Not that we condone swagger-jacking a car even for recreational purposes – we really, really, really don’t – but if you’re going to do it, you might as well do a good job of keeping your face seen by a camera. Better yet, cover your tracks and leave the camera at home.

Apparently, this man doesn’t have that thing we call ‘smarts’ in his little head. Working as a security guard at the Dallas Auto Auction in Dallas, Texas, the now former employee of the dealership decided that it would be a good and fun idea to boost a Corvette ZR1 – one that costs around $111,000 – and take it out for a nice little hooning under the warm Texas sun.

But as it turns out, this security guard, for whatever reason other than it was completely and amazingly stupid, decided to videotape the whole ordeal, complete with footage of himself getting out of the jacked ZR1 with his arms raised like Rocky before doing some pistol-preening in front of the camera. And to add insult to his stupidity, he went ahead and posted the video clip on You Tube where his employers quickly got a hold of the video, fired the employee, and are now on the verge of pressing charges against the security guard.

Once again, way to go to, Mr. Security Guard! You managed to get yourself fired and get arrested for your idiocy.

Source: You Tube

After announcing it’s official debut yesterday, and months of built up anticipation, AFDC and Ken Block have unveiled the first video of their new free-wheeling joy ride, the Gymkhana III . Part one of the video is called the The Music Video Infomercial (feat. The Cool Kids).

This music video features Ken, his Gymkhana Three 2011 Ford Fiesta, Gymkhana style driving, and the new DC and Ken Block product. These aspects are placed in the video and set to the beat of an original track "Clicking (Gymkhana THREE)" that was written and produced by hip-hop duo The Cool Kids.

The Gymkhana and the Gymkhana II, became Internet sensations for the way Block performed a variety of driving styles that incorporated elements of drifting and rally racing all while being produced in such a way that incorporates a unique visual artistry that has catapulted Block to mainstream popularity. Did the Gymkhana III live up to the paint-splattered, wheel-spinning extravaganza as did the first two? Yeah, we have to go with no.

Let’s just hope part 2 will be all about driving skills.

For those of you waiting anxiously for Ken Block’s new free-wheeling joy ride, the Gymkhana III, to be officially introduced, your wait is finally over. The custom-made Ford Fiesta – one where he even took opinions from fans on how to build the car - is set to be unveiled today, August 24.

It goes without saying that Block’s Gymkhana cars have drawn worldwide acclaim for their daredevil stunts and crowd-pleasing antics. Its two predecessors, the Gymkhana and the Gymkhana II, became Internet sensations for the way Block performed a variety of driving styles that incorporated elements of drifting and rally racing all while being produced in such a way that incorporates a unique visual artistry that has catapulted Block to mainstream popularity.

So, to those that have clamored for the release of the Gymkhana III – and to the fans that helped ‘contribute’ to its creation – you can start your countdown now. Part 1 of the Gymkhana III will be released today. Let the awesomeness begin.

The folks over at the Russian media outlet, Dragtimes.info, have never held back when it comes to showing sick car racing videos. Whether it’s a Bugatti Veyron duking it out with a Nissan GT-R or a supercar showdown of epic proportions, these people always seem to have something up their sleeves.

This time around, they take a break from all the drag racing madness along the streets of Moscow to give us a sample of what they’re cooking up next: drifting.

Nobody needs to remind us the awesomeness that is drifting and, while we’ve seen our fair share of unforgettable drifts in the past, we’re always on the lookout for the next sick video to come out of the woodwork that is the World Wide Web.

This video, apparently, is only a brief sample of how those naughty Russians use their streets and highways as their own personal drifting lots. Nothing screams danger more than drifting in a highway, but to be fair, these guys are at least doing this at a time when not a lot of vehicles are around to spoil their fun.

Check it out to see the tease before the full show is released soon.

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It only takes a few items to hold together a friendship for a lifetime. In this case, it’s the love of cars, which should be pretty obvious because if it were anything it wouldn’t be on this site.

It starts with two friends from high school who have grown up around the cars they love. What could possibly be better? Simple, what if those two friends could create masterpieces out of ordinary vehicles. Lucky for us, that’s just what they did with a Nissan 240SX .

We all remember the old Nissan well. It was created in 1988 and it replaced the 200SX. Every single model had the same 2.4-liter inline-four engine, although they were slightly different after the 1995 model year.

The car sold fairly well in its first six years and, in total, Nissan sold around 251,410 examples of the 240SX. It wasn’t the sales numbers or the reliability or even the looks that made this car famous, it was the ability for tuners and people who love cars to modify it to make something special.

Welcome to one of the best-modified 240SXs we have seen.

Hit the jump to read to on.

