2004 Dodge Slingshot

Dodge Sling Shot is a boldly distinctive new sports car vision from Dodge - one that’s practical, adaptable and, above all, affordable. Designed from the ground up to be a driver’s car, with the kind of look, feel and responsive drivability that enthusiasts demand, the Sling Shot concept was designed with fuel efficiency being a key part of its basic design.

Dodge Sling Shot is designed for open-air driving with a main roof panel and side rails over the passenger area that can be stored in the trunk (Sling Shot has two storage areas), while a canvas roof panel can slide back and out of the way like a roll top desk for open-air driving.

Efficient, Responsive and Fun to Drive Genuine Dodge Character

Sling Shot features a rear-mounted, 3-cylinder, gasoline engine that is tuned to deliver 100 bhp and 0-60 mph time of about 10 seconds due to power to weight ratio of 17.4 lbs/bhp. A five-speed gearbox, rack-and-pinion steering, four-wheel independent suspension and four-wheel disc brakes complete the driver-oriented characteristics contributing to the Sling Shot’s efficient, responsive and fun-to-drive personality at the same time delivering up to 45 mpg.

A Machined Interior Look

The Dodge Sling Shot concept has an interior design influenced by the legacy of Dodge and Chrysler�s performance past when blown HEMI engines dominated the American landscape. Starting out with engine bits for inspiration, Sling Shot�s interior designers combined these elements into an artful blend of visual excitement and tactical pleasure.

Sling Shot is a dynamic, creative look at the never-ending quest to offer visually exciting design, structural integrity, operating efficiency and the all important fun-to-drive quotient in an affordable, entry level sports car, said Trevor Creed, Senior Vice President Chrysler Group Design.


this thing is real

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