Essen Motor Show

Essen Motor Show

Here in the U.S., auto shows are pretty much done for 2012, but Europe is still enjoying the Essen Motor Show and the amazing tuning cars displayed in there. One of these amazing cars – “amazing is likely an understatement – is the GT9 Vmax developed by 9ff .

The new Vmax package continues from where the GT9-R package left and has significantly improved both power and performance. The GT9-R delivered a total of 1,120 horsepower and was capable of peaking out at 414 km/h (257.2 mph), but the Vmax would simply walk away from its predecessor.

The Vmax is powered by a 4.2-liter, twin-turbocharged flat-six engine that delivers a total of 1,381 gut-checking ponies and 855 pound-feet of twist. The extra power helps it rocket to 100 km/h (62.1 mph) in just 3.1 seconds. If that’s not enough for you, the Vmax also launches to 200 km/h (124.3 mph) in 6.8 seconds and to 300 km/h (186.4 mph) in 13 seconds. If you though the GT9-R’s top speed was nuts, you’re in for a serious treat, as the Vmax touts a 437 km/h (271.54 mph) top speed.

The tuner also added in plenty of carbon-fiber body work, polycarbonate windows and a set of lightweight wheels. As expected, with great performance comes a grand price tag. The 9ff GT9 Vmax comes in at €895,000 - or about $1,170,000 at the current exchange rates.

Hit the jump for a video shot at the Essen Motor Show.

Tune it! Safe! , the campaign for safe and legal automobile tuning, has revealed its 8th specialty model at the 2012 Essen Motor Show . This year, it decided to use a Brabus-tuned Mercedes A250 BlueEFFICIENCY for the occasion.

In collaboration with Hankook, the campaign’s main sponsor, the special police-livery A-Class was given a Brabus body kit comprising of a new front spoiler, and a roof spoiler. Foliatec then dressed the A250 BlueEFFICIENCY in full police livery and Hella supplied a special signal system — "RTK 7" — with the latest LED technology, blue lights and sirens. Finally, a quad-tailpipe exhaust system and a set of 19" Brabus "Liquid Titanium" alloy wheels wrapped in Hankook Ventus S1 Evo 2 tires round out the exterior modifications on the car.

Inside, the Tune It! Safe! A-Class’ interior modifications were highlighted by alloy pedals, special floor mats, and controls for the aforementioned roof-mounted light bar.

As far as performance goes, the car’s 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine was treated to a sharp power improvement and it now pumps out a stout 245 horsepower and 280 pound-feet of torque. All told, that allows the Tune It! Safe! A-Class to hit a top speed of 155 mph while also averaging 38.6 mpg with CO2 emissions of just 143 g/km.

Not one to be left out of all the fun at the 2012 Essen Motor Show , ABT Sportsline decided to join in on all the festivities by bringing a number of aftermarket programs, including one for the Audi A5 Coupe .

Visually, the AS5 Coupe is treated to a host of new aerodynamic components, which add a sportier look to the car and provide enhanced performance capabilities. From the front lip spoiler to the side skirts, the fender inserts, the rear skirt, the rear spoiler and the quad-pipe exhaust system, each of these new components are fitted to the AS5 with the goal of giving the sports car an edgier look and feel to it. Add the lowered suspension springs, coil-over kit and a set of CR or DR alloy wheels, and you have a sports coupe that’s primed and ready to throw down against the field.

At the heart of ABT Sportsline’s modification program is the series of performance enhancements given to the entire engine lineup. For starters, the 1.8-liter TFSI model received an output boost to 211 horsepower — up from the 170 ponies the model carried in standard guise. Then there’s the 2.0 TFSI, which sees its output rise from 211 horsepower all the way up to 270 horsepower.

Not one to be left out in the cold, the AS5 2.0-liter Turbodiesel also got into the mix, as is receives a power bump from 177 horsepower to 205 horsepower. The 3.0-liter diesel variant rounds out the diesel engines by jumping from its standard 245 horsepower to a more thrilling 300 horsepower.

Finally, the most powerful AS5 of them all… The 3.0-liter gasoline engine, now packs a whopping 380 horsepower, a stout 108-horsepower increase from the standard 272 ponies.

Press days for the Los Angeles Auto Show ended a few days ago and on December 1st, a new show opened in Europe: Essen Motor Show. For those that don’t know, Essen is basically a European version of SEMA. The German tuner, Lorisen, will arrive at Essen with a tuning kit based on the Mercedes SL500 .

