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Fitting high-revving motorcycle engines into cars is nothing new, as the incredible Ariel Atom 500 makes use of no less than two highly-modified and tuned Suzuki motorcycle engines. It’s little wonder why this exercise is so popular for lightweight sports cars.

Motorcycle engines rev like no other internal combustion engine in the world, with the exception of Formula One cars, and as a result, they provide an engine note unparallelled to those offered from high-performance sports cars.

Additionally, they’re generally very small and pump out considerable amounts of horsepower. The following YouTube user has actually fitted a 170WHP, 1.0-liter engine from the 2003 Yamaha YZF -R1 to a 1970 Austin Mini and the results can be seen in the following video.

The YouTube user responsible for the video, Daign, was recently out cruising down the highway when an orange Lamborghini Gallardo popped up, and the driver of the Mini was quickly on his tail.

Even though no drag race eventuated between the two (Boo!!!), Daign stated, "I think the Gallardo was a bit confused where the 11000 rev was coming from honestly. Shame we were in traffic. Just for kicks it’d be fun to see how the Lambo pulls against the Mini’s powerband between 7-11,500rpm... In the power band it pulls harder than my 500hp Camaro without a doubt. 170hp with only 1300lbs. It’s scary and fun."

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Recruiting a racer often regarded as one of the greatest drivers ever - in this case Sebastien Loeb - was an ambitious plan for the organizers of the recent 2012 X Games in Los Angeles and Travis Pastrana himself, but after the WRC-driver blitzed the field in the final of the Rallycross event, all the millions they inevitably spent getting him to the event, certainly paid off.

In a tight circuit, Loeb started at the front of the grid for the short race which lasted only 6 laps. However, in that time, Loeb managed to scamper away from the field like he was from another planet and ended up beating second place Ken Block to the finish line by no less than 12 seconds!

Yep, that’s 2 seconds quicker per lap than all of his rivals, some of whom are considered the best drivers the U.S. has to offer for the rallying world, namely Tanner Foust and Ken Block.

However, for all the Block fans out there, he did manage to come home second despite picking up a puncture in the first half of the race, meaning his was running around on the right-rear rim for upwards of 3 laps. An achievement which is definitely worth commending.

On the day however, no man could even come close to Loeb in his modified Citroen DS3 which has been de-restricted to produce upwards of 600HP, making a 0-60 mph sprint of less than 3.0 seconds achievable.

At the conclusion of the race, Loeb stated, “The X Games was a good experience, the track was good and I was excited to race at the X Games and win this competition,” he said. “The most difficult point was that first corner because you lose everything if someone hits you.”

We’ve already documented the friendly “feud” between Red Bull teammates Travis Pastrana and Sebastien Loeb. We knew from Loeb’s acceptance video to Pastrana’s challenge that his team was working on a new version of the Citroën DS3 tuned specifically for his X-Games and RallyCross debut.

An important part of making a completely different version of a racecar is the fact that the driver has to thoroughly test it. That’s to be expected, but in true Red Bull style, they made a rather dramatic review of the car and put it on the Interwebz for us all to enjoy. While the actual car footage is scarce in the video, its awesomeness makes up for lack of volume. The absolute symphony of noise that this car makes is enough to raise the hair on the backs of our necks. It’s like the automotive version of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9.

In the video, Loeb lets us know that the X-Games version of the DS3 is far more powerful than the one he runs in the WRC. Citroën racing engineer, Cyrille Jourdan, chimes in to give us an idea of just how fast this car is, telling us that it hits 60 mph in less than 3 seconds – talk about a ”hot hatch,” sheesh.

The laidback Loeb proceeds to let us know the obvious, that it’s “fun to drive” this finely tuned automotive gem. Seeing the stacks of worn out tires just mere seconds after he says that it’s fun shows us that he has definitely had his fair share of fun with it. We say it’s time he gives us a crack at it!

