Concorso Italiano

Concorso Italiano

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Concorso Italiano debuted back in 1985 and it features all things Italian, especially Italian automobiles. The event takes place each August at the Monterey Peninsula where more that 40,000 automotive enthusiasts gather to celebrate their passion for vintage, classic and exotic automobiles.

Each year, the event brings together a total of 1,200 collectible Italian automobiles, motorcycles, and boats. They are accompanied by an impressive number of non-Italian exotic and classic automobiles. The event however is not only about cars, it brings together elements of Italian style such as fashion, food, music and art, which is why it grows bigger and bigger each year. Along with having lots of cool cars on display, Concorso Italiano is also a major contributor to several local, national and international charities.

In 2013, the event will start on August 16th at Laguna Seca Golf Ranch, Monterey, California. Spectators can buy tickets online here. The price of the ticket is $150 and is valid for one day only, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.. If you have an Italian vehicle you want to present on the show you will also have to go online and complete a registration form and pay $150 per vehicle.

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The Monterey Car Week is one of those rare occasions in the calendar where car enthusiasts from all corners of the world all come out of the woodwork to proudly display their rare and classic collections. It’s an opportunity to see and be seen with some of the most exotic cars in the world, and this year’s staging of the Concorso Italiano, one of the highlight events of the week, hasn’t disappointed.

One car gathering that drew a ton of attention was the get-together of the ultra-rare Ferrari 288 GTO s. Considered as one of the rarest modern supercars in history – only 272 were ever produced – the 288 GTO gathering became even more special considering that out of those 272 that were produced, none were ever sold in the United State. But alas, there were 15 288 GTOs present for this one, including the widely-regarded unicorn Evoluzione model that was used by Ferrari as a peg to develop the F40 .

Of course, this gathering of 288 GTOs wouldn’t have been possible without someone organizing the whole thing. That credit belongs to Joe Sackey, the author of the upcoming The Book of the Ferrari, who personally orchestrated for the rarest of rare Ferraris to make a surprise appearance at the Concorso Italiano. What made this event all the more special was the fact that the 288 GTOs – all 272 of them – are celebrating their 25th anniversary.

For a car that’s this rare to show up 15 strong – on their 25th anniversary, no less – is a treat that all of those who were fortunate enough to witness would never forget.

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Pininfarina Wine returns to Concorso Italiano

Wine connoisseurs who happen to chance upon the Concorso Italiano on August 14, 2009 will be treated to a wine-tastic surprise as Pininfarina Wines is set to make a return appearance at the high-end car exhibit. After a successful debut during last year’s Concorso Italiano, the winemakers are poised to return to provide visitors of this year’s event with the best Cabernet Sauvignon grown in Napa Valley.

If anybody does decide to hit up the Concorso, they can find the Pininfarina Pavilion at the center of the Concorso near the stage where they can be treated to a mouth-watering red wine experience courtesy of Aaron Heck of Heck Estates, which collaborated with Paolo Pininfarina Pininfarina to produce these classic wines. Incidentally, Heck Estates will also display a number of distinctive varietals from Kenwood Vineyards, giving those in attendance more wine tasting options to choose from.

For the longest time, Pininfarina has dabbled in a number of industries, including design, engineering, and manufacturing. Likewise, the company has also been associated with a number of today’s most explosive auto brands like Ferrari Ferrari , Alfa Romeo, and Lancia. With the Pininfarina Wine, the company is set to make its mark in the wine industry, something that it is expected to show off to the public at this year’s Concorso Italiano.

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Concorso Italiano, "a celebration of Italian style," it’s one of the most important show that covers the Italian culture. And when I say Italian culture I mean Italian music, cuisine, fashion and tourism, and of course those exquisite cars that we love for their passion. Concorso Italiano will be held in Monterey Bay, California Friday, August 15.

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