2007 Daewoo L4X

With three of the highlights of the sixth Seoul Motor Show – a show car version of its future L4X flagship, the much-anticipated high performance G2X roadster and the WTCC Ultra touring concept car – GM Daewoo Auto & Technology (GM Daewoo) is leading the charge into areas where Korean automakers traditionally have not been active.

GM Daewoo is lifting the veil on a show car version of its much-anticipated long-wheelbase premium large sedan, the L4X.

The rear-wheel-drive product, which is close to a production version, permits a first glimpse into what GM Daewoo is pursuing as its premium large sedan. GM Daewoo’s future flagship will boast a superior level of refinement, safety and comfort features.

Daewoo L4X

“The L4X exemplifies what a true premium large sedan should be. It excels in the most fundamental virtues of its segment,” said Michael Grimaldi, President and CEO of GM Daewoo. “For example, it has segment-leading interior space and rear seat comfort.”

He added, “Our latest show car is not only stylish, it also offers an array of convenience features and luxury appointments to satisfy the most sophisticated Korean consumers.”

The L4X comes with a powerful 3.6-liter V-6 powerplant that is matched with a smooth-shifting five-speed automatic transmission. The state-of-the-art alloy engine generates peak power and torque of 258 hp at 6,500 rpm and 34.7 kg.m at 3,200 rpm.

What makes the L4X stand out in terms of superior ride and handling are its sharpened chassis dynamics coupled with a longest-in-class 3,009-mm wheelbase, world-class structural stiffness and a sophisticated rear-wheel-drive system.

Daewoo L4X

Its elegant exterior design, which will set it apart from other premium sedans, is characterized by a stretched silhouette and a wide stance accentuated by flared wheel arches. The longer rear doors are the key to the dramatic proportions, which are accentuated by a sweeping roofline and substantial wheel and tire package. As a result of the longest wheelbase among Korean large sedans, the wheels have been moved to the very corners of the car, making it look and perform in a stable and sporty manner.

Detail highlights include signature LED repeater lamps in the fender vents, striking LED tail lamps and bright chrome accents. Its bi-xenon headlamps and tail lamps have a high-tech, precise and almost diamond-like appearance, with finely detailed elements that make them sparkle and glisten. The bright chrome bodyside molding and chrome-highlighted door handles add a touch of sculptured elegance to the side.

Daewoo L4X

The themes for the interior design are comfort, harmony, luxury and attention to detail. The L4X offers a spacious and safe passenger compartment that provides a prestigious driving environment with optimized storage, packaging and ergonomics.

To give owners second-to-none premium comfort, the production version of the new GM Daewoo flagship will feature an array of safety and convenience features, including a navigation system with Digital Multimedia Broadcasting (DMB) TV, bi-xenon headlamps, curtain air bags, tri-zone automatic temperature controls, power rear seats with three-step temperature control heating and rear-back massage, power rear-window curtains, roller blinds, a rearview camera and power-folding outside rearview mirrors.

Daewoo L4X


This was simply luxurious. It’s clearly an oxymoron automotive.

What I like about this car is it is very simple and elegant. This model would be under the luxury cars’ list.

This Daewoo in black was luxurious on its view. The exterior was elegant and very comfortable to look at. The interior was nice and very inviting.

Significantly, a standard and prominent car design. Though this car, is not the most stylish offer, but I believe this is simply a sophisticated car.

The way I see it, it looks like the BMW with M-package, exterior differences on the hood. The BMW has the division on the airflow while this Daewoo L4X doesn’t have. Moreover, I’m really fond of long body Sedans.

Well good for daewoo after a long years of copying they’ve already had their own. I guess they’ve rise from the ashes like hyundai.

I hope it comes head to head with hyundai sonata, and see which of them are the best luxury car.

The L4X is also believed to be the first of a number of new export vehicles for Holden in the region, with China poised to announce a Holden-based vehicle to replace the Buick Royaum this year.

well IMO this looks good and comfortable wide, and it’s dash are simple, but sometimes being simple turn to be the best.

well i don’t know about Daewoo but this is a good looking sedan looks comfortable to ride. if im going to have a car like this i would rather hire a driver for me.

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