Dacia Logan

Dacia Logan

Racing season is now in full swing and as the days go by, we’re seeing more and more racing series begin their respective seasons.

One that’s scheduled to start in a month’s time is the Scandinavian Touring Car Championship (STCC) and Romanian automaker, Dacia , is preparing for the series with a new racecar in the form of a second-generation Logan that has been christened as the Logan STCC 1024.

After plying its craft in Pikes Peak with its custom Duster rally cars, Dacia wants to make headway at the STCC and it picked a pretty good car to do it, thanks to the Logan’s 400-horsepower V-6 engine that’s mated to a six-speed sequential transmission. Add that to a model that only weighs slightly north of 1,100 kg (2,425 pounds) and you have a racecar that’s ridiculously quick and can bust out of the gates with the nimbleness and power of a pouncing panther.

Hyperbole notwithstanding, the Logan STCC 1024 looks ready for competition and it will get its chance to show everyone what it’s got when the STCC season kicks off on May 3rd.

When Dacia brought the Sandero into the picture, people forgot about the old Logan , and not because the Sandero was better, but because it looked a bit fresher. When the new Duster came out, it took the Logan completely out of the picture. This seemed to be a little unorthodox considering the Logan was the model that brought Dacia out of the shadow of anonymity and basically started the trend of low-budget cars in Europe.

Renault now seems to have recognized their error and have promised that the next generation Logan will be better than the model it replaces. It will be built on the same platform as the Renault Fluence and will get more modern engines, gearboxes, and a new chassis. It will also still be one of the cheapest cars around.

The next Logan will get a modern design to make it even more attractive. According to Renault’s design chief, Laurens van den Acker, this decision was made to coax people into buying the Logan because of its looks and not just because it is cheap. Speaking of cheap, we’re hoping that Dacia will do something about that rustic interior that facilitates the outdated stigma attached to the car.

Expect to see the new Dacia Logan launched as a concept in September at the 2012 Paris Auto Show, with a production version to follow at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show.

Dacia revealed today the 2009 Logan facelift, only four years after the Logan was first launched on the auto market. New Dacia Logan features a more contemporary design, as well as a more attractive and more comfortable interior which mirrors the renewal of Dacia as a generous, clever brand.

The new Logan takes the same bigger grille first used in the Sandero, it features new logo, plus a chrome upper trim as standard. The new front bumper is flush with the bodywork for a more integrated, harmonious feel, while the headlights are bigger and the fog lamps come with elegant carbon color surrounds.

The rear design of New Dacia Logan has been updated, too. The design of the new boot lid, which can be trimmed with a lower chrome strip, is more streamlined and its lines have been carried over to the revised rear lights. The rear bumper, too, is now flush with the bodywork and incorporates reflectors and a towing hook complete with concealing cap.

New Dacia Logan comes with the same proven petrol engines and diesel engine that have contributed to the Dacia range’s success.

New Dacia Logan will be introduced across the majority of Western European markets from July 2008.

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Dacia Logan , the well-known model from the Romanian manufacturer and maybe one of the most appreciated vehicles received a new tuning kit built by the Indians from Mahindra. The tuning kit consists in a new front grill add-on in glossy black, front bumper center bezel, side skirts in body color, rear bumper center bezel in charvoal grey, rear spoiler in body color, new custom painted body shell, bonnet in glossy black and window line blackening.

Dacia Logan by Mahindra

At the interior the manufacturer included leather upholstery in beige, door trim in black and beige, custom floor matts, steering wheel in black with leather wrao, custom gear boot in beige, rear tray in black and an MP3 player with USB.

About the legend of Dracula you all know a lot, and there is no need to talk about this. But about a Dacia Logan created special for the Count Dracula that is priced at 45.000 euro, well, we consider it worth talking.

Dacia Logan for Dracula

The Logan Dracula Edition was created by German tuner DeSwart. On the exterior it features a awestruck landscape, in the same way as the legend of Dracula. The painting was made on the entire body and also on the 18" wheels. No other modifications were made at the exterior.

Dacia Logan for Dracula

On the interior there were made lots of changes and were made to improve the passengers comfort. DVD are incorporated in the antimacassar, the sporty seats have the shape of a shell, the upholstery is red and black. All this next to a latest generation audio system and lots of lights mix the legend of the famous character Dracula with the sportiveness and gadgets of a latest-generation car.

The big surprise comes from the carrier: it was covered in the same way as a coffin and a mini-sauna was also installed.

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Indian maker Mahindra & Mahidra (M&M) intends to create a production plant in USA where there will be built models that at the moment are made in India, including the Logan model, produced in partnership with Renault.

The future US factory will be built somewhere near Chicago and will produce models like Scorpio, Ingenio and Bolero. The company is currently looking for partners and available lands; talks are on advanced levels with three or four important American players in the auto industry.

Mahindra & Mahidra will be the first Indian company that plans to open a production facility- of any kind - in USA. The Logan’s maker on the Indian market increased the production from 2000 to 2500 units a month as a result of Logan’s big demand.

Source: TopSpeed Ro
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Romania’s Dacia has introduced a light pick-up version based on its Logan sedan. The Logan platform is already used by the company for its wagon and van models.

The new truck is manufactured at the Pitesti plant and is meant for both business users and private motorists requiring a practical leisure vehicle.

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Carlos Ghosn Renault Renault -Nissan Chief Executive is betting that a really cheap car is under $3,000. He was already talking up the industry’s next challenge at a plant-opening ceremony in India. A future model that would sport a sticker price as low as $2,500—about 40% less than the least expensive subcompact currently on the market. The world’s automakers have abruptly shifted into reverse, after years of making their mass-market cars more expensive.With stagnant growth in most of the markets, (...)
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Two years after the introduction of Logan, which has already achieved sales in excess of 300,000 cars, Dacia is to extend its range with the launch of Logan MCV (Multi Convivial Vehicle). Logan MCV is an extremely spacious estate with a large load capacity that comes with all the acclaimed strengths of Logan Saloon plus a modular interior layout and enhanced versatility.

Logan is a family and multi-purpose sedan, characterized by a modern style architecture. Its well-defined lines, from the hood up to the back, give a dynamic general look to this car. Its generous dimensions provide an excellent habitability, which easily allow three tall passengers to sit down comfortably on the rear seats.

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