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  Eterniti Motors is a luxury automaker that made its first debut at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show. The company claims to be a different kind of luxury automaker due to the fact that it is located in London.

British manufacturer, Eterniti , unveiled their Hemera concept at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show, and they are following it up in 2012 with the release of its production version - the Artemis - at the Beijing Auto Show. The Eterniti Artemis is stated to be the world’s first Super-SUV and will go into production by Summer 2012, with prices starting at £210,000, or about $340,000 at the current exchange rates. Deliveries will begin later in the Fall.

The new Eterniti Artemis is powered by a 4.8-liter twin-turbo V8 engine that delivers a total of 600 HP and 553 lb ft of torque. It can sprint from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.5 seconds and can hit a top speed of 180 mph.

The SUV’s body panels are made of carbon composite and hand-built, while the interior combines the finest leathers with natural woods and carbon fiber.

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Everyone expected the Frankfurt Motor to come with its share of surprise entrants and a new automaker based in London has provided just that with their very first auto show appearance in Frankfurt. They just brought a concept SUV that looks to have the BMW X6 and the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S in its sights.

The brand is called Eterniti - not to be confused with Infiniti - and they’ve introduced the Hemera concept SUV at the Frankfurt Motor Show. After promising to completely knock the entire auto industry upside its head, Eterniti more than delivered with the introduction of the Hemera, a concept SUV that promised big things leading up to its debut and has more than lived up to it in every which way.

UPDATE 12/19/11: The folks over at Eterniti have released new teaser photos of the Hemera SUV. You’ll notice that these two photos feature some slight modifications from what we first saw at the Frankfurt Motor Show, including a redesigned front fascia and new bespoke headlights. According to Hemera, the design modifications were partly done to further differentiate the Hemera from the car that it was based on, the Porsche Cayenne . Expect a few more nip and tucks done on the Hemera leading up to its debut at the 2012 Beijing Auto Show.

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Look who’s making waves at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The Eterniti Hemera was arguably one of the most talked-about concepts over the past two days, drawing a lot of attention towards the new British company. Turns out, Eterniti may have more up their sleeves than just the so-called "super SUV."

During the unveiling of the Eterniti Hemera, a number of sketch drawings became the talk of the event after they showed what appeared to be a second prototype vehicle from Eterniti. Not a lot is known about this particular machine except that it looks like a supercar in the mold of a Lamborghini .

The drawing looks fantastic, if we do say so ourselves. Plus, it brings the type of buzz to Eterniti that’s usually reserved for the heavyweights of the market. The company is keeping a tight lid with regards to details about this mysterious exotic so information about it is about as dry as the Mojave on a hot August afternoon.

Rest assured that the people behind Eterniti, including head designer Alistair McQueen, have a whole lot more planned for the company than just the Hemera.

Who knows when we’re going to receive more information about this car, but one thing we do know is that we’re going to be talking about Eterniti a whole lot more from now on.

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