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cool fast cars

  The cooled and fastest cars are here, check it out if you are looking for the ultimate exotics and supercars.

The hunk of sweet Mopar goodness known as the 2013 SRT Viper GTS is all set to hit dealerships and the streets at the control of civilians. Before this can happen, all of us experts had to run it through the ringer and Edmunds sure got a good long look at the new snake. During this testing process, Edmunds somehow managed to get SRT SRT ’s permission to put the SRT Viper on the dyno – something that a surprising number of automakers would never allow out of fear of huge horsepower loss through the drivetrain.

As we all now, the Viper GTS has been dubbed the “most powerful Viper ever,” thanks to its 8.4-liter V-10 engine that pumps out 640 horsepower and 600 pound-feet of torque. While stated output is all well and good, what really matters is how much of that power actually makes it to those monstrous rear tires.

With the Viper on the dyno, Edmunds lets us know what to expect from the resurrected serpent. Wanna know the results? You’ll have to check out the video to find out…

Source: Autoblog
Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Super Snake

The North American International Auto Show (aka the Detroit Auto Show ) is slowly creeping up and we are learning more each day about what is going to be at the show. We pretty much already know what the much-anticipated C7 Corvette will look like , thanks to the leaky pipes over at GM and our crack rendering team, and now Shelby has announced that it will be in on the fun.

Shelby has announced that two new vehicles will show up at the NAIAS and the first one will be a wide-body version of the 2013 Super Snake . That’s a pretty cool announcement in itself, but Shelby is keeping the second one under pretty tight wraps for now. The only information that it released about the second model is simply a quote from the late Carroll Shelby: “I think you’re going to see the industry going completely to small engines with turbochargers. That’s the only way you can get the mileage that the government is going to be demanding.”

From that quote, we can make out that the heavily guarded model will be a smaller-displacement, high-performance vehicle that will gain extra power from a turbocharger. So, this leaves us with a pair of potential scenarios. The cooler of the two would be a Mustang bearing a high-output four-cylinder or an EcoBoost V-6, which could be a preview of what to expect from the future Mustang SVO. The less awesome scenario would be a heavily tuned Focus or Fiesta ST.

We’re crossing our fingers that this will be a four-cylinder-equipped `Stang with some serious ponies, but we really don’t see any writing on the wall about which scenario will come true.

We’ll keep an eye on this situation and let you know as soon as we get some more info.

We are slight fans of synchronized drifting, though you likely already know that. What can possibly be cooler than seeing multiple cars drifting around one another in perfect time, just missing each other by mere inches? Well, the only thing we can think of is a motorcycle and a car pulling off this feat. Not just any motorcycle and car either, but two of the baddest ones around – an Audi R8 5.2 and BMW S1000RR , respectively.

With 704 horsepower between the two – 525 to the Audi and 179 to the BMW – these two kick up all sorts of smoldering rubber in the process of wagging their respective tails all over this closed track. To boot, the motorcycle driver pulls off some downright incredible stunts in the process of drifting like a madman.

The Audi R8 joins in a little bit late in the video, but holds its own. For the most part, however, the Audi is more of a very expensive prop for the Beemer .

Check out the video above, it’s well worth the time.

We are still awaiting the release of the all-new 2014 Quattroporte , and to say we are “patiently” waiting is an overstatement. Maserati is nearing its breaking point as its competition, which includes BMW BMW , Mercedes Mercedes and Jaguar, are running away with all of the profits, as the trident-bearing brand continues to pull up the rear in the sales race.

This all-new Quattroporte is a huge part of Maserati’s plans to increase its total sales to 50,000 units per year by 2015. So, needless to say, there is a lot riding on this release and we don’t want to see this famed brand get the axe. Maserati has already released tons of high-res images for us to see, but we have never actually seen the Quattroporte in action. That is, until today.

