2012 Dodge Challenger Mopar 10 by Superior Auto Design

The Mopar 10 package is a serious twist on the muscular Dodge Challenger to begin with. It comes with a 375 HP 5.7-liter HEMI V8 engine, a cold-air intake, a front strut-tower brace with shock caps, and a unique engine cover, among many other cool things. There doesn’t seem to be anything to change about it at first glance, but Superior Auto Design disagrees.

The South Florida based tuner has come up with a stellar package for the Mopar 10 Challenger that increases the power up to an impressive 540 HP and 600 lb-ft of torque on 8.5 PSI of boost. For this, the tuner is offering a new exhaust system, a Procharger kit, an eBoost2 controller, and a D1SC Procharger Kit.

For the exterior, the Challenger has received a carbon SunTek tint and a new set of 20" wheels combined with Eibach sportline springs. The interior has been wrapped in Suede with Blue Stitching.

All in all, the result is pretty amazing!


Only the featured components are actually noticeable.

Superior Auto Design has accentuated the fresh features and system of their very own work. It’s pretty much evident that they are effective.

More than anything else, the new system and kits are the best features of Superior Auto Design’s tuning.

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