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  Detroit Electric was an electric car manufacturer from 1907 through 1939. In 2009, Albert Lam revived the company and on March 19th, 2013, the once-defunct company revealed that it would make a comeback after 70 years of laying dormant.

Detroit Electric SP:01

Upstart automakers are always a huge risk and it’s never wise to get too awful excited about one particular concept that you see from a new automaker, as the deck is stacked against it from day one. Enter in the newly revived Detroit Electric and its nearly stillborn, but really exciting Detroit Electric SP:01 .

Back in June, we let you know that the SP:01 was delayed one month, pushing its production date into September — a 1-month delay — because it couldn’t finalize the purchase agreement on a facility in Wayne County, Michigan. Well, apparently that fiasco is an ongoing one, as The Detroit News is reporting that the same issue is causing yet another delay in production of its $135k, Lotus -based sports car.

Newsflash: If you do not have a factory to build cars in, then you do not have a car. It’s as simple as that and Detroit Electric is finding this out the hard way. Additionally, according to the same reports, Detroit Electric is in "negotiations with other parties that have the potential to impact our business strategy and timing," which seems rather odd to be doing without a factory to work from, unless these may be negotiations with other facilities or a production deal with another manufacturer.

We certainly hope that this gets all sorted out and the that SP:01 is a massive success, which will ultimately expand the availability of lower-priced, sporty EVs. Stay tuned for more details.

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Detroit Electric SP:01

The resurrection of Detroit Electric came as quite a surprise when it announced its intentions to reenter the market in March. What came as even more of a surprise was the quickness in which it announced its first car – the 2014 SP:01 – and the fact that it had planned to release its first model in August 2013. The latter was a little ambitious, per a report, as it appears that the release has been delayed for about a month.

According to The Detroit News, Detroit Electric has been holed up in an already-occupied facility in Plymouth Township and has been working on finalizing a deal for a Wayne County manufacturing facility. However, some Is and Ts remain undotted and uncrossed in the contract, which will push production to sometime in September instead of the originally announced August start date.

According to the report, Detroit Electric expects the new facility to be capable of putting out 2,500 units per year, but it only plans to sell 999 SP:01 units in total. So, this potential facility should be home to at least one other future model.

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Ever heard of the name Detroit Electric ? If you answer yes, chances are you’re a tried and true auto historian because Detroit Electric is a real automaker.

Except that it hasn’t been around since 1939.

But back then, it was considered a pioneer of sorts, producing electric cars way before they were en vogue. But for whatever circumstance, the brand went away and it wasn’t until last year when it made a return.

Now, the reborn Detroit Electric is prepared to make some new headlines, thanks to a new electric car that’s fixing to change the way we think of EVs.

The car is called the SP:01, a Lotus Exige -looking electric sports car that Detroit Electric is promoting as the world’s fastest production electric car.

Not one to mince hyperbole, the Detroit-based automaker is determined to bring new life to the brand and it’s got a car in the SP:01 that can help it achieve just that.

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Back in 1939, Detroit Electric stopped producing cars and the last one rolled out of a showroom in 1942, then things went quiet until 2008. This is when Zap snagged up the famed moniker and sat on it for a few years, as management decided what to do with it. Seemingly out of nowhere, Detroit Electric has just dropped a press release announcing that it is coming back in full fury with an all-electric sports car and they released the first teaser image of this new car (above).

This yet-to-be-named sports car will be revealed for the first time in Detroit Electric’s hometown in April – likely at the Fisher Building. After that, the car will be unveiled globally at the Shanghai Motor Show on April 20th. In Shanghai is where all of the juicy bits of information will be released, including the announcement of the “major partnership” with a “global carmaker” that helped make its resurrection possible. We’re not too sure which global carmaker that Detroit Electric is teaming up with, but we are thinking it is likely one of the “Big Three.”

The new sports car is expected to start production in August of 2013 and the factory can handle about 2,500 cars annually. According to the Detroit Electric, the sports car will feature “bold styling, outstanding performance, exhilarating handling characteristics and impressive range,” so it looks like we’re in for something really special.

This isn’t all that Detroit Electric is up to, as they also announced that they will offer up a family of all-electric cars with two other high-performance models that will hit the market in 2014. We can’t wait to get some more details…

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