2011 Delta E-4 Coupe

The automotive world is preparing for the ultimate gas price takeover and more and more start up companies are waiting to hit it big in the electric car business. Small start-up company, Delta Motorsport, is one of these hopefuls and their latest project, the Delta E-4 Coupe, has a winning combination of performance and electricity.

The Delta E-4 Coupe is a very compact, light weight, low drag, 4-seat passenger car that the company has been working on since 2007. The idea behind this model was to build an ultra low energy vehicle, and not just a vehicle that provides low emissions. The company feels that any car can provide low emissions if run on batteries, but bigger automobiles - like the Audi Q7 or the BMW X5 - will still be depleting energy at a much faster rate than smaller, more lightweight vehicles. They go on further to explain that automakers, after creating all of these low emissions vehicle, will eventually have to focus more on reducing the energy used by these models.

Enter the E-4 Coupe.

It may not be the prettiest vehicle we’ve ever seen, but it is certainly impressive nonetheless with a carbon composite chassis that weighs only 187 lbs and high performance direct-drive electric motors that together can get the E-4 all the way up to a top speed of 150 mph. Want fast results? The E-4 Coupe can get from 0-60 mph in under five seconds.

Get ready folks, the electric car phenomenon has just taken its next step.

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Delta E-4 Coupe

The Delta E-4 Coupe has a 187 lbs carbon composite chassis that was designed by the Delta Motorsport team at the Silverstone track (that’s where the company is based) and manufactured by KS Composites. The body of the car is a little too Ferrari FF meets ugly hatchback, but the lightweight aspect gets the job done.

"We became involved with the design of hybrid and electric vehicles because they share many of the engineering challenges associated with motor sport – light weight parts, aerodynamic efficiency and innovative packaging solutions. We’ve had to re-think road cars from the beginning, looking at low cost composite structures, system efficiencies and novel occupant packaging."


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When building an electric sports car, it’s not just about a reduction of weight, but a good amount of power as well. The Delta E-4 Coupe is powered by high performance direct-drive electric motors that come in weighing about 50.7 lbs. These motors produce over 120 HP each with well over 442 lb-ft of torque, allowing the E-4 Coupe to get from 0-60 mph in less than five seconds and hit a top speed of 150 mph.

The motors used for the E-4 take their power from the batteries mounted under the floor which brings the center of gravity down and improves handling. These batteries are good for about 200-250 miles on a single charge.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Delta E-4 Coupe

Five vehicles were produced for the Technology Strategy Board Ultra Low Carbon Vehicle Demonstrator Program, but the Delta E-4 Coupe Delta E-4 Coupe will be taking part in the RAC Future Car Challenge on Saturday, November 5th, 2011. The event challenges every Electric, Hybrid, and Low-Emission ICE vehicle to make a 60 mile run from Madeira Drive, Brighton to Pall Mall & Regent Street, London, all while using a minimal amount of energy.

  • 150 mph Top Speed
  • Lightweight
  • Innovative
  • Ugly Aesthetic Design
  • Price?


Nice cool car, the top speed is impressive. Speaking of the appearance, it is not as ugly as you think guys. It has unique design at all.

2011 Delta E-4 Coupe is totally amazing, with its hybrid design, systematic engine with more features what could you expect.

IMO, it needs modification on its styling. The figure performance of the vehicle is already impressive. This would be an interesting production.

I think it would be better if they have let the Ferrari used that red paint job on the vehicle. The car just have an impressive speed performance.

Nice cool car, the top speed is impressive having 150MPH. Speaking of the appearance, it is not as ugly as you think guys. It has unique design at all. I wonder what will be the pricing of the car.

Heck! I really don’t want any electric car! Electric engine is unreliable for it needs the diesel power to support the car in case that it loses it power. And for a sporstcar, it power output is kidn of less powerful. I would like to see other option for the engine of this car for I think it has a potential to sell in the market. The platform is good and unique but with a electric engine.. sorry but I have say no to this car.

recently, they come up with the new concept car and they call it delta wing! This soprtscar looks like a rocket though it doesn’t perform as good as this car. BTW, I think it would be better if they will not use the red paint job.

For everyone that wants an outlandish speed, weight would be the number one opponent of these drivers. And its a good thing that car manufacturer is aware of this issue. Although, this car doesn’t look good compare to it competitor still its good to know that this car weight less and performs more!

Hopefully Delta can come up with an affordable electric cars because we all know how expensive it is. Unfortunately, we really need to consider some factors like the engine, and other parts that will make this car run. Let us hope that all car manufacturers will build low fueled cars.

Yes, it’s very progressive and it is probably the (near) future, but, why, WHY does it have to be so ugly!? How about Exagon Furtive eGT or Tesla R1? Electric and pretty!

This one kinda looks more like a hatchback than a coupe to me. But it looks like it has a lot of potential, though it feels quite cramped in there.

A surprisingly good looking car from a company that I haven’t even heard of before. Sure hope that this one would actually perform quite well.

Well, I agree that this car doesn’t have noticeable engine performance! Although I have to say that I like the aesthetic of this car it gives thought that its similar with Porsche car.

hmm. I don’t think that this car looks great in red! IMO, this car is ugly and its brand is not that familiar. Plus, it doesn’t have a good engine performance.

I don’t think it is ugly, just different. Once I got over the inital suprise of the car’s looks, I started to like it.

Regardless, I want one!

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