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concept cars

  A concept car is a car prototype made to showcase a new vehicle's styling, technology, and overall design before production. They are often shown at motor shows to gauge customer reaction to new and radical designs which may or may not have a chance of being produced.

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Saab 9-3 Griffin

Just days ago, we brought news about how Swedish Automobile - which used to consist of Saab and Spyker – was dissolved, as both companies went their separate ways. The only difference between the two is that Spyker is still a viable business while Saab is still crippled with debt with absolutely no known development currently taking place.

Chinese mega-company Youngman put in a multi-million dollar bid to purchase Saab in its entirety from GM a few months ago, but General Motors swiftly denied the offer and once again Saab’s future was left in limbo; the same position which has faced the company for the past few years. Even with Youngman’s promise of putting upwards of $1.5 billion into developing new Saab models over the coming years, GM still wasn’t swayed, but to our surprise that didn’t put Youngman off in anyway.

As a result, Youngman has put in yet another bid to purchase Saab, this time for the sum of $470 million at current exchange rates. In addition, the $1.5 billion promise of development still stands, so in total Youngman is willing to spend almost $2 billion to prop up Saab which currently has a debt of around $2 billion, so it sounds like quite a reasonable offer to us.

However, don’t for one second think that this offer will be accepted, as Youngman also has to compete with Indian company Mahindra & Mahindra who have also reportedly put at least one bid into the acquisition of Saab.

In all honesty, we’re not really sure why so many companies are fighting over Saab, as the brand’s reputation has been tarnished massively over the past few years. Nevertheless, we hope all the bidding parties well and hopefully Saab’s debt saga can be put to rest soon enough.

Source: The Local

Peugeot unveiled the new Urban Crossover Concept at the 2012 Beijing Auto Show in China. The company has yet to confirm a production version of the SUV, but they did announce that the new concept offers a new vision of a compact Crossover that is modern and dynamic.

The new Urban Crossover Concept measures 4.14 meters in length and 1.74 meters in width. Up front, the concept received a highly sculpted bonnet and a "smiling" grille shaped in metal. The impressive design continues on the side where the concept received a smooth flow between the raked windscreen and the line of the roof. The car sits on on new large wheels that not only provide a sporty look but also help raise the concept’s ride.

The rear adds specially designed lamps embedded with precision into the body an presenting a luminous Peugeot signature with 3 floating claws using LED technology. And the finally elements are the aluminium spoiler and roof double bubble reminiscent of the sporty and elegant aspect of theRCZ Sports Coupe .

The Lamborghini Aventador’s newest rival will hail from...

We’ll give you a few seconds to mull this one over. Could it be Italy? Maybe Japan? China, India, Germany? Heck, maybe even Korea? Nope, this new beast will hail from all 7,827 square miles of the Republika Slovenjia, Slovenia to us English speakers.

Little known and fairly new supercar manufacturer, Tushek Supercars, recently revealed its all new 444-horsepower, Audi-powered Renovatio T500 at the Top Marques in Monaco, but that’s not the big news. The big news is this developing supercar manufacturer’s future plans of annihilating the all-mighty Aventador .

After Tushek completes its estimated 30 Renovatio T500 production models, it will turn its focus to the Forego T700 – yeah, weird name, huh. Tushek has some fairly lofty goals for this machine, including a sub-1,000 KG (2,204 pounds) curb weight, more than 700 bhp, and a gut-checking 3.3 lateral Gs (the average human can handle just 5 Gs).

This would place this new supercar squarely in the lead, when compared to the Aventador, in the all-important pounds-per-horsepower rating, as the T700’s rating would be about 3.14 pounds per horsepower and the Lambo’s rating is 4.96 pounds per horsepower. On a small scale that looks like a tiny difference, but in the grand scheme of things, that difference is humongous.

By our rough guess-timation, the Renovatio T700 would range in the 2-second area from 0 to 60 mph, about 0.8 seconds faster than the Aventador. The most impressive stat is the 3.3 lateral Gs that this car is expected to handle, as the Aventador can only handle 1.05 Gs on the skid pad.