The tuner changed almost every aspect of the car and, of course, it started with the exterior. The aerodynamic kit includes a new grille and larger air inlets, new side skirts that make the SL look lower. The package continues with a flared front bumper, extended rear bumper, a rear deck lid spoiler and a built-in diffuser with the Lorinser sports exhaust’s four end pipes poking out of the diffuser’s cutouts. The car sits on a set of 20-inch light-alloy RSK8 wheels wrapped in 255/30R20 front tires and 295/25R20 rear tires.

Under the hood, the V-8 engine receives a reprogrammed ECU with increased bi-turbo boost that increases the power from the standard 435 horsepower to 530 horsepower and the torque up to an impressive 590 pound-feet. Also, the tuner removed the speed limiter so that now the SL500 can hit a top speed of 173 mph.

In order to make the car even more aggressive, Lorinser also installed lowering kit that can be controlled using a button on the steering wheel. For the interior the tuner is offering any desired combination made in aluminum, wood or carbon look.

Brabus will likely have the busiest stand at the Essen Motor Show. Here is yet another incredible tuning package launched by the German tuner. It is based on the Mercedes SL500 and will add plenty of extra pop its base engine, as well as exterior and interior upgrades.

Under the hood, Brabus installed 520 PowerXtra CGI module with plug-and-play design, an auxiliary water-to-air intercooler powered by an auxiliary electric pump and, of course, a stainless-steel sport exhaust system with four chrome-plated tailpipes.

As a result, the output has been increased from the standard 435 horsepower to 520 horsepower, while peak torque has been raised to 604 pound-feet. Brabus uninstalled the speed limiter and replaced it with a variable one that allows the customer to choose from a top speed of 155, 172 or 186 mph. This upgrade also allows the SL500 to launch from a stop to 62 mph in just 4.4 seconds.

The exterior receives some significant updates, including new front fenders with side air vents, new side skirts and a new rear spoiler. Brabus also added a set of wheels, offered in four different sizes — 18, 19 and 20 inches — and in three designs, Monoblock F, Q or R wheels. The wheels have been combined with custom-tailored suspension components, which were designed in cooperation with Bilstein, and an electronic lowering module that can lower the car’s ride by 0.98 inches.

Brabus will have a very active presence at the 2012 Essen Motor Show and the third package announced for the show is the B50-500 based on the Mercedes E500 Coupe . The E500’s standard V-8 engine delivers a total of 383 horsepower and 390 pound-feet of torque, which is already pretty stout. The B50-500 kit pumps the E500’s output to 500 horses and 575 pound-feet of torque – a 30 percent and 47 percent increase, respectively.

In order to milk this extra power, the engine has received a B50-500 PowerXtra CGI performance kit that includes an auxiliary control unit with new mapping for fuel injection, ignition and boost pressure control. With these updates the V-8 engine will launch the E500 from a standstill to 62 mph in just 4.3 seconds and to 124 mph in 13.3 seconds. The Benz’s top speed is limited to 186 mph.

The B50-500 also receives an aerodynamic package that has been developed in the wind tunnel. The package includes a new front spoiler with integrated LED daytime running lights, a new rear spoiler and diffuser, aluminum sport fenders with integrated inserts made from clear-coated carbon fiber, and new side skirts. The car sits on 19-inch wheels offered in Monoblock VI, F, Q, R or S designs and embraced by high-performance tires.

For the interior Brabus offers up any desired material ranging from leather to Alcantara and from carbon fiber to the finest woods.

As the top-of-the-line trim for the entire BMW 1-Series lineup, the M135i has a lot of expectations to live up to.

Fortunately, there are aftermarket companies like AC Schnitzer that are capable of helping cars like the M135i fulfill their potential. It certainly helps that AC Schnitzer is also considered one of the finest BMW tuners in the world — yeah, these guys know what they’re doing.

For the M135i, AC Schnitzer decided to launch an upgrade program that includes performance mods, suspension upgrades, and subtle aerodynamic improvements. That’s the trifecta right there.

First off is the performance upgrade, which AC Schnitzer achieved by tweaking various components in the engine. The result is an M135i that now produces 360 horsepower without increasing the CO2 emissions of the sports hatch. Coming from the original 320 horsepower and 332 pound-feet of torque produced by the car’s 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine, the performance bump is pretty impressive, considering the CO2 levels remained the same. We’ll get you all of thee engine-upgrade details after its debut in Essen.