You can see the video above and make sure to crank up your speakers to catch every last decibel that this wonderful machine puts out. It’s simply awesome.

We told you before exactly how awesome RallyCross really is. It’s full of carnage, contact, and even bicycle ramps. Well, on the flip-side of that coin is extreme danger, especially where the jumping part is concerned. At the X-Games RallyCross running this year, there was a jump with a 50-foot gap and clearing that is typically not a problem.

Well, RallyCross rookie, Toomas Heikkinen, found out just what can happen if you take the jump a little too slowly. As Toomas exits his jump, you can tell something just isn’t quite right. Your feeling would be accurate too, as he slams headfirst into the landing ramp, absolutely destroying his car and landing upside down.

Toomas managed to get out of his flipped Ford Fiesta , as it spewed fluids and fortunately got out prior to it catching fire. Also fortunate is the fact that Toomas escaped with his life, though he does have a broken ankle and some abdominal pain, according to X-Games representatives, to deal with. This means that he will likely not compete in the remainder of the X-Games, but you never know about these RallyCross guys.

Our best wishes go out to Heikkinen for a speedy recovery and a successful return from his injury. Since he is doing well, we feel some good video of the crash is in order. There are two different angles of the crash, with the first being the best, and you can just imagine how much that wreck hurt.

The best video is above and the alternate angle is after the jump.

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When the Bugatti Veyron was first launched, the world was left awe-struck and it’s little wonder why. Not only did the original Veyron pack 987 screaming horsepowers, but it’s advanced all-wheel drive system and millimeter perfect aerodynamics all played large roles in helping to create the legend which is bound to be talked about decades down the road.

However, as the years have flown by, Bugatti has been forced to continually update the car in order to remain at the forefront of automotive technology and the recently launched Grand Sport Vitesse is the epitome of that statement. In a recent road test, EVO magazine was lucky enough to get their hands on what promises to be the world’s fastest convertible, if the Hennessey Venom GT Spyder doesn’t reach its top speed claim.

Before you watch the video, just keep the following figures in mind. The Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse features the same 8.0-liter W16 engine as its coupe brethren and also pumps out 1200HP and 1106lb-ft of torque helping to launch the car to 62 mph in just 2.6 seconds and onto a top speed in excess of 250 mph.

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For all those keen motorcyclists out there, you’ll be all too aware of the fact that whilst riding, the almost laughable lack of skill you’re likely to witness from car drivers will always capture your attention. This fact is exemplified in the following video courtesy of rnickeymouse on YouTube.

Rnickeymouse generally films motorcycles carving through Mulholland Drive, specifically around the legendary roads infamous hairpin bend. But bucking this trend is the following video where he gathered together a selection of poor driving over the past six months for our viewer pleasure. Or perhaps it should be viewing displeasure?

Either way, the video depicts idiotic drivers crossing double-yellow lines into oncoming traffic, as well as some amusing attempts at power sliding which go wrong. Despite this, rnickeymouse is quick to point out that the vast majority of people drive responsibly along Mulholland but nevertheless, this video does raise some interesting points.

First off, the video highlights the fact that many mountain roads across the world are not patrolled by police heavily, or lack speed cameras to nab irresponsible drivers like there are in the cities. Secondly, the lack of driving skills also show that perhaps governments across the world should make advanced driving courses free or at least, promote them extensively to help increase the abilities of drivers.

Leave us your thoughts below!

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According to the FBI, we’re coming up to a couple of the hottest months of the year, and we’re not talking about the weather. Turns out, July and August are the top two months for vehicle theft, and LoJack and the International Association of Auto Theft Investigators (IAATI) are doing their part by holding their 6th annual National Vehicle Theft Protection Month. For this year, they have come up with an infographic that provides a few details and stats about car theft, as well as some helpful hints to ensure you are not a victim.

