2008 Dodge Caravan R/T concept

For the soccers moms who spend some time on the road and also some time on the track, Dodge is bringing to us the Caravan Road and Track (R/T). Guarantee you will be the fastest mom on the block to arrive at school to pick up your loved ones. Don’t expect this concept vans on road anytime soon though, as security conscious moms are very unlikely to spend the extra cash for the extra horses.


The interior features seats trimmed in dark slate leather with fire-red stitching and perforated suede inserts and dual DVD system.

Most of you are being too hard on the folks at Chrysler who came up with this concept. Name ONE other minivan maker who has created a vehicle that has appeal to the man of the house. I have been waiting for someone to do a performance minivan since they invented the minivan. Is it unauthentic to use the RT moniker? Maybe. But are they onto an idea whose time has come? You bet.

This is one huge van for the family with a roof of six inches wider than before.

If nothing the look will get me to sing. I think it would go well with people like me. It dose not need 400HP but a little more power than the norm’ and capable of pulling all the toys (skies, atvs, camper).I’m not a soccerdad and my wife is no soccer mom so why not have some responsable fun?

safety is the first thing on mom’s mind
so driving fast with the children on the van would not be safe so what would make dodge think mom’s want to put their childrens on danger with a faster minivan is a family van not a sports car

Wow, with ideas that stupid its little wonder they are going out of business.

I have no idea if the V8 HEMI would fit in that Caravan engine bay.. they did not announce any technical specs on the car at the show..

Um, whats the supossed increase in HP, and any other little tidbits of info would be nice!

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