Ferrari 360

Ferrari 360

Anytime you get the chance to see four exotic cars on the road together continuously trying to one-up one another, it would be a complete crime to not bring out the cameras and videotape the whole proceedings.

Fortunately, the man sitting shotgun inside a Ferrari 430 Scuderia had the wherewithal to take out his camera and videotape the entire action up close and personal. Not to be outdone by the 430 Scuderia, the other three supercars in this video include some of the finest exotic machineries on the planet like a Ferrari 458 Italia , a Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale , and the only non-Prancing Horse of the group, a Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2 Balboni Edition .

You normally don’t see a group of cars with this much power oozing out of them together for a joyride along the highways of Brazil, so when it happens, you can definitely expect to have someone recording the action in all its ear-piercing glory.

Here in Top Speed, we have every intention of ringing in the new year with a bang. That pretty much means that for the next few days until 2011 rolls along, we intended to keep the noise and decibel level up a few notches with some eardrum-shattering, high-octane videos featuring some of our – and yours too, we hope – favorite exotics on the planet.

First up is a Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale screaming along the streets of Brazil. While we understandably dig the whole video game-to-real life effects done at the start of the video, we’re more interested in the sound of that powerhouse engine piercing through its surroundings.

Watch the five-minute video until the end and you’re going to be treated to the joyous sound of the car heading inside a couple of tunnels with the shriek of the engine reverberating and bouncing along the tunnel’s walls.

Ramp up the volume, fellas. This Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale is certainly not for the weak of heart.

If only we could get invited to these exclusive track meets, then we’d be the ones getting videotaped with our fancy Ferraris instead of being the ones watching it from our sofas all while imagining the day when we could get our hands on a Prancing Horse.

That being said, there’s no shame in watching these videos because, well, this is probably as good as it can get for us.

This track video comes courtesy of Marchettino who somehow found himself at
Monza riding with a bunch of Ferrari owners for a nice day of leg stretching around the Italian race track. Watch the video and you’ll notice some of Maranello’s best running around Monza, including a black Ferrari 458 Italia , a Ferrari 599 , and what looks to be a Ferrari 575M . Oh and there’s some Ferrari 430 s and 360 s scattered in the area as well.

If that’s not enough, we get a close-up look of an F430 Scuderia going full blast at 170 mph while producing that unmistakable engine roar to the delight of our speakers.

Not to sound like a jealous man, but…I want one of those!

Admit it, people. You’re all as envious as we are right now.

Source: You Tube

A few days ago, we showed you a video of a Koenigsegg CCXR blasting through a tunnel, showing off that remarkable power and ear-splitting engine roar to anybody who ended up watching it.

Not to be outdone, we have another supercar doing the exact same thing: a Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale . Recorded somewhere in Brazil, the driver of the 360 Challenge Stradale waits for the perfect opportunity for the tunnel to clear up before going bonkers and blasting off at full throttle. The resulting sound is so glorious, one look and listen to it isn’t enough to appreciate what’s under the hood of that Italian stallion.

So boys and girls, children of all ages, just like we’ve told you countless times, standard protocol dictates that you put your speakers on full blast, sit back, and enjoy the sound of this Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale lay complete waste to this tunnel in Brazil.

Source: You Tube

Hey, look! There’s a bonfire happening in the middle of the streets of London!

Oh, wait. That’s not a bonfire. What that is, unfortunately, is a Ferrari 360 Modena that’s on fire. Hey, at least it’s not a Ferrari 458 Italia .

Tasteless jokes aside, the story on how that 360 Modena caught fire is a doozy. Turns out, it belonged to somebody who decided to rent out his supercar through a rental agency for $1,500 to an Arab prince who ended up crashing it to oblivion. And all of that happened before the car started catching fire.

Two things that we’re dying to know: One, how in the world did the owner feel when he found out his Ferrari was totaled beyond repair and all he got out of it was $1,500. You can’t even buy a dinged-up Pinto with that money. Second, how can an Arab prince rent out a Ferrari when he probably has like a hundred of them tucked in his garage?

Although we don’t know what came out of this mess, the only redeeming part about this is that the Arab prince can probably afford to replace the 360 Modena with another Ferrari, or maybe something even better. If we were the owner of the car, we’d be thinking somewhere along the lines of maybe a Pagani Zonda .

