Drunk-drivers, rejoice! You’ve been dethroned from your perch as ‘most dangerous drivers’ on the streets by text-drivers!

Ever since the mobile phone boom occurred in the past 13 years, there have been an increasing number of accidents on the road that involve drivers spending more time watching their hands punch the keypads of their phones than watching the road.

It’s become such an alarming road hazard that a number of states, including Alaska, Louisiana, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York and Washington, have already issued bans texting while driving.

And while studies on the comparisons between the dangers of drunk-driving and texting while driving have been around for a while, no one has ever done an actual test of it; that is until Car and Driver took to the test tracks to see if the allegations on texting while driving holds any merit.

In the latest issue of Car and Driver, the magazine’s EIC, Eddie Alterman took his intern, Jordan Brown, with him on a test track to determine the actual dangers of driving while using a handheld device.

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Source: NY Times
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