2010 Dodge Challenger by Platinum Motorsport

For a tuning firm that we’ve just recently started hearing about, Platinum Motorsport sure seems to be making their rounds on the auto market lately. They’ve already come up with some pretty cool packages for a BMW 650i Convertible and the Rolls Royce Ghost just in the past two weeks and now they are back with a package for the Dodge Challenger , which couldn’t be any more of a perfect choice for an American tuner.

Following along the lines of their previous packages, the new package for the Dodge Challenger only brings with it some small modifications to the exterior that create a big impact. This mild transformation is much like the one done to the Ghost as it only includes a new black exterior paint job and a new set of wheels. The wheels aren’t too shabby either as they are new 20" front & 22" rear AGETRO S250 wheels.

As we mentioned before, no changes were brought to the engine of the vehicle, but the engine lineup for the Dodge Challenger should be sufficient for just about any driver. The SE version is offered with a 3.5 Liter V6 that produces 250 HP while the R/T version with a 5.7 Liter HEMI V8 engine delivers 370 HP. The top dog is the SRT8 with a 6.1 Liter HEMI V8 cranking out 425 HP and 420 lb-ft of torque.


Yeah, you’re right. First, I thought that Mustang is old enough and needs to be killed and replaced by a new series. However, the current production of Ford change my mind and it made me realize that compare to Dodge , Mustang is far better!

I’m not really a fan of this car.. The best car manufacturer of Mustang would be Ford. And based from the sales last year, Ford has the highest rate of sale for Mustang. BTW, the good thing about Ford Mustang is that its beauty is timeless.

The difference between Toyota and Chrysler is that everyone is surprised when Toyota has a recall and thus they stick out in one’s memory, whereas Chrysler builds so much garbage and has done so for so long, people can’t recall the last recall they issued.

Chrysler recalls 12k vehicles. TOYOTA is recalling 3.8 MILLION. Great comparison. I haven’t heard of any families calling from a cell phone while driving a Chrysler right before they crash and die from this. Can Toyota say the same?

The 383 powered R/T was the lower line R/T with 335 HP but equaled out to 6.3L which is closer to the 6.1L SRT-8 for comparison. The 440 Six Pack (7.2L) was rated at 390 horse so we are getting closer for a comparison.

As for the cars, they took a 340 Six Pack, not a Hemi or a big block car so of course the times are going to be off. A 425 horse car vs 320 horse car a true T/A is gonna run much more than the SRT-8 or a run of the mill R/T.

a color perfectly suits its menacing design. The vehicle, which has been played with by Platinum Motorsport, has been fitted with a set of Agetro S250 rims that use a 20-inch size for the front axle and a 22-inch size for the rear one.

only minor exterior changes make a big impact. This small change is very similar to that in the spirit because it only contains the new black exterior paint job and a new set of wheels.

those tires are very perfect with the Dodge, with those engine’s power it also need more rubber on the concrete to make the wheel spin and more efficiently.

The challenger has the same face..get tired of looking at them..and i hate it when automakers comes out with "upgrade version" of their later version.

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