Maserati took the upcoming performance sedan to the Balocco Proving Grounds in early September 2012 and performed some night testing. This testing process was filmed and Maserati Maserati has released this film for us to see. Along with seeing the Quattroporte in action, we also get an earful of what to expect from the sedan. Unfortunately, we do not get an earful of the twin-turbo six-cylinder pumping away, but there is plenty of information passed along.

Check out the above video to get a good look at the upcoming model.

Fisker Karma

Few car companies can’t wait for 2012 to end more than Fisker , as it combated quality issues, loan freezing and supplier bankruptcy throughout the year. Well, it looks like drama is going to follow the electric-car company into the New Year, unfortunately. As we already know, 338 Karmas were damaged during hurricane Sandy and some 16 units actually caught fire – not related to any faults by Fisker – and an insurance claim was submitted.

Apparently, the insurance company decided to void the claim after reviewing the claim. According to the report from Reuters, the issue becomes whether the damaged Karmas were “in transit” when they were damaged. In the case of “in transit” vehicles, sublimits beyond the $100 million limit on the insurance policy would apply.

In response to the denial, Fisker has filed a lawsuit against the company in an effort to get a court order for the insurance company – XL Insurance America – to pay the claim and for damages caused by the breach of contract. Hopefully Fisker can sort this out and get itself on track, as we were extremely impressed by the Karma on our test drive and we would hate to see any more hiccups in the vehicle’s production.

Source: Reuters

Okay folks, you have already seen our rendering of the C7 Corvette’s front end . Unfortunately, we anticipate the front end to only have relatively minor alterations when compared to the C6 generation, but the backside… that’s a different story, as it is completely new. And our crack rendering team has pieced together a stunning image displaying this nipped and tucked rump.

This new backend, as seen in the leaked images from a GM training manual or possibly the 2014 Corvette owner’s manual, shows off Chevy’s no-fear approach as it has eliminated the circular quad-taillight setup that has been a part of the `Vette forever and opted for a square setup that is more like the Camaro’s setup. The rear windshield is no longer a monstrous hunk of curved glass, but rather a tapered panel flanked by aggressive-looking ridges that follow it to a nicely placed high-mount stop light.

The rear-quarter glass flows perfectly with the revised shape of the `Vette and is cuts off abruptly as you reach the rear hatch. This abruptness would typically be an eyesore, but the sexiness that oozes from that new hatch easily makes up for the quick cutoff on of the glass.

The rear diffusor is something of beauty. According to the leaked images, as it features a pair of vertical fins on the outer edges and still houses a quad tailpipe setup in the center. Between these vertical fins is where we image all of the “magic” happens, as we anticipate some aggressive spoilers under there to pull the Corvette’s backside to the ground.

In all, we are simply amazed at what we are seeing of the C7 Corvette’s rear end. We certainly hope that these leaked images are accurate, because they are flat out awesome!

Image Note: the attached image is TopSpeed’s rendering of what we think the 2014 Corvette will look like. It is not an official or leaked image from GM.

Mercedes GL63 AMG

There’s nothing better than a luxury car with some oomph behind it, and few do better at this delicate combination than Mercedes -Benz and AMG . Working together, the two have produced some of the most desirable cars on the planet today. The only performance arm that rivals AMG is likely BMW’s M-Series, and maybe Audi’s RS line and Jag’s R-S line.

With this success, we have all watched AMG grow from an independent tuner of earlier Benzes to a subsidiary to Mercedes that touches dang near every Mercedes model that rolls off of the assembly line.

Well, AMG’s reach into Mercedes’ production line is going to expand greatly between now and 2017, as the luxury-performance arm is set to grow from 20,000 units to 30,000 units in that timeframe. That is rumored to translate out to a lineup of up to 30 models in the worldwide marketplace. So it looks like there will be plenty of AMG power to go around.

The latest AMG model to debut in the U.S. was the 2013 GL63 AMG , which is set to drop in dealers soon, so we have a full slate of AMG coverage in Mercedes lineup here. However with new models in the works for the U.S. market – CLA-Class and B-Class – we certainly anticipate some nice additions to the AMG’s U.S. family too.