The Japanese and US D1 Grand Prix are both coming to SpeedTV, giving us yet another new racing series to help in satiating our automotive fixes.

The D1 GP, which will begin airing on SpeedTV from September to November, will comprise of 15 one-hour programs including nine covering races in Japan, three in the U.S., an exhibition show, and a end-of-season wrap-up show.

The series, which is similar to Formula Drift , comprises of head-to-head matches between drivers drifting in excess of 120mph. Single elimination heats are done that leads up to a final competition to determine an event winner. Winners, as well as high-place finishers, receive points based on their final event standing with all the accumulated points throughout the season tallied up to determine the season’s overall champion.

SPEED President Hunter Nickell is predictably excited about the thought of bringing the D1 GP to SpeedTV. "Bringing USA D1 Grand Prix drifting events to SPEED is a cool new addition to the network," he said. "Combining the young, cutting-edge atmosphere of drifting with the history and familiarity of host venues like Atlanta, Texas, Homestead-Miami, and Irwindale will be a unique experience for our viewers."

The first SPEED broadcast of thee D1 GP will be on September 4 at 6:30 p.m. ET from Tokyo, with the second event taking place eight days later on September 12th at 6 p.m. ET from Oita, Japan.

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Source: Speed TV

The recently-concluded third round of the 2010 Formula DRIFT season at Wall, New Jersey had its fair share of highlight-reel moments, courtesy of some of the best drifters in the world.

As we’ve already mentioned earlier, Daijiro Yoshihara won his second event in a row after also claiming the top step of the podium at Road Atlanta a month ago. Despite his two-win streak, Yoshihara is still in second place in the Pro Championship leader standings, trailing Vaughn Gittin Jr. by 21 points - 291 to 270 . For his part, Gittin has been anything, but inconsistent, scoring podium finishes on all three races including a first place finish in Long Beach, a second place finish in Road Atlanta, and another second last weekend at The Gauntlet.

In this video, we take a look back at Gittin Jr.’s successful weekend during the third round of the Formula DRIFT series and, even if he didn’t win, his consistent placing in the podium should bode well for him this season.

The Wall Speedway at Wall Township, New Jersey recently hosted the
third round of the Formula Drift Series, which has been appropriately
titled as the "Gauntlet". Known for having one of the most challenging
drift tracks in the world, the track comes with a 16-degree banked
oval along the straightaway and 30 degrees on the turns. Of course,
that didn’t stop the best drifters in the world from putting on quite
a show.

The third round ofFormula DRIFT featured some scintillating action
that was highlighted by Daijiro Yoshihara’s second victory in a row -
he also won the second round at Road Atlanta - and Vaughn Gittin Jr.’s
third straight podium finish, making him the only driver in all three
rounds to finish in the podium three times, and extend his lead on top
of the Pro Championship standings.

“I’ve got my mojo back!,” a visibly excited Daijiro Yoshihara
exclaimed. “This feels incredible to win back to back events and I
could not have done it without the help of my team and sponsors.”

Fresh off of his practice run with his new Dodge Challenger drift car at Adam’s Motorsports Park in Riverside, California, Sam Hubinette brought the car and showed it off at a more fan-friendly setting: Hollywood.

As part of the festivities of the IZOD Indy Car Series’ "Race To The Party" event, Hubinette was on-hand for a special drifting demonstration of his Challenger drift car in front of a packed audience on Hollywood Boulevard just outside of the Kodak Theatre.

We already know how sick a drifter like Hubinette can be, but it certainly didn’t hurt showing the people in attendance the art of smoking tires. He even managed to do some drift stunts for good measure, much to the delight of the crowd who probably didn’t know who he was, only that he can do some pretty nifty tricks with his Dodge Challenger.

Rhys Millen’s first season in Formula Drift last year went about as smoothly as a multi-plotted soap opera, so you would at least expect that he was going to make good on his promise to have a better 2010 season.

So far, so good.

Though he didn’t win at last week’s drift run in Long Beach - that honor goes to Vaughn Gittin Jr. - Millen’s second place finish in his Hyundai Genesis Coupe was better than any of his performances in all of last year.

A big reason for Millen’s resurgent start to the 2010 season can be attributed to better preparation, at least as far as his ride was concerned. "I was in sync with my Genesis Coupe during the entire campaign and step one was to qualify first," he said.

"The car had so much grip and power I was able to put it close to the walls and mirror the other competitors’ cars’ every move. Nothing compares to the pressure and thrill of the ’win it or lose it’ factor while competing against more than 50 other cars and drivers."

After going through a year of hasty preparations, that clearly had an effect on the overall result of the entire team, Millen spent an inordinate amount of time in the offseason fine-tuning his Genesis Coupe and the result has been nothing less than noticeable.

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Source: Red Bull Racing

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