2015 SRT Barracuda

Now that SRT has finally released their first model - the new generation Viper - it’s time to focus our attention on some of the other models that will be unveiled under the SRT name. As far as we know, the next model scheduled to arrive will be the new Barracuda . The SRT Barracuda will be built as a replacement for the current Dodge Challenger and will arrive in late 2014 as a 2015 model.

The first rumors on the 2015 Barracuda suggest two different possibilities. The first is a shortened large-car platform (LC or E-EVO) and the second is the new Alfa Romeo D-size platform currently under development. As for the engine, we already know that Chrysler is working on a new supercharged 6.2 liter Hemi engine and this will most likely be the engine found in the new Barracuda. Output will be somewhere in the 490-540 HP area, so expect to see great performance numbers.

Check out our rendering of the SRT Barracuda and let us know what you think in the comments section below!


i think it is a great looking car. i love it!

it sure is too bad they are not sticking to the old look more.

Check out the new Car and Driver , they got a different picture.

its like a chevy carmaro and dodge challenger had a kid

C’mon man, the first thing I thought of when seeing this was Camaro. Stick to the retro formula. Old looks, light weight, new technology. I still say, the ones who were old enough to drive, but couldn’t afford them back when these cars came out, can afford em now and will buy em based on the old looks with todays perfromance.

It’s like a normal car for elite people, except that it’s been equipped with an abnormally powerful engine for a luxury car.

How is it called the Barracuda? Anyway, it looks highly aggressive as it sounds, although it doesn’t resemble its name at all.

This definitely does look a lot like a camaro, but (since I’m sure they will be changing the looks) I hope they keep the shaker hood!
More importantly though, I hope the engineers at dodge make saving weight a high priority. They’ve already got the power, so if this car can go around a corner, they might be stealing some sales.. Nothing like some stiff competition to make Ford and Chevy sweat!

The amount of sloppiness in this car is ridiculous. Lengthy figure and low headroom on the inside, really? I feel like its hood is actually going to block the driver’s view.

I expected a different look from this. Anyhow, I still am impressed by its power.

This is definitely a lot powerful than any of their cars that I know of. However, its design quite doesn’t fit it.

Surely looks like a camaro but I’m sure guys at Dodge will change the looks......I’m a huge an of the old Barracuda.....Dodge better not screw it up!

Looks like they photoshopped a camaro a little. But only a little.

Guys, it’s not the real car, just a speculative rendering. smiley

I agree with mike. Now thats what we should say "REDICULOUS", the desingners are even more dumb then my neighbours can’t they see the similarities between their barracuda and chevy’s camaro . Bad one-"COPYCAT DODGE".

dodge/srt designers are getting as lazy as the japanese designers, just copy a sucessful current design. this is nothing but a slightly longer camaro.

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