First, the facts. In 2010, there were 737,000 vehicle thefts and only 56% of those vehicles were ever recovered. The average loss per vehicle was $6,152. Not exactly a small number by anyone’s standards. What’s worse is that, if you own a Honda Accord , Honda Civic , and Toyota Camry , you are more likely to be a victim because these were the top three vehicles stolen in 2010. The Ford Mustang made up a total of 9,116 instances of car theft in 2010, so we can only imagine how many of the top three vehicles were stolen during that time.

Where you live is also a factor. Nine out of 10 areas in numbers of stolen cars are in California and Washington State, with seven of the areas belonging to The Golden State.

Being the trusting - or rushed - souls that we are, 68% of people have left their car running when they aren’t in it or have left their car unlocked, while 64% of people have their home address programmed into their GPS system and 32% have left an electronic device or personal documents in plain view.

So what can we do to protect ourselves and our vehicles from theft? The number one protection aid is to use COMMON SENSE. Hey, they said it, we only repeated it. The second and third are to use theft protection products and a tracking and recovery system.

Check out the rest of the infographic after the jump to get more helpful information and remember to check back with us for the next installment in our Car Infographics series.

The Toyota PPI Trophy Trucks are often referred to as one of the most significant trucks in off-road history, and rightfully so. The partnership between Toyota and Precision Preparation Inc. (PPI) resulted in 27 wins and seven championships in the now-defunct Mickey Thompson Off-Road Stadium Series, and who can forget the fact that the best of the best in off-roading, Ivan “Ironman” Stewart, was a part of this team.

The example we have today, the 1994 Toyota PPI Trophy Truck 015, was the final truck built under the Toyota/PPI partnership. To make this truck even more desirable, Ivan Stewart himself piloted it at the Baja 2000.

This fine truck has just come off of a restoration and RK Motors Charlotte is giving you the opportunity to own this piece of off-road history. We are certain this freshly revamped off-roading legend is going to require a premium price.

To find out more about this truck and its asking price, click past the jump.

I have had the pleasure of driving along the side of an 18-wheeler on the interstate when it collided with a deer. While there was no damage to my “precious” Hyundai Accent , I was scrubbing atomized deer meat from my car that night. So if that’s what happens at circa 50 mph, what would happen at triple-digit speeds?

Well, I guess I can scratch that question off of my list, as we get a good look at it in the above video. At HyperFest in good ‘ol West Virginia, James Greenwood was cruising around the Summit Point track enjoying the friendly race. It was so friendly that as he passed a slower Mustang , he gave the driver a quick wave.

Just after that wave comes a deer bolting from the left of Greenwood’s Z06 `Vette and *wham* no more deer. With the sloped front end of the `Vette, the deer obviously didn’t disintegrate like one does when it meets a speeding semi, but we bet that deer sure did fly rather high in the air.

You can see that Greenwood learned a valuable lesson, always have your visor pulled down when racing, as he almost catches some glass and various deer components in the face. Fortunately his reaction time is quick enough and he got his arm up in time to block his face.

Greenwood was just fine, of course, but the deer and the Z06 were likely both put out of commission. The Z06, will likely spend the next few weeks in a body shop. The deer, well, who knows what West Virginians do with roadkill deer meat

When Top Gear Live recently attempted - and succeeded - the first double loop stunt in history, you knew that at some point in time, somebody was going to try to replicate it.

Apparently, that ’point in time’ is about to happen at the end of the month.

Hot Wheels is planning its next big stunt, and it’s going to take the concept of the double loop and add a pretty serious twist to it by having two drivers do it side by side. The bar has definitely been raised.

Hot Wheels is no stranger to wild stunts like this. Last year, Tanner Foust broke into the Guinness Book of World Records by setting a record jump at the Indy 500. You all remember that, right?

Well, the toy company’s penchant for stunts and theatrics will come alive once more at the end of the month during the 2012 X Games in Los Angeles. Check out the teaser video to see what we’re all in store for when Hot Wheels don their Evel Knievel capes once again.

Source: Hot Wheels

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