2011 Dodge Challenger SRT8 392 "Kowalski Edition"

A lot of us may be too young to remember the glory days of auto movies in the 70s, but for those old enough to remember a movie called Vanishing Point starring Barry Newman, this little tuning project may be if interest. In the movie, Newman plays the role of Kowalski, man who makes some sort of bet that he could take a white 1970 Dodge Challenger and drive it all the way the from Colorado to San Francisco in just 15 hours. Apparently, Vanishing Point was one of the most iconic car movies of the era, having enjoyed cult status to its fans, including one Bob Frederick.

As the dealer of New Wilmington Dodge and a long-time fan of the movie, Frederick decided to do something really cool to pay homage to one of his favorite flicks by unveiling a special edition model of the 392 Inaugural Edition Dodge Challenger SRT8 and calling it the “Kowalski Edition”.

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Exterior and Interior

Dodge Challenger SRT8 392 "Kowalski Edition"

In his own words, Frederick said: “I met with the team and told them what I wanted: 2011 Challenger SRT SRT 8 392, six-speed manual, Bright White, stripe delete, Dark Slate SRT seats, WP3 Alcoa SRT aluminum 20-inch wheels, 730 Nav and SRT Option Group II…. I reminded them that the paint was already in the plant and that the unique SRT8 parts were already there in white as well, so it seemed logical that it could be done.” He went on to add that he knew putting together a car like this was not going to be easy, especially since he really wanted the cars to have sequential VINs.

Dodge Challenger SRT8 392 "Kowalski Edition"

The whole intention was to recreate the car Kowalski used in the movie and add some minor touches and detailing to it, including wood grain ’70-style Hurst Pistol Grip shift handles and a six-speed shift-pattern insert. The Challenger also gets a special numbered dash plaque and a custom fender tag mounted in the engine bay, as well as a few Scat Pack bee decals for the quarter windows like the ones used on Dodge’s 1970 performance models. There are also custom decals paying homage to its specially designated “Kowalski Edition” billing on the rear spoiler and under the hood, and a reproduction Colorado license plate with the same digits as the one found on the car.


Dodge Challenger SRT8 392 "Kowalski Edition"

Since the "Kowalski Edition" is a decorated Challenger SRT8 392, the customer will be riding along with the legendary 392-cubic inch HEMI V8 powertrain with 470 HP and 470 lb.-ft. of torque. This engine can get the Challenger from 0 to 60 mph in the high 4-second range and can achieve the quarter-mile in the high 12s. Top speed has been increased to more than 180 mph with the manual transmission (173 mph in the automatic).

The deep rumble of the engine can be heard through the Mopar chrome quad exhaust tips.

Pricing and Availability

Dodge Challenger SRT8 392 "Kowalski Edition"

All in all, Frederick and his team were able to build ten models of the special edition muscle car, all of which, unfortunately, already have their owners.

Tough luck for us.

  • Great tribute car
  • Powerful engine
  • Sold Out
  • No engine upgrade


What I like about muscle car is that even though they haven’t perform well, their aggressive and sporty look makes it compete in the market!

It has flat surface and standard platform. Truly prominent and still competent, for me this white Kowalski Edition, has classy gesture and configuration.

@neuman:Well, it depends on your definition with the word "beautiful"!!!

Your car ONLY good in SMOKY burnout!!!

You people are morons! I have a 2011 srt8 challenger ie that is one The best looking cars on the road. Put your car (mustang or camaro) up against mine and see who wins or gets the the most admiration. Boys making silly comments who probable dont even drive.

Hmm, it seems that Dodge is really trying to catch up with Chevrolet in the the numbers of special editions that they are planning to do with the Charger. I think this one is the fifth already for this year.

Most probably this car is a tribute car though it looks like a Ford Mustang! I think this is one of the best car on its class but too bad that its sold out already.

Well, the exterior captures the classy design of vintage car. However, when it comes to the interior, well, its not that stunning!

Oh no! It looks similar to Ford Mustang! BTW, did I heard it right that they been building this car as a tribute for 1970’s show? Well, the engine performance quite impressive for a muscle car.

I’m really get tired of Dodge car for I find their design so boring and old.
I think they should go see on how the Mustang keeps it’s sporty and aggressive look though its
already iconic in the auto industry.

Lame! I don’t think that its worth to buy this car. Just look at it, it never look so sporty and aggressive and I bet its not even powerful.

Wow! As expected from the Dodge! I like this car though it doesn’t have enough power. Well, I think muscle car has that characteristic.

Well, I am alright with the overall look of this one, pretty nice actually. One thing I am a bit disappointed of those is the engine, they could have increased the output a bit.

Well, this one is primarily a tribute car, so I am not really expecting a lot of performance upgrades here. But it’s a good thing that they were still able to squeeze some more power into this.

What can I say, the interior is definitely a great work for this one. I especially liked how they did the steering wheel, as well as that unique stick shift.

I am just wondering, which companies likely be the next to release a movie tribute car? I can’t really remember a notable movie ride now.

hmm. What I like about muscle car is that even though they haven’t perform well, their aggressive and sporty look makes it compete in the market!

Nice, it seems that it’s Dodge’s time to come out with a movie inspired car this time around. But this one is definitely a looker, especially that paint job.

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