Moving to the suspension, AC Schnitzer installed a new spring kit that not only lowers the vehicle by 25 mm (0.98 inches) but also provides an improved balance between two key elements of the M135i: sports performance and driving comfort. A chromed "Racing" exhaust tailpipe was also installed, as well as a two-piece front spoiler, color-matched design stripes, a rear roof spoiler and a loading lip protection film make up the exterior modifications.

Finally, there are the interior upgrades, which include an aluminum Black Line gear knob or, should you opt for something a little more posh, an illuminated, leather-wrapped gear knob. Rounding out the interior upgrades for the M135i include a Black Line aluminum cover for the i-Drive, another gear knob with a digital gear display, aluminum handbrake handle with chrome accents, custom velour floor mats and an aluminum foot rest.

We admit to not being too in-tune with the Essen Motor Show because, in addition to it coinciding with the Los Angeles Auto Show, the event is also held in Essen, Germany, which is a rather large pond away from America.

Having said that, we never fail to keep our eyes and ears open in regards to cars that are scheduled to be at Essen. One of the car’s we have kept close tabs on is the Porsche 911 GT9 VMax by noted Porsche tuner 9ff . Now, we’ve seen 9ff’s GT9 VMax programs in the past, but this one is different because its 4.2-liter Biturbo Boxer engine supposedly packs a whopping 1,400 horsepower and 855 pound-feet of torque.

Staggering as those numbers are, the 9ff-supercar also carries insane time trials, including 0 to 62 mph in just 3.1 seconds, 0 to 124 mph in 6.8 seconds, and 0 to 186 mph in 13 seconds. If its acceleration is not enough for you, its nauseating 271 mph top speed sure will be.

The 1,400-horsepower GT9 VMax is expected to make its world debut at the 2012 Essen Motor Show, automatically making it one of the most hotly anticipated supercars to take center stage at Europe’s aftermarket auto show.

Last year at the Los Angeles Auto Show, Mercedes was unveiled the third generation ML63 AMG . Now for the Essen Motor Show, Brabus has prepared the B63-620 performance kit for the luxury SUV. The kit includes both exterior and interior updates, and an extra group of ponies under the hood.

Under the hood, Brabus installed a plug-and-play PowerXtra module and a stainless-steel sport exhaust system with butterfly valve. As a result the standard 518 horsepower output can be increased by either 60 or 95 horsepower, depending on the customer’s wishes. In both versions, peak torque has been increased to 604 pound-feet. With all of this extra power, the SUV will sprint from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.5 seconds and will hit a top speed of either 174 or 186 mph, depending on the horsepower number the customer chooses.

With all of that extra power, Brabus just couldn’t sit there and leave the body and interior alone. Brabus installed new carbon-fiber parts, including a new front and rear spoilers, new side air inlets, and a new centrally placed diffuser. The ML63 AMG sits on a set of wheels sized 22 inches and, which come in a variety of designs: five wheel designs, Monoblock VI, E, G "Platinum Edition", Q and R.

The interior has also been updated with the finest leather and Alcantara. There is also a new speedometer added with a 225 mph dial.

BMWs will be well represented at the 2012 Essen Motor Show, at least in part due to the new programs German tuner AC Schnitzer will be presenting in Europe’s annual aftermarket auto show.

In addition to the M135i, AC Schnitzer has also built a package for the BMW 3-Series Touring with M Sport package. If you recall, the German tuner already releaseda program for the 3-Series Touring about a month ago. This time, though, the popular and sport package has been added into the mix.

Aesthetic and aerodynamic modifications are part of the program, as AC fitted the 3-Series Touring with a revised front bumper, new roof spoiler and rear skirts. The tuning company also added a spring kit with 25 mm (0.98-inch) lowering and a sports muffler with chromed tailpipe trims. Depending on the model 3-Series Touring, the tailpipes can be fitted in either the left or right side. Finishing up the exterior modifications, AC Schnitzer fitted the 3-Series Touring with wheels ranging from 18 to 20 inches, all of which are available in a number of finishes.

Moving onto the engine, AC Schnitzer is offering engine improvements across the whole range of 3-Series Touring trims, starting with the 330d, which increases to 309 horsepower and 494 pound-feet of torque. Meanwhile, the 318d receives its own power upgrades, up from 143 horsepower to 171 ponies. The 320d got its power bump too, hitting 218 horsepower from its standard 184. Finally the supercharged 328i and the 335i both get significant upticks in output, hitting 360 horsepower from their standard 294.

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