Essen Motor Show

Essen Motor Show

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German Wheel manufacturers, AEZ , have come up with what has to be the most innovative Christmas competition we’ve seen this year. The concept centers around an advent calendar on their website that features hidden gifts ranging from cheaper to more expensive options that are denoted by the number of stars they possess.

Starting from December 1st, the competition will run through to the 24th, offering visitors daily lucky draws for prizes that include a day with your dream car, a romantic two night stay for you and your partner in an igloo, and a communal sailing course aboard a yacht. They might be a bit quirky, but definitely out of the box. You could choose to keep the gifts for yourself or transfer them to a friend or family member – something out of the ordinary for competitions.

AEZ is also raffling off interesting non-cash prizes, such as an instant camera or a photo album with fantastic photographs. More info will be revealed on the AEZ chocolate advent calendars, which will be raffled off at the Essen Motor Show at the end of November and we’ll keep you posted. The info will include the name of the respective daily prizes as well as their value, which is indicated by a maximum of six stars. It goes without saying that AEZ has hidden a very special gift behind the last door of the calendar, but they’re being very tight lipped about it. We can’t wait to see what it is.

Source: AEZ Wheels

It seems that the new Porsche Panamera has created a real stir among tuners. Since its official launch we’ve seen an impressive number of tuning propositions from tuners all over the world, and we’ll most likely be seeing many more when the doors open at the Essen Motor Show on November 27th. One of those projects will be from Caractere Exclusive and Dynatech as they have teamed up in order to create a very impressive Panamera with some aerodynamic changes as well as an engine update.

In term of aerodynamics, the two tuners have added a front bumper complete with integrated lights, side skirts, a second spoiler, and a bumper with air scoops inserted. The car now sits on 22" CW1 wheels available in Graphite or Silver. The interior also got some minor attention in the form of carbon mouldings in various colors and different finishes.

As for the engine updates, Dynatech has made some ECU modifications and replaced the two original catalytic converters with two 200-cell sports catalytic converters. The result is an impressive 605 HP (up from standard 500) and a peak torque of 840 NM.

The Porsche Panamera by Caractere Exclusive & Dynatek reminds us a little of the Porsche Panamera GrandGT by TechArt . The GrandGT did receive a few more exterior additions, but the power - the most important part - fell short of what Caractere Exclusive & Dynatek have provided.

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We have seen lots of tuning packages for the new generation Porsche Cayenne , including ones from Lumma Design , TechArt , CarGraphic , and Je Design , but this new tuning package from SpeedArt may just take the cake. It’s called the Titan Evo and provides the luxury SUV with interior and exterior updates, as well as a tweaked engine. The very best part about this package is that it can be applied to all of the models in the Cayenne lineup, something none of the other tuners provided.

The exterior and interior modifications may be minimal, but they are enough to customize the Cayenne into something more than standard. The exterior receives optimized mounting parts for the front and rear skirts, wide side skirts, and, of course, 23" forged wheels. The interior was jazzed up with sporty carbon fiber single shell-type seats and special interior colors.

And just like when you are eating a cake and you save the bite with the most icing for last, we’ve saved the engine updates for last. The diesel version of the Cayenne gets an added 50 HP and 70 NM of torque while the hybrid model gets its horsepower boosted by 70 HP and 50 NM of torque. The Turbo version gets the biggest jump with an increase of 100 HP and 150 NM of torque. All models will also get a sport exhaust system with sound switch control and 2x100 mm twin tailpipes and an electronic lowering module.

No matter how you slice it, the Titan Evo created by SpeedArt is definitely the most delectable package we’ve seen for the Porsche Cayenne

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German tuning firm, Kelleners Sport, announces its comeback

After a lengthy hibernation from the world of tuning, BMW tuning firm, Kelleners Sport, is making its way back to its roots by sharing a booth with Vredestein at the upcoming Essen Motorshow. The tuning firm’s last offering was in 2007 with the introduction of their kit for the BMW 3-Series, but for their comeback special, Kellener will be presenting the completely revisedBMW 5 Series (F10) . The F10’s world premiere will come with two new wheel designs and a program tailored for the entire series of BMW models.

Part of finding their way back to the tuning world consisted of finding a new place to call home. Kelleners found their place in the form of a manor house near the town of Merzig in the Competence Centre Gut Wiesenhof in Germany. Ironically, this location is right next to Carlsson, the Mercedes Benz specialist.

Kelleners Sport’s experience in the tuning industry dates all the way back to 1991 when the BMW tuning company was formed by active professional racing driver, Ralf Kelleners. With a tagline stating, "Bridging the gap between you and racing," we are confident that this tuning form will not disappoint! Welcome back, Kelleners, and we can’t wait to see what you do with the BMW M5 F10 !

