2006 Edo Competition Maserati MC12

Edo Competition, which specializes in high-performance Porsches (not to mention Ferraris and Lamborghinis), has created a super-fast edition of the Maserati MC12 for a wealthy Russian enthusiast.

Owner Edo Karabegovic managed to squeeze 700 horsepower out of the 12-cylinder engine, after modifying the valvetrain, induction and exhaust systems and the engine electronics. The gearbox also has been beefed up to handle the additional torque. Testing at Hockenheim produced track speeds in excess of 230 mph.

Edo fitted bigger brakes with ceramic discs, as well as a fully adjustable suspension, and replaced the stock Pirellis with Bridgestones. The tuning house also applied faired-in headlamps and an attention-getting paint scheme.


Wow. The car seems to be special. What will be the effect of the wide front bumper with the car? By the way, the performance of the car is really amazing. Having 700 HP is a hard thing to do. Nice job Edo!

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