1998 - 2000 Dacia Nova

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The Dacia Nova was introduced in1998 as an alternative to the 30 years old Dacia 1300. It’s almost modern design made it quite attractive to the Romanians. It also was cheap compared to other new foreign cars and seemed to be a well-made car (not totally true).

Nova GT and GTi

The Nova was available in 2 versions, GT and GTi, but don`t be fooled by the names. It had no sporty capabilities. It was basicaly the same car, one with a duble barrel carburetor and the other had a Throttle Body Injection. Although the engine was weak and not so reliable, it was leap form the 1.4L 57HP engine that equiped the old 1300.

But because it wasn`t a very reliable car and it`s comercial succes was not as big as intended, the production was canceled two years later and replaced by the "new" model: Dacia SupeRNova


Old-fashioned car, good to see this car for new version or made transformation on a more modern and attractive design. Typically better for improvements.

Well,I can say that Dacia Nova is very practical to your budget. The appearance that was only ordinary and needs some revision to make it more improving.

will they ever make a chevy nova concept car

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