2003 C6W - The Six Wheel Sports Car

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Ferruccio Covini’s first attempt on a six-wheel super car dates back to 1974, yet the idea of using a double front axle was to shy for the technological progress. The project was abandoned in favor of the Soleado project.


It was put on a stand-still up until the early ‘80s, when it was upgraded. A hydro-pneumatic suspension for the four front wheels. It was a solution that optimized the weight distribution based on the “loaded cargo”. Even tough the idea was revolutionary due to the high cost of production the project came to another stop

Later on, the ‘90s came and the modern technological revolution equipped the Covini ambitious prototype with ABS and airbags. Thus the C6W project became a study on active and passive safety.

Engine, Interior, Exterior and Several Important Facts 

In case of depressurization of a front wheel, the automobile could be controlled with the help of the wheel in its nearest proximity. The technical solution allows the usage of four break pads and in the event of a violent breaking the pads endure less heat and more efficiency. The risk of water sliding is also decreased. When the first set of wheels spreads the water, the second one is on a dry surface, ensuring high adherence. The comfort is a consequence of the uniform distribution of the bumps on the shock absorbers. Basically, if you were to hit a hole in the road, the impact would be devised between the four front wheels and the reverberations in the cockpit would be close to null. Further more the weight distribution is decreased which is basically increased adherence. The turning radius is smaller, and the maneuverability of the car is also increased then the usual conventional solutions.

C6W - The Six Wheel Sports Car

On the first view, C6W’s design resembles a lot with the 2000 360 Ferrari Modena. The idea was to place a weightless body on a rigid chassis, in total 1.150 kg. The chassis is tubular, made out of steel and reinforced with carbon fiber, while the body is made up from a mixture of fiber glass and carbon fiber. Just like the 360 Modena, the hood is tilted forward, with shoulder look-a-like nervures on its sides and teardrop front headlights.

Both rear and front axels uses a deformable parallelogram type suspension, while the Brembo breaking system ensures six ventilated break discs, ABS and EBD.

C6W’s rear is as simple as possible. The taillights are simple and circular and the twin exhaust pipes are chromed.

The cockpit’s ambiance is like no other. It’s a simple mix between simplicity and refinement. The visual impact is so strong to the usage of a two color leather and of the aluminum insertions.

The explosive power plant is a 4,2 L , V8 with a figure of horsepower of 380. The maximum torque is close to 450 Nm. The power between the engine and the rear axle is a bond made with the help of manual 6-speed gearbox.

All that Covini has left to do is to clear some homologations before shipping his first car to the Verbania Factory. The price for this monster 6 wheel sports car is not yet known. 


Seriously, who would have adored it? It looks absolutely weird.

What sort of a car is this, precisely? Anyone who liked this must be deceived by its power.

It is the first time I’ve seen a six-wheel sports car, and I am amazed with its doors, which open like a butterfly spreading its wings.

I had never seen any six-wheel sports car before. Its performance is impressive, and the features are good. This exceptional car needs special attention as if it is an endangered one.

The shape and curves, this look on character car very determined and firm. As of its exterior and interior, all has been contemporary matched to all other parts.

It is the first time to see a six wheel drive. I was really impressed with the performance of this car. I think the additional two wheels will add to the weight that is why they used a lot of valves for the car to deliver a good performance.

Well, if it were that great in handling and safety, why didn’t the manufacturers consider its design? Well, maybe because in a lot of other instances, it could be a failure in terms of handling and safety.

that the est I’ve ever seen

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