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electric cars

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For 43 years now, each year on April 22nd, more than 190 countries around the Globe celebrate "Earth Day." We are talking about one day each year when everyone needs to show his or her personal interest on the environment.

This special day has been selected as the perfect opportunity to announce the launch of a new FIA Formula E Championship - the world’s first fully-electric Formula E race set to begin in 2014. The races will be hosted in 10 cities around the Globe, with the first race set to be held in Los Angeles.

From L.A., Formula E will move to cities like Miami; London and Rome in Europe ; Beijing and Putrajaya in Asia ; and Buenos Aires and Rio de Janiero in South America. Two more cities will be announced at a later date.

For the Los Angeles Formula E competition a total of 10 teams with two drivers each announced their intention to enter the race. Each model will provide autonomy of about 1 hour in full-electric mode and will be able to hit a top speed of 140 mph. For this special race, Los Angeles has upgraded or installed 121 public electric vehicle charging stations.

As a preview for the upcoming race, Los Angeles citizens were able to admire a Formula E car driven by ex-Formula 1 racer and official Formula E test driver, Lucas di Grassi.

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Renault has dropped a new teaser image for a concept vehicle that is going to be unveiled at the company’s Valladolid plant in Spain in just two days. The teaser image reveals nearly nothing about the concept, but Renault announced it will be an electric vehicle with technology inspired by the Formula 1 race cars. Sounds pretty cool, huh?

Renault confirmed that the concept will feature "muscular styling and impressive performance credentials, provides a bridge between the world of Formula 1 and that of electric vehicles. It’s a concept car that will make a lot of noise...but, in total silence."

The new concept was developed in cooperation with Renault Sport and, as we can tell from this first teaser image, it will feature a window that provides a glimpse of the electric motor that powers the car.

Full details on this new concept will be unveiled on April 25th. Stay tuned for more details.

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Fisker Karma

When we went out for a test drive in the Fisker Karma last year, we thought that it felt a little more high-tech than the $100,000 price tag led us to believe. Everything operated smoothly, the interior was plush, the performance was admirable and its look was downright stunning. With all of this technology and design comes a hefty price, and boy did Fisker feel its belt tightening with each and every Karma it produced.

With its bankruptcy proceedings pretty mu inevitable, PrivCo dug up all the public record s it could to have a look at Fisker ’s financial goings on, and it found that the each Karma produced cost a total of $660,000 but sold for only about $100k – that’s just bad business, folks. Now, we’re not saying that each car it built literally cost $660k, what this means is that when you take all of the research and development cost, advertising costs and the other costs associated with the car and divided it by the number of Karma’s sold, you get roughly $660k.

At that rate, there was no way Fisker could have survived anyways, but the fact that it was the victim of management that would likely make Lotus’ former management look good just accelerated things. In fact, PrivCo has released a detailed review of Fisker Fisker $1.3 billion debacle, which really opens our eyes to just how promising the model was and outlines exactly where things completely fell apart. You can see this study here.

The fortunate thing is that Fisker’s advanced EVer system will likely be bought out during the bankruptcy process, so even though we will not see another Karma on the road, it may live on in spirit through future models using this awesome drive system.

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Source: PrivCo

The continuous evolution of the Fiat 500 and all the subsequent iterations it has had this year are about to welcome another member to the family: the 500e.

With the standard 500 , the 500C and the 500L already making their debuts in their respective niches, the 500e is set to fill the vacant electric-power niche in the 500 lineup. It will make that will make its own debut at the 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show .

With the launch of the all-electric Fiat 500e, environmentalists can now drive the iconic Italian car without aguilty consciousness. With an impressive range of116 miles per gallon equivalent (MPGe) city and 100 MPGe highway, it aims to electrify the gasoline-powered 500 series.

The all electric Fiat 500e has been unveiled at the 2012 LA Auto Show. Being the first electric powered Italian in North American market, Fiat has confirmed that it will arrive in California Studios during the second quarter of 2013.

So, is the Fiat 500e an alternative worth considering among the 500 series, or is it too early to adopt an electric and expensive shoe? Find out in our review of the Fiat 500e.

Update 4/16/2013: Fiat has revealed the pricing information and an innovative exchange program for the all-new 500e. Check out the "Prices" section, after the jump for more details.

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Nissan Esflow

First rumors on a possible successor for the Nissan 200SX surfaced back in 2010, but they have remained unconfirmed until now. Nissan has officially confirmed that the new model will be unveiled in November at the Tokyo motor show. This electric sports car was previewed more than two years ago with the Esflow Concept and will be placed just below the 370Z in terms of size and pricing.

Up to this point we cannot tell for sure if Nissan will indeed offer a production version, or just a new concept for us to ohh and ahh at. We do know that this model will preview the company’s latest electrification technology.

