Anything gets boring after a few years, even our favorite sports cars. That is why each 2 to4 years, most car models receive a facelift. Usually only the headlight and bumpers are retouched to boost the sales until a completely new model comes up.


For true car nuts, there is nothing better than having total control over your car’s power via a manual transmission. Unfortunately, we three-pedal lovers are becoming less and less common each year, especially with the advancements being made in automatic transmission technology. This disappearance of the slush-box automatics and introduction of precision shifting performance automatics has left the manual transmission as an undesirable hunk of metal.

The BMW M-Series is a clear example of where a manual transmission is at its best. With the baby brother, the M3, punching out 414 ponies and its two big brothers, the M5 and M6 , slated to wallop the concrete with 560 horsepower; we think a manual transmission is the only way to really experience them. Well, apparently we are in the minority, as according to Inside Line, only 15 to 20 percent of the M5s sold in the U.S. last year were six-speed manuals and BMW has taken notice.

With this, BMW has decided that the next generation M5 and M6 will not be engineered with a manual transmission option, leaving just a dual-clutch automatic as the only available transmission. This makes the reports that the U.S.-bound M6 models will come with a manual option seem like they were just pipe dreams. The M3 , however, will still receive its typical no-cost manual transmission option.

Fortunately for us, the dual clutch transmission is just as responsive, if not more responsive, than a manual transmission. Plus, there is no clutch to mess with, so your left foot can take a much needed break from all of the thrashing it has received over the years. To boot, this automatic transmission has also proved to be a more fuel-economy-friendly option over manual transmissions, which is pretty much the opposite of what we have had crammed into our heads for the last, say, 100 years!

Source: InsideLine
Infiniti Q50

Alright folks, grab the salt shakers and put a great big grain of salt in your hand, `cause we’ve got rumors. Recently, our colleagues over at Motor Trend had a little powwow with someone in the know about the upcoming Infiniti G sedan . Some of the rumors are a little ho-hum and others are flat out awesome, we’ll stick to the latter ones for now.

First off, the next-gen Infiniti G is through its design phase and production is ready to begin. According to the mole in Infiniti, the new G sedan will be based on a slightly stretched version of the new Mercedes C-Class’ platform, with other modifications. The leaky informant also let it be known that the new Infiniti G sedan will be in showrooms by the end of the summer in 2014 and the coupe will come later.

According to the informer, the new G will look nothing like the current model. From the front end, in particular the headlights, it will have the appearance of the Etherea concept car that Infiniti teased us with at the 2011 Geneva Auto Show. The G will again come in a sedan or coupe, so no surprises there. However there are talks of a crossover model.

Now onto the good stuff: the Infiniti G’s engines. First, the rumors of a diesel engine are true, per Motor Trend’s source, but not for the G sedan. The 2.1-liter Mercedes diesel will only see use in the European and Korean Infiniti M. The only information he shared on the G’s engine was that the all-new IPL performance model will feature a 530-horsepower, twin-turbocharged 3.7-liter V-6. Last, the price of the Infiniti G IPL model was discussed and the informant says it will hover in the 10 million Yen range, which is about $123,000.

So there we have it. We can’t necessarily validate these rumors, but they certainly do add a little more excitement to the waiting game. We just have to wait and see if these rumors are true.

Source: Motor Trend
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Welcome to MY2011 and welcome to the brand new facelifted versions of the Mercedes CL63 AMG and CL65 AMG. This year, Mercedes has opted to leave the exterior of their luxury coupe alone for the most part and focus their attention on the engines of these two vehicles. Nothing shouts perfection like an increase in horsepower andMercedes wants to make this perfectly clear with these two models by using direct gasoline injection, twin turbochargers, air/water cooling, and controlled efficiency stop/start function.

Starting with the CL63AMG , Mercedes has thrown out the use of the naturally aspirated 6.2L AMG V8 engine and opted instead for a 5.5L biturbo engine mated to an AMG speedshift MCT 7-speed sports transmission with Sport, Comfort, and Manual modes. This exchange has allowed for an 18hp and 125lb-ft of torque increase for the 2011 model. This little kitten now purrs with 563hp and 664lb-ft of torque. Want to make it go even faster? Opt for the AMG Performance package and the Mercedes turns into a tiger with 563hp and 664lb-ft of torque. The standard model makes the 0-60mph sprint in 4.4secs and has a top speed electronically limited to 155mph while the AMG Performance package shaves 0.1secs off of the 0-60mph sprint and increases top speed to 186mph. Even though the 2011 Mercedes CL63 AMG has had an incredible boost in power, Mercedes has managed to decrease fuel consumption by 27% and CO2 emissions by 30.

The 2011 Mercedes CL65 AMG carries over the same 6.0L twin turbo V12 engine as last year for its range topper, but Mercedes has managed to push out an extra 17hp to the car’s performance. Now the CL65 AMG is capable of producing 621hp at 4800RPM and 738lb-ft of torque at 2000-4000RPM. The engine is mated to an AMG speedshift 5-spped transmission with Sport, Comfort, and Manual modes. This combination allows the CL65 AMG to make the 0-60mph sprint in 4.2secs and leaves it with an electronically limited top speed of 186mph.

Hit the jump for the rest of the story plus the official press release.

Source: Mercedes

The Lexus IS received its last updates for the 2009 model year, so it’s a little surprising that Lexus has already decided to offer a few more improvements. This information comes to us by a leaked brochure that shows those improvements. These improvements should appear alive and in color for the 2011 model year.