We tend to take this all with a big grain of salt, as this is purely speculation by a company spokesperson at Tushek Tushek . Chances are that this car, if it makes it to production, will be about on the same level as the Aventador and it will not hold 3.3 Gs. There is no way that any production car can handle that amount of force.

It is still unknown if Tushek plans to sell this model in the U.S., but we are certain that some savvy buyers can get it here somehow when it arrives in 2013.

While the official debut for the new baby CLS , also known as the CLC , is still one year away, Mercedes has decided to offer the first preview of the upcoming car with the Concept Style Coupe. The new concept is an evolution of the previous F800 Style Concept revealed two years ago and will make its official debut at the 2012 Auto China in Beijing.

The new Concept Style Coupe comes with design elements inspired by the Concept A-Class and features an interplay between concave and convex surfaces that is typical of Mercedes. Under the hood, Mercedes has placed a 2.0-liter petrol engine that delivers a total of 211 HP, combined with an efficient 4MATIC all-wheel drive system and a 7G-DCT dual clutch automatic transmission.

"The Concept Style Coupe is expressive and powerful in its design", said Dr Dieter Zetsche, Chairman of the Board of Management of Daimler AG and Head of Mercedes-Benz Cars. "We are staking our claim very clearly here. This is the model against which sporty vehicles in the executive segment will have to measure themselves in future."

UPDATE 04/26/2012: Mercedes has unveiled a new video for their latest Concept Style Coupe. The video shows Gordon Wagener, the Head Designer at Mercedes-Benz as he offers an exclusive presentation of the Concept. At one point, he goes into detail about the headlamp inspiration, detailing how it was designed to look just like an eye. Amazing!

Hit the jump to read more about the new Mercedes-Benz Concept Style Coupe.

Joining the Honda Concept C in Honda’s stand at the 2012 Beijing Auto Show is the Concept S, a car that’s widely expected the carry the design direction of the future Honda Odyssey .

Similar to the "C" in Concept C, Honda also added symbolism to the "S" in Concept S, which stands to mean "Stylish", "Smart", and "Surprise". Looking at the Concept S, it certainly appears that Honda is venturing into new frontiers with the design of their vehicles. Looking far and away more aggressive than past iterations of the Odyssey, the Concept S comes with a front that shows far more distinct styling, thanks to a completely new grille set-up, slit-like LED front lights, and a swooping hood. Meanwhile, the rear end carries lights that have been merged with the rear window and the chrome strip that runs along the bottom of the boot lid.

Honda has yet to release engine information on the Concept S, but it appears that the Japanese automaker will look in the direction of a hybrid powertrain to put into the production version.

UPDATE 09/12/12: The first official video of the Honda Concept S was released recently showing the concept vehicle out and about on the road. No word yet on whether there’s a production future for the car, but with the release of this video, it could be a positive sign.

Despite displaying three concept vehicles at the 2012 Beijing Auto Show , Toyota’s stand was relatively subdued compared to other automakers. Two of the three Toyota concepts came in a four-door sedan and a five-door hatch version, and have been called "Dear Qin."

We’re not entirely sure what the name means and Toyota didn’t elaborate on it either, but what we do know is that the pair of Dear Qin concepts are actually preview models of vehicles that Toyota will be launching in the Chinese market in a year’s time.

According to Toyota, the Dear Qin project cars and the Yundong Shuangqing Concept have been designed to showcase the company’s new design language for some of their future models with the intention of "attracting more people to the user base." They are also developing new vehicles that will not only come with improved styling and handling, but more importantly, will appeal to a broad market like China.

The 2012 Beijing Auto Show is fast becoming an automotive showcase for the Chinese market as more and more automakers are introducing concept vehicles that have specially developed specifically for the Chinese market.

