2012 Dodge Mopar Ram Runner Stage II

Ford F-150 SVT Raptor is a car with almost no competition on the market. But things are about to change now that Mopar has announced the Ram Runner Stage II for the annual Moab Easter Jeep Safari which takes place April 16-24. The Ram Runner Stage II kit will be available for any 2009-2011 Ram 1500 models starting next month. Prices will be as follow: pre-runner stage II lift kit - $13,270; off-road front bumper - $1,250; off-road rear tire carrier $1,010; off-road front fenders $1,020; off-road rear fenders - $1,350.

The Ram Runner Stage II features a HEMI 5.7-liter V-8 engine; larger tires, additional ground clearance and a sophisticated suspension system capable of withstanding tremendous impact. Inspired by trophy trucks, steel front fenders and rear bed-sides are replaced with fiberglass layered in the Liquid Metal Mopar racing scheme. The high-clearance wheel wells allow tremendous suspension articulation with zero tire-to-body interference.


Whew. They should just do some improvement on the interior design. It’s not that appealing.

I think it needs a bigger set of wheels to match the massive body to complete its monster appearance but this is a good off-road vehicle.

I love the roughness of this truck. smiley It looks so tough on its massive platform. It’s
great for an adventure ride!

This would be the best car to be used if you’re looking for a great adventure off-road. The tuners are extremely awesome. And I just wonder what will be total cost of the tuning kit?

I like how huge, this Monster truck and how it gives entertainment to the people. Other than that I know how strong and eye-catching this pickup truck on the road. Nice car.

hmm. IMO, the original concept of the Jeep Wrangler seems better than this. However, looking at the platform of this vehicle I think its kind of unique. BTW, I wonder how much it will cost if all those specs was included in the package,.

Wow! I like the wider version of this car and its aggressive tyres. And comparing with the newer version of Jeep I think this Dodge car is better.

This one is definitely my favorite of the six rides that they have presented during the Easter Jeep Safari. I really love how those huge wheels really fit in well with the whole car.

This one looks like one of those monster trucks that you get to see racing on TV, only thing is that it has smaller wheels. But it does have enough power to run those races.

Well, You must be prepared of showing on the road,Because you have the possibility to step aside of this huge new set of wheels of Dodge Mopar. 

Well, I agree with you Dave_Barney . It much better to make its more convincing powerful engine to release an impressive output.

The Ram Runner is obviously have the withstanding abilities to perform her total appearance,as well as the greatest aspects for this car is a huge set of wheels will tremendously shocks your performance.

It seems to have a huge car appearance that makes it distinct quality,unlike to any other model this extremely incredible for this kind of character.

One thing this car is supposedly being admirable appearance is the tremendous car larger tires that can easily caught your eye attention. Because of its withstanding capability to take you off on the road.

One thing that you have to be prepared when using off roaders is that they are really big fuel consumers. You should always have enough for the whole trip.

Off-road cars are really great, you can’t have enough thrill and fun when driving this on the toughest rough terrain. Great on driving on the Grand Canyon too.

Yeah, you’re definitely right, this one goes to show that the truck sector is still pretty much alive. The Easter Moab is certainly going to be interesting this year.

This is shocking.. I thought the production of trucks are all ready been killed. But I find them extremely cool even if they weight too much and can run better off-road!

Good thing that they have really work on the engine of this one as well. It would be pretty much usles for an off roader to only look the part, but don’t have the power to go as such.

This is definitely the best vehicle to have if you are looking for a great adventure off-road. BTW, how can i purchase it?

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