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  Dartz is a jack of all trades when it comes to security. The company was founded in 1988 in Europe by Leonard F.Yankelovich. They have made themselves known for creating window films, security equipment, and armored cars. Their most widely-known vehicle has been the different variants of the Dartz Prombon.

When you mention the name Dartz within the automotive circle, you’re not going to be greeted with the kind of response that you’d normally get for any other kind of automaker in the world.

See, Dartz has long been a different brand. They don’t build sedans. They don’t build sports cars. Heck, they don’t even build supercars. Where their specialty lies is building trucks. And not just any trucks, mind you. These guys from Russia build trucks that adhere by its tagline of “Bullet Proof Trend Setters.”

To say that Dartz is anything but conventional is to say that Paris Hilton has acting skills. There’s nothing ordinary about this company and their latest offering, a special China-only luxury track called the Black Snake, is no different.

Built to celebrate the incoming Year of the Snake, the Dartz Black Snake is the kind massive yet opulent vehicle that will immediately catch your eye. And to be honest, if your list of clients include Czar Nicholas II, Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky, and Admiral General Aladeen, then you immediately gain credibility as an automaker unlike any other.

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From the people that once brought us the Prombron and subsequent variants of arguably one of the most unique armored cars in the world, Dartz is back with yet another creation: the Nagel Dakar. If the name strikes a bell, we’ll point out that the Nagel Dakar is named after Russian racing driver Andrew Nagel, the second place finisher at the 1912 Monte Carlo Rally.

Just like the Prombron, Dartz is wasting little time building up the Nagel Dakar, even going to the curious length of introducing it under a new class of cars it’s calling B.N.U.D.S.

So what exactly is B.N.U.D.S.? We’ll save that for information after the jump. For now, Dartz’s introduction of the Nagel Dakar comes with a pair of renderings to give us an idea on what the car looks like. Suffice to say, it looks exactly what Dartz has come to be known for in the industry: the creators of some of the most unique machineries in the world.

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The market for armored cars isn’t as prevalent as some of its contemporaries so it’s no secret that of the few automakers that provide this kind of high-security service, one of our favorites is Dartz .

These guys have a long history of building some of the most unique armored cars you’ll ever come across, and their latest offering strikes those same very chords. Limited only to the Chinese market, the Prombron Black Dragon is as imposing and intimidating as its name sounds.

Similar to what Rolls-Royce did when it built the Year of the Dragon Phantom , the Prombron Black Dragon is being built as an homage to the Chinese calendar. As you can expect from Dartz, these guys know how to bling their vehicles like nobody’s business and the Prombron Black Dragon, with all the scattered diamonds, rubies, and gold motifs, is yet another sparkling example of Dartz’s affinity for fancy customizations.

In addition to all the bling, the Prombron Black Dragon also features a 3+1 door configuration, an additional 23" in length to provide more legroom, satellite television, mobile WiFi, a 42" LCD monitor, and electrochromic glass just in case you’re going to need some privacy.

According to Dartz, only 12 models of the Prombron Black Dragon are expected to be built with one model expected to fetch a ridiculous price tag of $7 million.

Hey, if you wanna roll around town in a diamond-studded, armored SUV, you better have that kind of moolah to pony up.

Jay-Z is known to be a car addict, even though he’s trashed luxury cars in the past, but the latest vehicle on his wish list is more for protection than luxury or sport. The well-known rapper is in the market for an armored Dartz Prombron , not to protect him against the onslaught of fans that undoubtedly shower him with attention on a daily basis, but more than likely to protect his bootylicious wife, Beyonce, and their unborn child.

The Prombron is an armored SUV created by eccentric Latvian car maker Dartz that offers protection against AK-47s and rocket launchers. We sure hope Jay-Z isn’t letting his family get anywhere near this kind of danger, but it looks like the expectant dad is leaving no stone unturned in protecting his family. This vehicle offers multiple protection levels and, for aesthetics, a range of interior and exterior trims.

A standard Prombron comes with ten interior treatments, including a choice of snake, crocodile, whale, skat, chameleon, or elephant skins, and different "standard" carbon fiber or matte trims. The car is equipped with eight cameras and comes void of a door behind the driver.

Safety is obviously a big concern for the rapper, but we’d protect our families in the same fashion if we could, and we don’t have millions of adoring fans crowding us or our spouses.

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Following in the introduction of the Dartz Mojo roadster, Russian automaker Dartz has released the first renderings of the Mojo’s "cooler" brother, the Jo-Mojo.

