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Introduced in 1981, the DeLorean DMC-12 was a rear-engined sports car built in Northern Ireland for the American market. The vehicle acquired iconic status after staring in the Back to the Future film trilogy, in which Dr. Emmett Brown used it as a time machine.

These details, and the fact that the DMC-12 had gull-wing doors and unpainted stainless-steel body panels, are part of common knowledge nowadays, as most of the car’s history. However, the full DeLorean story is still intriguing after more than 30 years.

Why? Because DeLorean went into bankruptcy due to an unstable U.S. car market that finally slumped in the early 1980s. There’s also the fact that the DMC-12 looked faster than it really was with only 130 horsepower at its disposal and a sluggish 0 to 60 mph time of 10.5 seconds. This car could’ve been more than that.

DMC-12 aside, John DeLorean’s life is also worthy of a Hollywood movie. He worked for Chrysler , Packard , Pontiac (developed the GTO muscle car ) and Chevrolet before starting his own company, and got out of the automotive business after being framed, arrested and tried for trafficking cocaine.

With John DeLorean having passed away nearly ten years ago, only a handful of people can talk about and relate to his dream. One of them is Stephen Wynne, the man behind the new DeLorean company based in Texas, and the other one is James Espey, vice president of the small business venture that acquired the trademark in 1995.

They are now building DMC-12s from new-old-stock parts and, most importantly, carry the DeLorean legacy further into the future. Just like "Doc" Brown did in his heavily modified example of the car.

While most of us are waiting for the legendary DeLorean to make a come-back, Swiss luxury watchmakers RJ-Romain Jerome has found a solution to pay tribute to this iconic Eighties legend: with a watch of course.

The watch case is made of brushed stainless steel, while the bezel of the watch is made using metal from an original DeLorean DMC-12. A total of 23 jewels have been used for the watch who houses in a Swiss mechanical automatic caliber RJ001-CH movement. It is water resistant up to 30 meters and features a power resistance of 48 hours.

The counters are made in rhodium, polished and satin-brushed. The small second counter recall the car’s tail lights and the chronograph second and counters’ hands are inspired by the automobile dashboards. Strap Upholstery black leather with anthracite grey stitching will be offered for all the customers.

The watch is limited to only 81 units and is priced at an impressive $15,900.

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We have seen our fair share of wonderful and wacky DMC DeLorean’s throughout the years, with the original Back to the Future unit being a prime example. In addition to that, Matt Farah recently drove an upgraded DeLorean on Californian roads, while the company recently entered the American Le Mans Racing Series with what is now, an extremely out-dated and old-fashioned car. Even in its, it was already painfully slow.

Despite the fact that DMC could be planning an all-electric DeLorean for 2013 - although we have our doubts - a brave American tuner has turned his DeLorean into what’s unquestionably, the most extreme example we’ve seen to date.

Rather than simply fitting an uprated engine into the car and improving the body work, the shop depicted in the following video decided to mount the DeLorean’s 1981 body onto the frame of a 1979 Chevrolet K5 Blazer, before fitting a new 5.7-liter V8 engine. However, those changes are not what captured our attention. Not in the slightest.

The shop also decided to convert the DeLorean into a massive monster truck, fitting mind-blowingly large tires to it, as well as a new bull-bar and heavy-duty winch to create what could turn out to be the ultimate off-road machine.

What’s more, the following video also shows that the driver was brave enough to take the car onto the open roads, where an expensive Ferrari F430 almost became a victim of the DeLorean’s gargantuan size.

It goes without saying that this is the new benchmark of ‘overkill’ or ’awesome,’ depending on your taste.

Will.I.Am's IAMAUTO Car

For a while now, Black Eyed Peas member, Will.I.Am, has been prancing a DeLorean DMC-12 wrapped in a body kit and some rather odd looking headlights around calling it a (ahem) “Concept car ” for his new “car company” dubbed “IAMAUTO.” In reality, this is literally nothing but an uglier version of the original crap box that hit the market in 1981.

Saying that any rendition of the DMC-12 could be uglier than the original may seem rather impossible, but this monstrosity takes the cake. Its sheer ugliness is not the news though. The news is that the LAPD has recently impounded this “concept” car. Though we wish we could say it was impounded for lowering property value, we cannot, but it is for an equally boneheaded reason.

Will.I.Am was caught driving this thing around L.A. without a license plate, registration, or VIN plates. We venture to say that list can also include insurance, as you typically cannot insure a car without a VIN.

So why did Mr. I.Am decide to take his “concept” on an un-plated and extremely illegal spin? According to reports, the musician said he just wanted to feel what it was like to drive his concept car on the street. Um, a few problems… First, that is no more a concept car than a 1987 Fiero with a Ferrari kit is a concept car. Secondly, you are a multi-millionaire pop star, pay to have the thing registered before driving it or take it to a track to drive it!

We’re not here to pass judgment on the guy, but please use that 3-pound hunk of water, lipids, protein, carbs, soluble organics, and inorganic salts inside of your skull (A.K.A. your brain) next time you think about taking an un-plated and unregistered car for a spin.

A silver lining in the whole situation is that Will.I.Am was, according to reports, extremely cooperative with the police. So we have to give him credit for that, at least.

A lot of today’s 30-something auto nuts today credit the DeLorean for giving birth to their obsession with cars. Even folks much younger than that will attest that when they first saw the car in those Back to the Future movies, a love for anything four-wheeled followed soon thereafter.

One of those people is Matt Farah, the host of TUNED. In one of their more recent episodes, Farah got the chance of a lifetime to take a tour of DMC California where he was able to chat with Don Steger, the owner of DMC and considered as the only DeLorean-certified mechanic working the US today.

During his time at DMC California, Farah managed to get behind the wheel of an engine-swapped DeLorean that now carried a 575-horsepower engine taken from a Buick Grand National, replacing the much-weaker 130-horsepower Volvo V6 powertrain that was part of the stock model.

What was initially an awesome idea to do an engine swap on the DeLorean turned sour when complications from the swap resulted in the car breaking down multiple times, leading to a pretty sobering realization when dealing with a unique car like the DeLorean.

Despite its substandard power, the car’s age and uniqueness makes for engine swaps - or any major tuning work, for that matter - on the DeLorean a risky proposition.

Check out the video and see how Farah’s visit to DMC California went.

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The Car Show: Season 1 Episode 1

This week’s episode of The Car Show packed many of the things that were vacant from the last week’s episode. Yes, we said it, there was much more Car Show and a lot less filler crap.

Some of the mini segments did make their way into the show, including 0-60 (one of our favorites), Behind the Wheel, and of course, One for the Road. Aside from that, there were more celebrity appearances with two different interviews and a trip up the German Autobahn and down the Pacific Coast Highway in an Audi R8 V10 Spyder .

If anyone finds Adam Carolla the least bit annoying then you’ll be happy to know that he participates in Red Bull’s SoapBox Derby and falls a little short of the finish line. One nasty scrape later and he still finds a way to piss people off. All for the love of cars.

Hit the jump for more details on The Car Show: Season 1 Episode 8.

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