2010 Dodge Nitro Detonator

Dodge line-up at the Detroit Auto Show will be all about special edition. One of them will be Nitro Detonator, a model priced at $25,995 (including $745 destination).

The new Dodge Detonator model features 20-inch Mopar polished/painted aluminum wheels, hood decal, eight speakers plus subwoofer, remote start, ParkSenseĀ® rear-park assist and color-keyed premium cloth interior that matches the exterior paint color.

Under the hood there is a 4.0-liter V-6 engine delivering a total of 260 hp and 265 lb.-ft. of torque with a five-speed automatic transmission.


Great SUV! Even though it’s big, it doesn’t look bulky like a truck, but maybe it should have a set of big blingy rims.

@carlos, what do you mean great and tough the color is too . Your right about all eyes on it but its because their going to laugh at its ridiculous form.

Now Dodge can get all eyes with this car. It really looks great and tough, just like a Wrangler. The whole layout is perfect for long drive.

I really have the last call for Dodge that they’ve launched this really stylish car on the car show where I think personally that is quite "chick" type car that a women can only handle that it. I don’t say that a man can’t handle it, what am I saying is I really prefer it to women who loves to drive.

The only place where I am slightly positive on this is the Dodge Journey. At least you get more options packages separated out. The others I care less.

I’ve been a Jeep lover since my first 1996 Cherokee Sport, which my daughter still drives with confidence. Went on to a 2005 Grand Cherokee which I didn’t love, but trusted.

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