Ferrari 125

Ferrari 125

The first Ferrari, the 125 S (known as the 125 or 125 Sports), had a short but intense life. In fact, the model was only used in Ferrari’s first year in business, 1947. Just three were built and they took part in 12 races (total 14 starts), clocking up six wins, two seconds and one fifth position.

Ferrari 125 S

The 125 began life as a two-seater sports car but there were two types of bodywork: one with covered wheels and the second with open wheels and individual mudguards. The former version was known as the 125 C and could race in single-seater races as the mudguards and headlights could be removed and a panel to cover the second seat could be added (if required).

The C in question stood for “corsa” (racing) or “competizione” (competition) and also involved some tweaking of the initial 125 S’s engine and the gearbox. This version made its debut at the Terme di Caracalla circuit in Rome where driver Franco Cortese was unfortunately forced to retire before the end of the race.

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