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Though Daihatsu may be out of sight out of mind for many Americans, due to its several-decade-long American hiatus, it is actually alive, well, and thriving in smaller markets, like Indonesia. Most Daihatsu vehicles are very utilitarian, providing little thrill and tons of functionality, but it looks as if Daihatsu may be working its way toward a new area with its latest D-R Concept.

At the 2012 Indonesian International Motor Show in Jakarta, Toyota subsidiary, Daihatsu, unveiled its all-new D-R Concept roadster. The exact details on the model are still a little scarce and the chances of it hitting the market are positioned somewhere between hell freezing over and the day it rains frogs, but the concept at least gives you an idea of the direction Daihatsu is looking to take its automobiles.

Currently, the most popular Daihatsu is overwhelmingly the Xenia, a compact 7-passenger MPV, and this roadster is anything but the Xenia.

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It’s been a while since we last heard from Daihatsu so it was a bit surprising to find out that the Japanese automaker actually attended the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show with a concept called the D-X, pronounced d-cross. And to make things better for these guys, the concept actually looks good!

We don’t have an answer as far as a production future for the D-X Concept is concerned, although it appears that Daihatsu is promoting it as a Transformers-inspired vehicle that can take the shape of a number of vehicles, including a convertible, a roadster, a sporty van, and even a race car. Talk about taking versatility to a whole new level.

The D-X has a base look that can be shifted in a variety of different ways to suit the driver’s preference. Under its hood, the concept runs on a .66-liter two-cylinder engine that comes with direct injection and turbocharging technology. The words ’turbocharging’ and ’Daihatsu’ are about as likely to be put on the same sentence as Pintos and Ferrari Ferrari s, but the mere fact that it is actually speaks volumes to the strides Daihatsu is making in turning a new leaf for their company.

There’s nothing exotic about what you’re about to see but it sure looks like it’s a lot of fun.

Coming from the land where eccentricity reigns supreme – that would be you Japan – we have a video of what appears to be some sort of drift run on a small course that features a host of mini pick-up trucks.

You read that right: mini pick-up trucks. No sports cars. No exotics. And certainly, nothing that even remotely comes close to being luxurious.

But despite falling drastically short of the standards for a drift car, these drifting mini pick-ups – they appear to look like Daihatsu trucks – certainly got our attention. We’re not totally surprised that they could pull it off, but to do it without smoke coming out of the tires?

Pretty impressive.

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Remember the fun little e:S Concept from the kei car maker Daihatsu that we showed you yesterday? Well the Japanese automaker has a few more sprightly little ideas for the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show, one of which is the compact convertible pickup truck, the Daihatsu Basket Concept. Now the name most likely came from the city car’s open bed and squared off roll bar design that makes the little kei car concept look like what Little Red Riding Hood was carrying to her grandmother’s house.

Daihatsu Basket Concept

The Daihatsu Basket Concept is a 4 seater kei car with a wide rear deck based on their Mira model and is powered by a 660 cc engine. The roof is of the removable hardtop variety and covers the front seat passengers while a canvas unit provides a bit of shade to those riding in the back seat. Just like theh front buckets, the rear bench is wrapped in linen and can fold flat to significantly increase the Basket’s storage space. The open nature of the Daihatsu concept is also a benefit for individuals who plan on using their vehicles for work purposes because they won’t have to worry about whether their tools are dirty or not when they toss them in the bed.

The diminutive Japanese automaker Daihatsu , is better known for building compact off roaders and kei cars has prepared a treat for the Tokyo Auto Show. The Daihatsu e:S Concept is based on the automaker’s popular mini car platform, and while the 3,100 mm long design study’s wheelbase has been shortened to just 2,175 mm it still offers enough interior space to accommodate four full sized Japanese adults comfortably. Keeping in line with Daihatsu’s fun looking line of vehicles, the e:S Concept carries over all of the familiar lines from the Daihatsu family while adding an extra sense of spirit to the tiny ride.

The main theme behind the Daihatsu e:S Concept is lightweight efficiency, because without a lot of excess weight to pull around, the kei car can make the most of what it already has. Due to the mini car’s nature, there is not a whole lot that goes into the car’s assembly. Aside from the compact construction, Daihatsu’s engineers have shed as many pounds as possible by using slim, lightweight seats and replacing many of the vehicle’s materials with lighter versions, the result is a curb weight of only 700 kilograms, and that is only 1543 pounds. Enhancing the e:S’s lightweight efficiency is a mild hybrid style Idling Stop System that turns off the engine when the vehicle is at rest to further reduce fuel consumption. Although it may never make it to the U.S. Daihatsu’s e:S Concept is undoubtedly an efficient ride.

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The UK auto market has some advantage these days as the automobile company Daihatsu presents Kiri, a version of the Terios SUV which will be produced in a limited edition of just 250 units.

Daihatsu Terios Kiri Edition

Inspired by the Terios 1.5 S, Kiri features unique metallic green paint, roof rails, new five-spoke 16inch alloy wheels wrapped around 215/65 R16 tires, a hard spare wheel cover, leather-covered steering wheel, front fog lamps and special ‘Kiri’ graphics. Pricing starts from only £13,895.

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Daihatsu to introduce 3D holographic dashboard by 2012

Daihatsu, a Toyota company owned by Toyota of Tokyo, and Provision Interactive Technologies, a subsidiary of Provision Holding teamed up in order to develop and implement a 3D holographic dashboard in Daihatsu’s latest concept car.

Named HLXX, the technology debut was at 40th Annual Tokyo Motor Show, where attendees were so impressed that Provision immediately patented the technology . HLXX technology uses traditional 2D flat screen dashboard together with a 3d holographic screen in order to facilitate immediately driver awarness and recognition. Daihatsu plans to introduce the HLXX technology as part of its OPCS system (Omni-directional Pre-Crash Safety Support System) into their production vehicles by the end on 2012.

The new Daihatsu Cuore is 3.46 metres long, has a kerb weight of 765 kilos and dynamic 70 HP: In this combination, the seventh generation promises pure driving pleasure. In only 11.1 seconds, it goes from 0 to 100 and sprints around every corner.

Drivers primarily associate compact cars with utility, meaning cost effectiveness and driving ease particularly on busy streets - and environmental friendliness, meaning low fuel consumption that conserves natural resources. By fulfilling these requirements, compact cars have become popular as essential means of transportation for everyday activities such as commuting and shopping.

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