The latest to do so is Honda , which is unveiling two concept vehicles, one of which is the Concept C sedan. Details are scarce at this point about the car, but according to a Honda press release, the "C" in the concept’s name represents "Cool", "Challenge", and "China".

Honda also said that the Concept C will be a middle-class sedan that the company is currently developing through a cooperation between development teams in both Japan and China. The production model will be made available in China next year through Guangqi Honda Automobile Co., Ltd.

As for the car itself, the Concept C is an aggressively designed vehicle that’s highlighted by its rather large dimensions and a muscular rear end, creating an aggressive yet elegant look that plays right into the tastes of the Chinese market. The concept also carries three major side veins adding to the menacing side profile while the front end receives a distinctive central grille and bumper set up with a pair of huge intakes on both ends of the bumper.

Powertrain options for the Concept C were not divulged, but rest assured that we’ll have them for you information becomes available.

For those that happen to not know what Sociedad Española de Automòviles de Turismo, known simply known as SEAT, is, don’t feel bad, as not many people do. This is a Mexican car manufacturer now found under the Volkswagen Group umbrella that is known for creating sporty cars tuned more toward the youthful crowd.

At Beijing, SEAT released an all-new “concept” car that is more of a certain reality than a concept, according to SEAT, but it is still technically a concept. This vehicle is a new trim level to the newly released Ibiza SC, known as the Ibiza Cupra Concept.

This isn’t just any old trim level though; this is a high-performance model that has an additional 20 percent more horsepower than the current highest output engine in the Ibiza SC . It also features some sharp styling upgrades over the SC trim level.

How does this hot hatchback compare to its bigger brothers in the Volkswagen group and other vehicles in the crowded European supermini class?

Click past the jump to find out.

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Bentley EXP 9 F

The styling of the Bentley EXP 9 F has been criticized to such an extent that the British marque confirmed it was already back to the drawing board to refine it, but that hasn’t stopped it from speculating about the engines which could be found under its hood. And all of this has been done without Bentley actually confirming that the EXP 9 F is going into production, but it seems pretty obvious now that it definitely is.

Anyway, it’s almost completely certain that the EXP 9 F will be offered with Bentley’s massive 6.0-liter W12 engine which has been around for years now, and in SUV-spec, it could pump out in excess of 600HP and 590 lb-ft of torque. However, very few customers will be willing to buy an SUV with a gas-guzzling W12, so Bentley has suggested that the brand new 4.0-liter V8 engine from the new Continental is a likely contender, while a far more affordable V6 plug-in hybrid may also be developed and utilized.

The V8 engine would likely remain in the same tune as it is when coupled with the Continental GT and will slash carbon emissions by 40 percent over the gargantuan W12. As for the plug-in hybrid, well very little is known about it at the moment, but it should have the capability of traveling up to 19 miles in fully- electric mode and when combined with the new six-cylinder engine, it could even launch the heavy SUV to 62 mph in less than 5 seconds.

Hopefully Bentley will release more details about the V6 when it officially confirms the EXP 9 F for production in the coming months, and we’ll be sure to bring you that news straightaway.

Toyota’s Beijing Auto Show contingent involves a number of concepts with some odd names, one of which is called the Yundong Shuangqing Concept.

The name notwithstanding, the Yundong Shuangquing Concept is the Japanese automaker’s study on what could potentially be a futuristic four-door sedan that comes powered with a newly developed hybrid system. As it stands, the Yundong Shuangqing Concept is still in its developmental phase and Toyota has not divulged a whole lot of information about the car.

Nevertheless, the car looks every bit like a concept vehicle, particularly the front end, which has a distinctive headlight configuration that extends all the way to the center grille. There also looks to be a visible light running the entire length of the car, just below the pillars.

According to Toyota President Akio Toyoda, the Yundong Shuangqing Concept is a car that represents the company’s offering to the Chinese market. “We would like to put smiles on the faces of our Chinese customers with hybrid technology," Toyoda said.

"I want the people of China to be able to experience the beauty of hybrid technology through a hybrid car born in China."

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