After the vehicle is displayed in Tokyo, the same technology will be used for an electric Le Mans racecar that is set to be unveiled in June 2014. It may be followed by a hybrid or all-electric GT-R, which is obviously a thought with Nissan’s “electrify” comment about the next-gen GT-R.

In a recent interview with the Australian press, Nissan’s executive vice-president, Andy Palmer backhandedly confirmed that the company will offer another sports car, next to the 370Z and the GT-R, but he did not offered any other details on it. He just invited us to Tokyo to see it. We’ll be there!

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The latest Mercedes SLS model reviewed by Chris Harris was the Black Series version. Today, however, he went from the most powerful supercar developed by Mercedes to its first electric one: the Mercedes SLS AMG Electric Drive . The test was performed at the Circuit Paul Ricard and, as usual, he offers a pretty amazing test drive and some cool insight on the electric supercar.

The SLS AMG Electric Drive is powered by four electric motors – one at each wheel. This system delivers a total of 740 horsepower and 737 pound-feet of torque. This amount of power is enough to sprint the car from 0 to 60 mph in only 3.9 seconds, making it only 0.2 seconds slower than its gasoline bother and 0.5 seconds faster than the Tesla Model S .

Be patient and watch the full 20-minutes video. We can assure you it’s totally worth the time spent.

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The Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive is very different from the norm for Mercedes. Instead of the big V-8s featured across the network, this little car hums along silently on batteries driving its front wheels. It will be the first all-electric vehicle from Mercedes-Benz, and the first of any B-Class to cross the pond. This matches the latest company strategy to fatten the range of models from all sides.

Most of the systems that charge and run the little B-Class will be shared with its bright-yellow sibling: the upcoming SLS AMG Coupe E-Cell . Both systems are part of a deep tech partnership between Mercedes parent company Daimler and Tesla. Fruit from this sharing agreement has been limited to date, and arguably, some of the most sour fruit on the branch via the Smart ED . That car ran Tesla Roadster parts, but downsized. The resulting “car” was appallingly slow. Tesla didn’t seem to be sharing the good, M5-beating stuff yet.

This is set to change when the B-Class Electric Drive hits U.S. showrooms in January 2014. The model will arrive in dealers first before a limited roll-out in Europe.

As Mercedes’ first viable EV, the B-Class Electric is a complete package that excels in its mission of effortless city efficiency plus Mercedes-levels safety, durability, luxury and ownership experience.

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BMW i3

Yesterday, BMW was caught testing what appeared to be an electric version of the X1, and today our spy photographers have caught the upcoming i3 out for a testing session.

As you can see, the prototype continues to strip and we now can see the roofline and the lower parts of the front bumper. In these spy shots you can also see the lines of the classic BMW kidney grille and the window line in the rear doors.

Also, when looking from the side, it appears that the future i3 will lack the Hofmeister kink that was introduced back in 1961 and has been on almost every BMW since then.

The car will use a powerful 170-horsepower electric engine that will sprint the car from 0 to 60 mph in under 8 seconds and up to a top speed of 93 mph. Rumors suggest it will be priced at about $55,000 at the current exchange rates.

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Today must have been national test day for electric cars. Shortly after catching the R8 E-tron testing in the cold, our spy photographers caught a very interesting model testing. At a first look it appears you are looking at a standard BMW X1 , but you are actually looking at an all-electric X1.

As you can see from the spy shots the prototype features no exhaust pipes and there are also some Hybrid stickers – an obvious attempt at subterfuge. Our spy photographers lurked around long enough to confirm that this is an EV, as when it finally took off, there was not a peep from a gasoline engine.

We are not too sure if this means that the company is developing an electric version of the X1 or if it is simply testing the technology for other models. Still, considering that BMW and Toyota have recently signed an agreement and that Toyota already offers an electric version of the RAV4, you shouldn’t be too surprised to see something similar from BMW.

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Audi R8 E-Tron

When Audi announced that the R8 E-tron was delayed indefinitely, we were pretty skeptical. After all why spend so much money on a project that will never make it to production, right?

Today, our spy photographers have caught some R8 E-Tron prototypes testing during in the cold, despite the certificate of death. Additionally, a few R8 E-Tron prototypes where spotted in Spain last week, making us believe that the R8 E-Tron is very much alive.

This news does not come as a big surprise, considering that BMW is almost finished with the development of its i8 supercar. As usual, Audi will need an i8 fighter to draw customers’ attention back to its lineup and the R8 E-Tron would certainly do that.

However, we need to be fair and admit that Audi could be testing the E-Tron’s technology for a different model. Unfortunately, only Audi knows what’s really going on here, so stay tuned to learn more about a possible production version R8 E-Tron.

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