Built in collaboration with Gray Design, the Jo-Mojo is an electric roadster that comes with an aggressive design and highlighted by a chameleon paint finish, custom seats, and patented bullet wheels. In addition, the Jo-Mojo also has a unique retractable cover that features flexible solar cells created by former Soviet space manufacturers, Sidrabe. What the cover does is charge up the electric roadster while its sitting idly under the Cote d’Azur sun.

As far as performance numbers are concerned, the Dartz Jo-Mojo is powered by an electric motor that produces 80 horsepower and 90 lb/ft of torque. The numbers might look puny to some, but considering its purpose, the Jo-Mojo can still accelerate from 0-62 mph in 9.5 seconds and hit a top speed of 125 mph.

Just like the Mojo, the Dartz Jo-Mojo is expected to make its world debut at the 2012 Top Marques Monaco in April. Details of this little bullet-proof bug are set to be revealed then. For now, you can check out the first renderings of the Jo-Mojo, as well as a new presentation video of the electric roadster.

From the makers of the killer Kombat armored SUV, comes a new two-seater performance vehicle for people with a taste for the unconventional. Russian maker, Dartz , has announced the new MOJO, a reinterpretation of an earlier project that can now move with the times.

Not many details have been provided for the new Dartz Mojo, but we do know it will be powered by a gasoline powered rear mounted engine and will feature a glass roof that slides back to make room for both the driver and the passenger. No performance details have been provided sine the car technically hasn’t debuted yet, but we do know the MOJO will also get an electric brother called the JO-MOJO. The JO-MOJO will run on solar power, allowing people to get their green mojo on.

The new Dartz Mojo and Jo-Mojo model will make their world debut at the 2012 Top Marques Monaco (April 19-22).

If there ever were two off-the-wall companies that we wanted to get to work together, it would be the people from Dartz and Gray Design . Known for their peculiarities as much as for their penchant for unbridled luxury, both Dartz and Gray Design have become favorites of ours in their own uproarious way. So imagine our surprise when we found out that the two have announced the release of the Dartz Prombron Nagel, the world’s first armored sportback SUV that is capable of pulling yachts.

The Nagel is actually named after one Andrey Nagel who, together with Vadim Mikhaloff, drove a C24/55 Monaco RussoBalt sports car at the Monte Carlo Rally back in 1911. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the Prombron Nagel was named after the legendary racer on the 100th anniversary of his Monte Carlo Rally victory. The car was designed by Gray Design’s very own Eduard Gray who used the platform of the Dartz Prombron and, with the help of the world’s safest KAPSULA technology, made it up to 15 meters in length and capable of pulling as much as five tons. In terms of design, it’s everything we thought it would look like if Dartz and Gray Design teamed up for a project, which means that it looks completely out-of-the-ordinary with odd angles, strange contours, and plenty of bulletproofing to go around. Performance numbers aren’t out yet, but word has it that underneath that hood, the Nagel will pack 2,000 horsepower with a projected top speed of 155 mph. Top speed seems kind of low so hopefully we will be pleasantly surprised when the figures are released.

From the minds of two companies that are far from conventional, the Dartz Prombron Nagel is the personification of an armor-carrying, 2,000-horsepower monster. Heck, it even looks the part.

Even in their press releases, you can tell that the people over at Dartz have a way of catching your attention. According to these guys, recent trends have shown that more and more ladies have paid closer attention to driving big cars. Armed with this nugget of wisdom, the tuning company that specializes in armored vehicles has built the perfect SUV for the ladies: the Prombron Iron Diamond.

A three-door, bulletproof monstorosity of an SUV, the Prombron Iron Diamond was built to cater to women that have a penchant for driving the biggest, baddest, and meanest set of wheels they can get their hands on. And if you’re to believe Dartz, it doesn’t get any bigger and meaner than the Prombron Iron Diamond.

In addition to it being bulletproof, the Prombron Iron Diamond also comes with ten interior treatments, including a choice of snake, crocodile, whale, skat, chameleon, or elephant skins. If animals aren’t your fancy, Dartz can also outfit the interior in the more ‘standard’ carbon fiber or matte trims. It also has eight cameras to help the ladies in their parking difficulties, as well as the noticeable absence of a door behind the driver to keep hardened crooks from getting inside the SUV.

While it’s hard to keep a straight face from all these descriptions, Dartz is quick to mention that the model that appeared at the Top Marques Monaco has been spoken for by a daughter of the Kazakh royal family, Princess Regina Abdurazakova from Kazakhstan.

Single ladies looking to ride to town in style should definitely hook themselves up with a Prombron Iron Diamond. At the very least, that chameleon-skin interior is a great conversation-starter.

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