Volkswagen Museum


The official VW museum is located below the river on the right side of the bridge besides a nice collection of aircooled VWs, there is also a good gift shop.

On 5000 square meters we show about 140 cars, 110 of then are historical cars made by the VW-concern. Besides the classic Volkswagens - especially the beetle - there are cars from the companies belonging to former Auto Union: Horch, Audi, DKW, Wanderer and NSU-cars.

Volkswagen Museum

The worldwide field of motorsports is also represented with products of our research and prototypes, who not often get out on the open road and, occasionaly, become the forerunners of our nowadays cars.

With the Golf and The Passat and other new models, are the cars from "the next generation" represented.

The car- and production-techniques are explaned with cut-away- and other models, like a working robot.

A chronolocical review of the devellopment of brands that nowadays belong to the Volkswagen company, give a complete view the history of the car, for instance Volkswagen.

Even in Wolfsburg’s museums the car takes centre stage. At the Car Museum you can learn all about the history of the Volkswagen Group. Exhibits in the Municipal Museum describe the rapid development of the 1930s "KdF" car. There is also lots of information on the history of the town and Wolfsburg Castle. The Hoffmann von Fallersleben Museum documents the life of the German poet August Heinrich Hoffman von Fallersleben.

Municipal Museum

Volkswagen Museum

The outbuildings of Wolfsburg Castle house the Municipal Museum which contains modern exhibits on the history of the castle, town and region, for example on the development of the 1930s Volkswagen "KdF" car. There is also a special exhibit documenting the lives of forced labourers and concentration camp prisoners in Wolfsburg during the second world war. The Municipal Museum also has rooms in the well-preserved, medieval moated castle at Neuhaus with exhibits that describe the castle’s history.
Hoffmann von Fallersleben Museum

August Heinrich Hoffmann von Fallersleben (1798-1874) was a German poet and literary historian who, in 1841 on Heligoland, wrote the words to the German national anthem. There are permanent and special exhibitions as well as events at the museum offering a detailed insight into his life and political works.
Car Museum

At the Wolfsburg Car Museum there are over 200 different vehicles describing the history of Volkswagen in an area of 5,000 square metres. Particular highlights are the "swimming" VW Beetles and the "flying" Beetle, which was once used as the gondola for a hot air balloon. The museum also contains a motor vehicle archive and a souvenir shop.

Volkswagen Museum

Automuseum Wolfsburg

  • Dieselstraße 35
  • 38446 Wolfsburg
  • Telephone (05361) 52071

Opened: daily from 10:00 to 17:00


you’re not interested in cars, how about poetry? history in one of it’s many aspects? there must be something...

well, even so...i cannot understand why you don’t like that museum? there must be something interesting for each of us...

i’m not, indeed

i guess you’re not a car lover, right? smiley

I visited the museum, but it was nothing special. Not to mention that it’s a little bit expensive

I find interesting the association between the past and the current destination of the building

I really liked the museum and especially the exhibits :x

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