Pixar’s sequel to the hit movie, Cars, is taking place on a global platform so as you can expect, Cars 2 will be introducing new characters from all over the globe. Among these new lands are two countries that have storied histories of producing some of the most iconic cars in history: Italy and the United Kingdom.

For Cars 2, Lightning McQueen and his trusty yet rusty wingman, Mater, head far away from Radiator Springs to compete in the very first installment of the World Grand Prix. In the middle of their adventure, theiy are thrust into a situation where they end up trying to save the world from a bevy of evil four-wheeled villains. In between trying to upend the bad guys and winning the World Grand Prix, McQueen and Mater end up meeting a slew of international characters, five of which you can check out after the jump.

UPDATE 03/09/11: Disney and Pixar are slowly removing the covers off of the new cast of Cars 2 with yet another unveiling of three new characters that will join Lighnting McQueen and the gang for the sequel to the highly-successful animation movie. If the cast hasn’t gotten too big for your liking, here we are, introducing Rod "Torque" Redline, Tomber, and Professor Z!

Who are these guys? Head over after the jump to find out!

After thelogo reveal a few weeks ago, Disney Pixar has unveiled the first official trailer of the Cars 2 which will be released in the summer of 2011. This next movie features a plotline that will see our favorite little racecar, Lightning McQueen, and his tow truck buddy, Mater, head overseas to attack the first-ever World Grand Prix. In the process they will have to fight for their lives as they help save the world from some mysterious bad guys. Will they succeed? Probably, since this is a Disney movie after all, but we still can’t wait to see it unfold before our eyes!

If you are as excited about Disney’s latest auto-themed extravaganza as we are, then check out their Facebook page where you can be up-to-date on everything Cars 2 related. We’ll see you at the movies!

Cars Is the saga of Lightning McQueen, a hot-shot animated stock-car voiced by actor Owen Wilson. En route to a big race, the cocky McQueen gets waylaid in Radiator Springs, where he finds the true meaning of friendship and family.

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