To everyone who still insists on using their cell phone while their driving, this piece of wasted Italian machinery is proof that nothing good ever comes out of it.

The worst part is, the driver of that Ferrari 360 Spider wasn’t even the one at fault. Nope, the offending party, as it turns out, was a young woman who was too busy talking on her phone that she didn’t see that her car was closing in on the rear end of the 360 Spider.

As you can plainly see, the result speaks for itself. The Ferrari 360 Spider’s rear end was significantly damaged and we can’t even comprehend how much it would cost to get that Prancing Horse, that was at the wrong place and at the wrong time, up and running again.

One thing’s for sure, though - and it’s been abundantly clear since handheld devices like cell phones were invented - when you’re out on the road, please don’t do anything that can result in a crash like this. Fortunately, both the young lady and the driver of the 360 Spider escaped without injury. It’s already bad enough that a beautiful - and expensive - car like this gets ruined because of reckless driving, but it could’ve been worse. Much, much worse.

Maybe we should reconsider our position towards anime, especially in light of the fact that our Japanese friends can go really over-the-top with their fanaticism towards it. Normally, we’re tolerant of those who enjoy it, but when the obsession goes a little overboard - as is the case with this one - then we can’t help, but wonder what these loonies are thinking.

It’s cool if it were any other car, like maybe, a Corolla or a Civic , but painting anime and manga characters all over a beautiful Ferrari 360 ? Imagine the outcry over there at Maranello. They never, in their wildest dreams, would have thought that somebody would do this to one of their exotics.

Maybe the owner of this car should get married to the owner of that Hello Kitty Ferrari 360. That would be a sight to see.

Source: RPM Go

Oh, dear. You know, it took us a couple of minutes to process these two photos of what we first thought to be a Ferrari 360 . Unfortunately, it’s a 360 that’s been bastardized by its owner with an overdose of - of all things - Hello Kitty!

This reprehensible 360 was spotted at a mall in Jakarta, Indonesia and from the looks of things, saying that the owner of this car is a big fan of Hello Kitty is a massive understatement. From all angles, you’re going to see some reference to that silly, little Sanrio cat. From the plate holders, the side mirror stickers, and even exhaust tips, this Prancing Horse’s makeover is something that can make even casual Ferrari fans cringe. The photos show little of the car’s interior, but judging from all the pink that’s present inside, we’re pretty sure that it’s got its own little Hello Kitty shrine in there too.

We love anything and everything about Ferraris , but this is just ridiculous.

Source: GT Spirit

The Ferrari F430 is an impressive car, no doubt, but there are people out there who consider the 360 to be even better. And if you are among them and drive a 360, coupe or Spider, then here’s the right tuning package for you!

The aerodynamic package includes: front spoiler, front bumper Supersport, rear skirt, rear wing Supersport, air duct inlet, and skirts for side panels.

For the engine, Novitec Rosso is offering two programs. The first program, Sport Bi-compressor, includes 2 superchargers with separated oil-circuit, modified induction tract complete heat insulated, watercooled intercoolers with additional watercoolers, pumps, reinforced v-ripped belts with dynamic belt-tensioners, injectors, modified motronic in combination with Novitec-tectronic, and Carbon airfilter-housing for Coupe / Spider / Challenge Stradale. The output is raised to 555 hp at 8.100 rpm, the sprint from 0 to 60 mph in 3.9 seconds, and the top speed goes up to 208 mph.

Either this is the ugliest Ferrari 360 we’ve ever seen or it’s something else – a Toyota MR2 , perhaps - that’s masquerading as a Prancing Horse.
In any case, we don’t have a clue as to why somebody would want to turn an MR2 into a Fakerrari other than maybe they think that people are stupid enough to believe they have a Ferrari 360 .

But if you don’t have an ounce of shame in your bones and you are interested in this kit to rebadged your Toyota into a 360, then all you need to do is fork over $2,000.

But we do have to warn you. Contrary to what you’re thinking, driving around a Fakerrari around town won’t do a whole lot to bump up your cred. The truth is, you’re probably doing more damage to yourself by sitting behind the wheel of a Fakerrari.

For starters, it makes you look cheap and more important than that, any self-respecting man would know what a genuine Ferrari 360 looks like. And this is most definitely not one of them.

Source: eBay

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