1965 Dodge D200 Crew Cab by ICON

With SEMA barely a month away from opening its doors, it’s a safe bet that a lot of project vehicles are being finished in time for their SEMA debuts.

In 2011, ICON was in attendance at SEMA with a customized Bronco , a creation that certainly drew its fair share of attention. This year, ICON will return to SEMA with another glorious - and classic - project vehicle.

This one is based on the 1965 Dodge D200 crew cab, a vehicle that spent most of its life as a military machine. Rest assured, we expect great things from ICON and the early release of details suggest the same thing.

The body, for one, has been painted in a white body finish with black accents and wheels. Meanwhile, the interior has been dressed in a free-range bison leather with a matching high-end stereo system. Under its hood, the D200 will comes with a new chassis that was taken from the Ram 3500 and has been fitted with a 4.5" suspension lift kit. Powering the ICON-tuned D200 is expected to be a 5.9-liter Banks-modified Cummins turbo diesel, inline-six engine that carries 975 lb/ft of torque. Yeah, that’s enough torque to pull some serious weight.

Source: Fox News


otto, even though she’s a girl and may not be interested of the zounds of torque and horse power this car has, she still has an eye for nice things smiley

i was reading this article a few minutes ago and my girlfriend saw the picture of the car. all she had to say was "sexy". who am i to argue on that?

such car shows as SEMA can sure bring up lots of interesting cars and make people try and do something special (and good) for them.

the choices of the colors seems quite appropriate. they sure did a great job!

although not as famous as the willys jeep, this was still a good american army car. i can only applaud the fact that someone still remembers it and it bring it to life.

i appreciate the fact that, although they maintained the retro look of the car, they made it more up-to-date regarding the chassis and engine.

5.9 liter turbo diesel engine and 975lb/ft torque. wow, that’s not something to mess with.

love the retro look of the car. as far as the torque is concerned, as some tv presenters used to say: that’s the kind of force you would use to restart a dead planet!

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