Conquest Knight

Conquest Knight

Conquest Vehicles are not widely known, but this Canadian company surely makes ultra-luxurious, fully-armoured SUVs. Okay, we can’t really use the plural version. So far, they have only made one; the Conquest Knight XV, but Conquest lives up to their mission on this vehicle.

The Conquest Knight XV doesn’t qualify as an everyday kind of ride, but for professional athletes, government officials, and heads of corporations around the globe, it should fit perfectly amongst their stable of high-priced vehicles. This extravagantly large and armored vehicle was first unveiled at the 2008 SEMA Show and since then, has had an abundant amount of comfort and security features added to it.

The vehicle is the picture of insanity and utter viciousness. We would just like to say that it would be an awesome choice for the next Decepticon in any upcoming Transformers if the production could afford it. It looks ready for the job already.

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