Anything gets boring after a few years, even our favorite sports cars. That is why each 2 to4 years, most car models receive a facelift. Usually only the headlight and bumpers are retouched to boost the sales until a completely new model comes up.

Close your eyes and picture the worst customized Chevrolet Corvette you’ve ever seen. Now open your eyes and take a look at these photos.
Proving that there’s no price tag for God-awful taste, the owner of this Corvette, which was spotted in Evansville Indiana by a forum member at Corvette Forum, actually thought – as in seriously thought – that having a dragon-inspired Corvette is actually a good idea.

What’s worse: this guy had so much belief in himself that he probably did the entire fine-less tuning all by himself. Look at it. The paintjob is hideous – at best. The dragon scales on the roof look absolutely ridiculous. And don’t even get us started on that miniature dragon plastered on the Corvette’s hood.

We’re trying to find anything redeemable about this monstrosity of a creation, but no matter how close we look – or how hard we try to be a little accepting of this – we can’t find one good thing about what the owner of this car did to his Corvette.

So congratulations buddy. You have at least accomplished one thing. You will now forever be remembered here at Topspeed for having one of those Corvettes that we wouldn’t dare get within 100 meters - even if we’re held at gun point.

And that’s saying a lot.

There’s ugly and then there’s a whole new level of ugly. This Porsche Cayenne Turbo might just very well be the poster child for the latter.

We don’t know how anybody could be possessed to dress up their Porsche Cayenne like this, but apparently someone in Dubai decided that it was a good idea to use this color – it’s a brownish-chocolate kind of shade – on a Cayenne.

Over in the Middle East, we’ve seen a lot of exotic cars get dressed up to the nines by their owners. While some of them have succeeded magnificently with their digs, others have whiffed miserably with their choices of color. We don’t need to ask you if you know which group we think the owner of this chocolate/rust-colored Porsche Cayenne Turbo belongs to.

In one word: blech.

Source: GT Spirit

For most of us, the thought of owning a car like the new Mercedes SLS AMG ‘Gullwing’ supercar can be attributed as nothing more than just a pipe dream.

But despite not having the moolah to buy this extraordinary car, we can all take solace in the fact that Mercedes was kind enough to shower us with an online configurator so we can customize our very own virtual ‘Gullwing’. It’s far from the real thing, but this is probably as close as most people will ever come to tinkering with this supercar.

The configurator allows us to perform a few tunings to the car like change its overall color scheme, tinker with the alloy wheels, open the gull-wing doors, and of course listen to the car’s beastly V8 engine.

Like we said, it’s a far cry from getting behind the wheel of a real thing. But
then again, beggars can’t be choosers, can they?

Source: Mercedes AMG

Modifying a car is all well and good for as long as the result is something that can draw attention for the better. When it’s for the worse, then, that’s not really counted as ‘modding’, right?

This Fiat Panda seems like another regular car at first glance. You’re probably thinking “where’s the mod in that?’

That’s when we implore you to take a closer look. Once you have, you probably already noticed that this pint-sized Fiat Panda has...a BMW badge.

You’re eyes aren’t seeing things. That’s a BMW BMW badge – on a Fiat. Now, it seems preposterous – and sacrilegious – to be putting a car badge on a rival car maker, but apparently, the guy who did this doesn’t care. That or he really believes from the bottom of his heart that he can dupe people into thinking that he really has a BMW.

If we can offer some advice to this fellow, we’ll tell him to keep the car in his garage. And yes, we’re doing him a favour by saying that.

Source: BMW Blog

There’s ugly and then there’s hideous. It takes a complete eyesore for us to label something ugly but this one went further than anyone of us ever expected. This car is a previous generation Mercedes Benz E-Class W124 but from the looks of things, it hardly resembles anything the guys from Daimler would ever build. It’s been completely modified – if you can even call something like as ‘modified’ – to look like, well, this. Yeah, very often are we at a loss for words but this one managed to accomplish that.

Try as we may to justify this creation, we just can’t. The car’s front has been completely altered with grills that make it look like a medieval helmet. The designers - which apparently goes by the name ’Arturos’ - also included a number of slit-looking air vents on both sides of the car, which, quite frankly, reminds us of those water-faring creatures known as fishes. The designer even managed to outdo itself by replacing the E-Class W124’s head and tail lights with CLK-style headlights and SLK tail lamps.

We’d describe the car even further but we’re afraid that it still wouldn’t do it enough justice so we’ve decided to just let you see it for yourself.

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No New “iDrive” for New BMW 3 Series

The word had been out that the freshened 3 Series from BMW, due in 2009, would be getting the updated and improved version of the iDrive system, the multifunction system that has maddened BMW owners in its previous incarnations, been copied by other manufacturers, and been a constant source of criticism by automotive journalists.

Various sources, including BMW Blog, had reported last week that the new version of iDrive, reportedly currently under testing, would be part of the new 3 Series.

But, BMW Blog now says that they were misinformed, or at least that they are now better informed. BMW sources have told BMW Blog that there’s zero chance if the new iDrive showing up in the facelifted 3 Series.

Instead, the new iDrive goes into the 5 Series.

So, all you’ve got to do if you want it is spend more money.

Source: BMW Blog
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Photographers at Auto Express have caught the new 911 Turbo undisguised during testing. Cosmetic changes are noticed of which are the rear tail lights that are shaped distinctly. Minor changes are observed at the front. The car is presumed to be unveiled at the Paris Motor Show this year. Along with visual upgrades, Porsche have also made mechanical changes to the car.

Source: Auto Express
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These are the last pictures with the upcoming mid-sedan from Saab Saab .The maker is preparing a facelift for the 9-3, with design elements from the Aero-X Concept. The new 9-3 will compete with models like Audi A4, Volvo Volvo S40, BMW BMW 3-Series and Mercedes Mercedes C-Class. The 2008 9-3 will debut before Saab’s 60th birthday, probably at Frankfurt Motor Show. The 2008 9-3 will get a new front end with a bigger and more aggressive grille with one huge center section flanked by two smaller air-intakes left and (...)
Source: km77
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The Cayenne is starting a new chapter in its success story: four years after the model’s launch, Porsche is presenting the second generation of its sporty SUV. The new, attractively designed Cayenne, Cayenne S and Cayenne Turbo models have been given more powerful, direct gasoline injection engines. These are known at Porsche as Direct Fuel Injection (DFI), and they lower the fuel consumption of individual models by over eight percent (NEDC). In real driving conditions, savings of up to 15 percent are possible. The new Cayenne will be in Porsche showrooms from February 24, 2007.

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Bentley will operate a mild facelift for the Continental GT as well for the Continental Flying Spur. These are the first pictures with both modified models on a winter test before the official release. Like every cheap car the luxurious British cars have to endure an aesthetic operation some time. Thanks to limited capacity tank of the camouflaged cars, some people can make some shots and then we know what the maker is preparing. This is the same case. To be sure of the differences (...)

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