Bridgestone Racing Academy

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Bridgestone Racing Academy is an Canada based racing school with 20% of clients coming from United States.

The school offers:

  • A 21-year injury-free safety record
  • Real wheel-to-wheel racing on Day 3
  • Full laps before lunch on Day 1
  • F2000’s with wings right from the start!
  • Very reasonable damage responsibility (it’s zero on most basic courses)
  • Custom-designed racetrack — wide runoffs, only one wall and very few guardrails

Available programs are:

  • Done in a Day ($565 to $1290 CDN)
  • 2-Day Schools ($2490 to $2890 CDN)
  • 3-Day Race License Course ($3990 CDN)
  • Fun Race Day ($1990 CDN)
  • Rookie Driver Test Event ($1790 CDN)
  • Lapping Practice ($790 to $3690 CDN)
  • F2000 Racing Series ($4390 to $11990 CDN)
  • Mechanic / Racing Training ($1190 CDN Tuition + other expenses)

Contact Informations: Phone (905) 983-1114
Fax (905) 983-1004
Bridgestone Racing Academy
Box 373 Pontypool, ON L0A 1K0,Canada

If you completed one or more of these driving classes feel free to post your opinion about this School.

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