2014 Dodge Challenger

Dodge Challenger

Lately it seems like the upcoming Barracuda is taking all of Dodge’s limelight, but we have been missing the fact that the Challenger is coming up on its fifth year in its current body design and is due for a redesign. There have been rumors swirling that the next-gen Challenger could hit showrooms as early as 2014, as either an early-2015 or late-2014 model. What we are still uncertain of is what exactly will change with this redesign.

Rumors began in the Challenger enthusiast world that Dodge would move its full-size coupe to a more compact chassis to help it better handle the likes of the Ford Mustang and Chevy Camaro . According to a report from Automobile Magazine, the Challenger will continue to share its “DNA” with its 300 and Charger brethren. This leads to either the Challenger remaining a hefty vehicle – much to the chagrin of enthusiasts – or Chrysler completely revamping the chassis that the 300 , Challenger, and Charger sit atop. The latter is very unlikely.

What we’ll likely see is a slight revision to the body and lighting, just to give it a new look, and some weight-loss measures. Things like aluminum panels, thinner metals, lighter rims, and so on, will help get the Challenger’s heft in check and maybe make it a more manageable car.

Under the hood, you can expect little change, with the exception of the elimination of the 6.4-liter SRT8 model, as the Pentastar V-6 engine is a serviceable engine relative to the Camaro and Mustang V-6 engines, and the Hemi V-8 lineup is as stout as ever, though it could use some tweaking in the efficiency area with the new CAFÉ standards being passed.

The row-your-own-gears option is a no go on the 2012 model, but with all of the outcry from V-6 buyers wanting a manual option, Dodge will likely comply in the next generation. As for the V-8 models’ transmission, look out for an 8-speed variant with paddle shifters. A dual-clutch system would be nice, but it’s highly unlikely.

For now, we simply have to wait and see. We will update this review as more information becomes available on the next-gen Challenger.

Source: Dodge Forum


we can keep on guessing. time will tell. and dodge, of course.

i guess otto is right there. they can’t make this car too good, as they still have the viper to sell.

snow, that is quite unlikely to happen. because this car would be a too good car to buy instead of the viper. and no one competes against its own more expensive product.

a modern reinterpretation of a classic american car would be nice. 8 speed, a double clutch gear box and very good handling will make this car a hit.

making the challenger a car with a better handling will only make it better. then it shall be the barracuda who will worry.

the barracuda is taking the limelight now, but dodge will surely come back.

it would be quite a shame to lose one of the american classic muscle cars.

that’s how marketing works: offer and demand. who can better meet the requirements will win.

as we all know it, competition is the best incentive. so i bet dodges response will be a good one.

The Dodge Challenger should prepare because Barracuda is already taking all of the Dodge’s limelight.

Now Barracuda maybe thinking of bringing up a new concept upon seeing the design of dodge 2014. They surely don’t want to get their a**es whooped!

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