Ferrari 348

Ferrari 348

China is becoming a key market for a lot of automotive companies, including Ferrari and, as a thank you gift, the company has opened a new Myth exhibition at the Italian Center in Shanghai Expo Park. The inauguration ceremony was attended by the company’s Deputy Chairman Piero Ferrari, as well as representatives of both the Chinese and Italian governments.

The new exhibition center covers an area of 900 square meters and will be open to the public for three years. Its aim is to introduce the Chinese to Ferrari and allow them to experience the history, cars, technologies, and passion of the Prancing Horse first-hand, thereby further consolidating the already strong links between the Italian marque and this nation.

The models displayed are the 348 TS as the first Ferrari to enter the Chinese mainland market, a 275 GTB4 , a 365 GTB4 Daytona , the 750 Monza sports prototype, and the FF .

"For millions of people around the world, Ferrari represents the pinnacle of Italian culture," declared Piero Ferrari. "It is a symbol of passion, success and the constant pursuit of excellence. It has always been our wish to share Ferrari’s unique history and culture with the people of China who have shown great affection for the Prancing Horse and with whom we share core values such as respect for tradition and a tenacious spirit of innovation."

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Any Ferrari is cool, and yes we said any, even the 1980’s 400i sedan. As long as there is a prancing horse on the hood, these cars are destined to be cherished for generations to come. The Ferrari 348 series is no different and it spawned one of the most loved modern Ferrari’s in the 355 model. One issue that people tend to have with the 348 is that there was a lack of power from its V8. All that really means is that when you take a 348 Challenge model and bolt on some serious power upgrades you’ll end up with a super cool Ferrari.

Steve Maxwell and Stacey Slead were two men that fell in love with the original driving dynamics of the 348 and put in some serious effort to make this one of the most powerful 348s on the road today. The two became friends when Maxwell was selling his Ferrari 348 Ferrari 348 and Slead wanted to buy it after a one-night test drive. Soon after Slead became the owner and Maxwell turned into a mad mechanic handcrafting over 200 pieces for the Ferrari it has now become.

After a few new donor Ferraris, a near death experience, and plenty of late nights deciding how to put it all together this Ferrari now makes over 600hp and eats newer models for breakfast. A challenge model Ferrari is nothing to take lightly in the first place, but adding turbochargers and a host of other one-off performance pieces can turn your run-of-the-mill Ferrari into an entirely different animal.

Hit the jump for more details on this Ferrari 348 Twin Turbo.

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After a very successful history of more than fourteen years, the 308/328 series was finally replaced in 1989. And even if on the exterior there weren’t many significant changes the big changes on the new 348 models was made under the hood. The 348 series remained into production between 1989 and ’95, and it was built in berlinetta, targa and spider body styles, with a few special editions being offered: the US-market only Serie Speciale and the GT Competizione.

Ferrari 348 TB

The 348 series was produced in order to allow Michelotto-prepared cars into the GT3 class of international endurance racing. IN its five years time existence it turned out to be a very successful model: firstly it experienced some notable success against Porsche’s mighty 911 RSR’s, but it also became the most commercially successful models in Ferrari’s history with over 9000 units sold.

On the title, the ’348’ is referring to the 3.4 V8 and the ’T’ to the transverse gearbox mounted at the rear of the engine and B to Berlinetta (S was for the spider version). The 348 was the first completely new model announced by the company subsequent to the death of Enzo Ferrari in August 1988.

In 1993 Ferrari launched the 348 GTB as part of the "relaunch" of the Ferrari 348 line. It was in fact a modified version of the 348 TB. The 348 GTB remained into production for only one year, when in 1994 it was replaced by the Ferrari 355.

Ferrari 348 GTB

The 348 GTB was a two-seater berlinetta with dynamic performance characteristics worthy of the marque’s highest traditions. Its sports orientation was best expressed on the track, as proven by the 348 Challenge, which saw this car race on circuits in Europe and the US. Its styling was harmonious and aerodynamically efficient, and the mid-mounted V8 engine ensured perfect weight distribution and class-beating power.

The 348 GTB was distinguished by were body color-coded sills and chromed Cavallino Rampante’s mounted between the rear light clusters ( this decorative item having always been finished in matte black on first series cars).

In 1993, in the same time with the coupe version, Ferrari unveiled the 348 GTS - a model that replaced the 348 TS. Like its coupe brother, the 348 GTS remained into production for only one year.

Ferrari 348 GTS

This two-seater convertible offered the same specifications as the 348 GTB, with the choice of open or closed-top motoring and a layout that had by now become a Ferrari classic: as on the outgoing TS, the hard top was stowed away in the space behind the seats.

The GTS retained the stiff, stress-bearing chassis (featuring various section tubular front and rear sub-frames) of the coupe version while the styling, which remained unmistakably Ferrari, married elegance with excellent aerodynamics.

The spiders built by Ferrari have always been a perfect expression of their sporting heritage. It was this very heritage that inspired Pininfarina stylists as they set about designing the spider to clothe the refined 348 series chassis. The result was a car that offered the same impressive performance as the berlinetta, with a remarkably flex-free chassis, as well as the possibility of true top-down motoring.

Revealed in 1993, the 348 Spider represented the first fully open Ferrari in over 20 years. It came to replace the Mondial Cabriolet.

In 1993 at the Turin motor show Ferrari unveiled the special edition 348 GT Competizione. Produced into the middle of 1994, only 56 units were made, eight of which were right-hand drive. Also known as the 348 GTC, it was Ferrari’s last 348 road car and featured the hottest specification of all.

Ferrari 348 GT Competizione

In order to differentiate it from the other 348 models, for the Competizione the doors, sills and bumpers were made from a mixture of super lightweight Kevlar and carbon fibre composite. The car sat on polished 17-inch split rim Speedline wheels.

Ferrari 348 GT Competizione

On the interior Ferrari added Kevlar sill panels, lightweight door trim and cloth-trimmed Kevlar racing seats. All the carpeting was removed from the passenger wells in order to make the car as light as possible. There were also drilled aluminum pedals and a steering wheel inscribed with each cars serial number.

Even thought this Ferrari 348 could be almost twenty years old, that’s still no way to treat an Italian beauty. It seems a twenty-four year old man in Haren, Netherlands was out for a joy ride/test drive and lost control of the car.

The driver escaped with no injuries, well, at least until the local Ferrari club caught up to him.

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The 348 was powered by Ferrari’s 3405cc V8, introduced with the car in 1989. The 90° light alloy V8 had 10.4:1 compression and 48 valves actuated by four overhead camshafts. It produced 300bhp at 7200rpm and 237lbs-ft at 4200rpm. The V8 was installed longitudinally in the 348, bolted along with the transmission and rear suspension into the removable tube-steel rear sub-frame, a significant innovation.

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