Source: Le Blog Auto

Now that we have officially seen the new Mercedes G65 AMG and G63 AMG models, the German tuner A.R.T. decided to update their look a little bit. The biggest changes were made under the hood, but the exterior and the interior also receive pretty significant updates. First deliveries will be made in January 2013 and prices will be announced at a later date.

In the powertrain department, the tuner reprogrammed the ECU and installed high-flow catalytic converters and additional cooling systems for engine, fuel circuit and transmission. Along with these updates, the A.R.T. also installed a new stainless-steel sport exhaust system with three end pipes per side. As a result, the output for the G65 has been increased from 612 ponies to 749 horsepower and for the G63, it went from 544 horsepower to 681 horses.

The exterior updates are also pretty amazing and include a new front bumper with integrated front spoiler and more air intakes, a new aero hood in bicolor design and featuring no less than 19 air intakes, and a new bumper with double retro-reflector units. The car is offered on a set of 22-inch monoART1 wheels.

On the inside, the Benz now features a wide range of leather and Alcantara, crowned by carbon and noble woods.

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If you thought the 2.0-liter boxer engine pumping out 200-horsepower wasn’t enough, Weapons Grade Performance has a solution.

With a company name as intimidating as the upgrade it’s carrying out on the Subaru BR-Z, Weapons Grade Performance is on the verge of making one of the most powerful BR-Zs to run the streets.

How does it does it pull off this task? Slap a good ol’ American V-8 in there, of course. Yup, W.G.P chose the old-school-but-still-awesome method of increasing horsepower by mounting an LS2 V-8 from a Pontiac GTO that produces 400-horsepower, twice more powerful than the stock 4-pot boxer engine.

While the idea of a V-8 powered BR-Z sounds good, it may not do wonders when it comes to weight distribution. A picture of your pot-bellied uncle is a good comparison to this build. Then again, this sort of uncle can be rather exciting to hangout.

Here’s to hoping that W.G.P will pull off this build, hassle free. We’ll update this review as more information rolls out, as this is a work in progress. And for those that think this is a Photoshop trick rather than the real deal, see the video after the jump for a live shot of the car. There’s no Photoshopping a video…

Image: Instagram pic from W.G.P.’s Facebook page

Grand National, T-Type and GNX are three special editions offered by Buick for its second-generation Regal : the Grand National arrived in 1982, the T-Type in 1983 and the GNX in 1987. All three names were dropped once the third-generation Regal debuted. All of you gearheads already knew that, right?

We’re willing to bet that you didn’t know that rumors are floating around that Buick will resuscitate all three nameplates in the upcoming years. All three models will be offered as four-door sedans and will be built on GM’s new rear-wheel-drive Alpha platform, which will be shared with the Cadillac ATS .

Just like in the past, the Grand National and the T-Type will come with the same powertrains and suspension calibrations. The only distinctive feature being the exterior color, as the T-Type will be offered in a full color palette and the Grand National only in a black, staying true to the original. Inside Line reports that the Grand National and GNX will likely be powered by GM’s new twin-turbocharged 3.6-liter V-6 engine with an output in the 350- to 400-horsepower range.

The GNX will be the most powerful version and will likely get a nice helping of LT1 V-8 muscle. We’re not too sure if GM will detune the new LT1 before installing it in the GNX, if it happens, but if not, this would put it at 450 horsepower. We wouldn’t be surprised to see it cranked down to 425 ponies – God forbid, GM step on its precious Corvette’s toes.

All three models are expected to come with six-speed manual transmissions standard with the option of a six-speed automatic.

Muscle car enthusiasts everywhere are now jumping with joy at this announcement, but keep your cool fellas, we don’t expect them to hit the Auto Show scene until sometime in 2014.

Full details on the three models will be revealed in the upcoming month, so stay tuned!

Source: InsideLine

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