The list of new updates will include LED daytime running lights incorporated into the headlights, redesigned fog lights and bumper insets as well as new tail lights. For the interior Lexus will offer a new steering wheel with new accents, a chrome strip added above the glove box, a USB connector, and an aluminum trim.

In regards to the engine, Lexus revealed that all the engines will be 15% more fuel-efficient than the current model. However, the Japanese company announced the biggest changes will be made for the top version, the IS-F sports sedan. It will get the same wheel design as the Lexus LF-A , a new front fascia, and an updated suspension.

Source: Autospies

With a history of more than 31 years, the Mercedes G-Class is a car that needs no introduction. That being said, it has been an interesting four years with this vehicle and its many facelifts. It’s beginning to remind us of Joan Rivers and what’s left of her face.

An inside source at G-Klasse’s manufacturing facility at Graz, Austria has reported that a facelift version for the Mercedes G-Class will be completed just ahead of the Paris Motor Show . This would be facelift number three in the past four years. It will include updated engines that will respect the new Euro 5 emission standards. The 5.5 liter normally-aspirated V8 from the G 500 will be replaced by newly-developed direct injection V8 with twin-turbochargers.

The interior of the vehicle will receive minor changes to include the latest technology out there. These are some of the same technologies seen in the new E-Class. The exterior design will also remain mostly unchanged, but will see a new set of alloy wheels and minor nips and tucks here and there.

Yes, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and while most don’t live up to the expectations of the original, there are those that come close. Bertone’s Alfa Romeo Carabo is one car that has spawned a lot of imitations over the years, but few have come within a mile of living up to the original creation.

Now, some guy, with the help of none other than Chip Foose’s father, Sam Foose, was able to piece together something that resembles the original Carabo without bastardizing the Bertone work of art. This was done only after his attempts of buying the original Bertone were shut down by the design house. The replica is built on a De Tomaso Pantera platform and comes with a 351 Cleveland V8 that’s hooked to a 5-speed transmission. According to the man selling this ride, the car is "too fast to handle" and it has neither a radio nor any semblance of air-conditioning - unless you consider rolling down the windows and letting the wind come in air-conditioning. Combine these facts and you get a car that looks about as intimidating as it is challenging to drive.

Seeing as the original Carabo was said to cost around $200,000 back in 1972, we don’t know how much the seller is willing to accept as a purchase price. He did say that if anyone’s interested they should give him a call at 561-676-5723.

Source: eBay

Some people just can’t seem to be satisfied with already having a good thing, so they end up going over-the-top and just plain ruining everything. This 2010 Chevrolet Camaro , which was spotted at the Carlisle Performance & Style show by a member of Cardomain, looks every bit the part of the new Camaro except when you look at the car’s front. Upon inspection the realization hits; that’s not exactly the mug we’ve come to associate with Bumblebee in the Transformers movie franchise. Instead, this custom Camaro bears the fascia of the first-generation version. Yeah, the one from the late 60’s.

We certainly don’t know what has gotten into the car’s owner, although it would be fair to say that he probably should have left it alone. Let us know what YOU think of this in-bred Camaro.

Source: Cardomain

If anybody knows the value of hard work and dedication, this elderly Armenian, who goes by the name Matevossian, knows it down to a tee. That’s because for over twenty years, Matevossian worked on a project that he actually just finished a few years ago: a do-it-yourself Maserati replica sports car.

Unlike the DIY Lamborghini we featured a few days ago, this DIY Maserati took Matevossian over 22 years to complete, often changing his design specs as time passed by. This DIY Maserati Maserati also has a muffle up on the Lamborghini because it actually comes with parts - the engine, the gearbox, and the rear suspension - from a real 1984 Maserati sports car.

In addition to the genuine Maserati parts used in the car, Matevossian also used a 5-speed manual transmission, Weber Weber carburetor, control unit for the turbines, and an altered WHA front suspension and steering wheel that was taken from a Toyota.

While the car looks nowhere near what a real Maserati looks like these days - or 20 years ago for that matter - Matevossian’s piece of work is nonetheless quite impressive, especially when you consider the time and resources he spent to make his car.

Source: Auto Motto

In the world of the oddly-mishapen and terribly conceived custom-made replicas, we have yet another jem-of-a-find.

Yes, that’s a Lamborghini Diablo - or at least that’s what the owner would like us to believe. Any true car enthusiast, however, would obviously beg to differ, because that piece of orange eye sore is nothing like a Diablo. An Acura NSX ? Yes. A Lamborghini Diablo Uhmm...no.

The car is located in Branson, Missouri - if you’re interested to find out - and to no one’s surprise, it’s actually being sold on eBay for a very un-Lamborghini Diablo-like price tag of $49,000.

If you’re interested, we feel obligated to tell you that this car has about 94,000 miles on its odometer and has no warranty of any kind. Those two facts alone should be enough to drive you away for even considering any attempt at making a purchase.

Source: eBay

In a world full of pretentious poseurs, you’re never going to run out of examples to illustrate just how far copycats have come to being more obnoxiously open about their impersonating ways.

Heck, even car owners seem to have been bitten by this bug. Not content with the cars they have, they try to add a couple of things here and a few more things there to make us believe that what they’re driving is actually worth more than what’s really under the facelift.

Some cars are successful to a certain degree while others fail miserably.

We’ll give you a guess as to which category this Infiniti G35 Coupe that’s masquerading as an Audi R8 belongs to. To be fair, it’s quite obvious, isn’t it?

While we applaud the effort of incorporating those R8-famous side blades on the G35, it’s also completely ridiculous. Put it this way: no amount of facelift or re-tooling can make an Infiniti G35 look like an Audi R8.

Good effort, though.

Source: Jalopnik

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