Source: CarTuningro

Back in 1971 the Italian automotive enthusiast Franco Sbarro set up his Swiss based custom car fabrication shop. From the beginning Sbarro was wrenching on exotic race cars like Ford’s GT-40 as well as the famous Ferrari P3 /P4 and since then his portfolio has expanded to include a custom Bugatti Royale. Being no stranger to high end high performance vehicles, when Franco went looking for the foundation of his next speed inspired creation for this year’s Essen Motor Show it is no wonder that he went Italian. The Lista Office is a sports coupe based on the Ferrari Testarossa , and is powered by one of Maranello’s 12 cylinder boxer engines sending 450 HP to the rear wheels.

The LO as is it also known features a complete restyling that takes the Ferrari’s wedge shaped profile, sharp edges and multitude of vents and rounds out the body before smoothing out the accent lines. Just like the latest Alcador GTB that is also on display, Sbarro has incorporated his very late model TVR like vertically stacking round headlamps. Somewhere underneath that canopy style roof and bulging fenders is a Testarossa, however Franco Sbarro has managed to take the iconic shape that we are all familiar with from Miami Vice and turns it into an unrecognizable out of this world four wheel creation.

Source: Sbarro

For 42 years, the Essen Motor Show has been regarded as one of the biggest – if not the biggest – car tuning show in Germany.

While the show has seen some of the most remarkable range of perfectly-tuned supercars, tuning cars, classics, F1 cars and so many more, there are those rare occasions when a car shows up and draws attention for the wrong reasons.

This year, a number of attention-grabbing rides were present, but none drew as many curious looks as this pink Chrysler 300C .

Sporting a Bizzaro Hello Kitty – appropriately dubbed ‘Hello Bitchy’, with matching eye patch to boot – on the front doors, the pink Chrysler 300C is definitely something that ought to have come straight from Paris Hilton’s garage. Making things a little more creepy…err…interesting, the car also comes with tinted windows, a large ‘69’ – what else could it be? – on the front hood, a police siren on top, and a list of names on the side panel of people that have ‘presumably’ taken a ride in the car.

We won’t spare any more details because we’re pretty sure your imaginations are doing it for you.

Source: GT Spirit

Even if the German automaker has just launched the new Mercedes SLS AMG super car, it would be hard to keep the boys at Brabus from getting their hands on one to swap out a few parts and begin to customize the new car from day one. Now this is merely a preview of what the Mercedes Benz tuners will be bringing to the Essen Motor Show next week.

Despite the SLS’s rather stock appearance it will be wearing a rather stylish new set of multi spoke mesh wheels, but the best part of what Brabus has done comes under the car in the form of a free flowing high performance sport tuned exhaust that raises the hand built 6.2 Liter V8’s output from a standard 571 HP all the way up to an even 700 HP. Brabus didn’t want to spoil the surprise for those going to the tuning show in Essen so you will just have to stay tuned, because we will get back to you with more details as soon as we get them!

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The Porsche Carrera GT may be out of production for over two years now, but that still doesn’t make it any less desirable. It also doesn’t meant the tuners don’t need to stop upgrading the car.

9ff, the tuning house that has made some earth-shattering cars from Poreches like the GT9 , has gotten its hands on a Carrera GT. It’s called the GTT 900 pack, and it was showcased at the Essen Motor Show in Germany this weekend.

The standard V10 unit was upgraded by about 50 percent to give the car a new total 900 horsepower. Improvements include new camshafts, less restrictive exhaust manifolds, and a special muffler with a unique valve system and end-pipes. A just in case people didn’t think you were special enough for driving Carrera GT, 9ff added bright red "look at me" paint.

Movies such as „The Fast and the Furious“ contribute to a more than dubious back-street reputation of the tuning scene. However, creating an extreme tuning car and offending the law doesn´t have to be an inevitable consequence. In order to demonstrate this, „TUNE IT! SAFE!“ was established. It is an union made up of several companies and other organisations from the automotive sector, even involving the police and the Germany Ministry of transport. Their latest project is to build an amazing (...)
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Ferrari will be represented at the Techno-Classica 2007 by a stand dedicated entirely to Ferrari Classiche, a specialist division set up in Maranello to provide owners of historic Prancing Horse cars with restoration, maintenance, assistance services. The Ferrari Classiche division also issues Authenticity Certificates. Based in the original old factory building, Ferrari Classiche opened its doors in the summer of 2006 and has since become a major player in the protection of the unique (...)

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