all the power the REACT’E.V. Concept features. It also has a pair of electrical motors, each producing 136 horsepower (100kW) and 554 pound-feet (750Nm) of torque and a 24kWh battery.

All told, the REACT’E.V. Concept has been pegged to produce 482 horsepower and 1,108 pound-feet of torque. That’s a lot of power, folks, one we wouldn’t mind seeing out on the road in the future.

Toyota’s participation at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show involves the debut of two new concepts, one of which, the GT 86 Open Top Concept , is understandably getting all the attention.

But don’t sleep on the other concept because chances are, at least in the future, you might find more of these bad boys out on the road.

It’s called the i-Road Concept, Toyota’s zero-emission concept study of a future city car. Not a whole lot of details were divulged, but the automaker did say that the concept will be come with a 1+1 tandem-seating layout.

It’s a compact, fun, and emission-free personal mobility concept that doesn’t look all that impressive - it reminds us of a fly, unfortunately, but it does come with future tech that will probably be of good use as the world shifts toward a more eco-friendly approach to living.

In any case, we’ll have more info surrounding the i-Road concept when it makes its debut at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show.

Alfa Romeo 4C

The 2013 Geneva Motor Show is around the corner and as early as now, you can feel the palpable excitement in the air as one of the biggest motor shows in the world is set to open its doors on March 7, 2013.

The event will last until the 17th, which gives attendees plenty of time to soak in the experience of being in the presence of some of the finest cars and concepts making their debuts on the show.

Should you decide to pay the show a visit at the Geneva Palexpo Convention Centre located next to the Geneva Cointrin International Airport, we’re here to tell you that the show will be open from 10 am to 8 pm from Monday to Friday and 9 am to 7 pm on Saturday and Sunday.

We’re not expecting everyone to be there, but fortunately, we’re going to make the trip to Geneva and will be on-hand to share everything we see, hear, touch, and maybe even get inside of.

That’s the beauty of the Geneva Motor Show, fellas.

Check out all the vehicles you need to look out for at the Geneva Motor Show after the jump

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Track-oriented three-wheeled race cars are a niche market that belongs to a select few of vehicles, including the Campagna T-Rex 14RR , the Morgan Three-Wheeler, and the Can-Am Spyder .

If these recent U.S. Patent Office sketches are any indication, it looks like recreational automaker wants to join in on the party with their version, the Slingshot.

Considering that Polaris is regarded as an eccentric auto brand that has a penchant to build some wonky off-roaders, we’re not the least bit surprised that their next project is something along those lines.

The sketches reveal, first and foremost, a three-wheeled vehicle whose overall bodywork - minus the chassis configuration - resembles that of the KTM X-Bow. It might even resemble it a little too much; something we think KTM might even have a problem with should Polaris green light production for the Slingshot.

Regardless, that’s not our business to dive into. As far as we’re concerned, the Slingshot looks pretty cool and if it can have the same amount of power as its competitors possess - somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 horsepower - it should make for an awesome ride.

If the car ever reached production, it’d likely feature a 2.4-liter General Motors-sourced four-cylinder engine delivering just over 200 horsepower and mated to a manual transmission.

Just like the Morgan 3 Wheeler, the Polaris Slingshot will be driven by its single rear-wheel and even though no details have been released about a possible release date, this lightweight and most-likely affordable sports car is something to get truly excited about!

A few days after posting a teaser about a Geneva-bound model that Bertone was working on, we finally get to see the car beneath the shadows.

Turns out, it’s an Aston Martin. More specifically, an Aston Martin Rapide Shooting Brake called the Jet 2+2.

The Italian design and coachbuilder is apparently building this one-off concept, showcasing the mighty Aston Martin Rapide and turning it into a shooting brake.

Granted, the Rapide is Aston Martin’s first four-door sedan in their lineup and as such, an expansion to shooting brake territory could’ve been in order down the road.

But seeing as Aston Martin and Bertone have a history of working together in the past, including the creation of the Jet 2 concept back in 2004, it only seemed appropriate that the Italian coachbuilder would be tasked by Aston to create a strict one-off model.

Aston Martin and Bertone have yet to reveal official details surrounding the Rapide Shooting Brake Jet 2+2, but Autocar managed to find out some info about the one-off concept.

Find out what the initial word is surrounding the Rapide Shooting Brake Jet 2+2 after the jump

Source: Autocar UK

Fornasari made headlines almost a year ago when it released renderings of the Gigi sports car, a questionably named, retro-looking coupe that didn’t inspire much in the way of fascination.

To be fair, images of the Gigi were only renderings so we’re going to hold off on serious judgment until the Geneva Motor Show when the Gigi finally makes its world debut. More importantly, the Gigi won’t be alone in the Fornasari booth, as it appears that the Italian automaker will also have a couple of other still-to-be-named vehicles in Geneva.

Looking at the preview image on their website - again, all renderings - Fornasari is bringing a couple of SUVs, including the 2011 RR99 , a Porsche Cayenne look-alike if there ever was one and a camouflaged Hummer with a more pronounced front end.

Fornasari hasn’t released any details on these other models so it’s probably a safe bet to say that they’re preparing these models with intent to shock and awe all of us at Geneva.

Whether they accomplish that remains to be seen. But we are intrigued, which in itself is already half the battle won.

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