Ferrari 360

Ferrari 360

The next time you find yourself driving a car in South Korea, you might want to think twice about breaking any speed limits unless you want these guys on your tail.

Needless to say, the South Korean patrol cars are not your everyday Kia Rio s or Hyundai Getz s. By our tally, that’s a Ferrari 360 , a Porsche 911 , and a Lamborghini Gallardo all serving as patrol cars for South Korea’s police department.

If you’re picturing a car chase, you’re probably thinking that the scenario would be the other way around. Supercar gets jacked and standard patrol cars give chase. Well, in Korea, the shoe is in the proverbial other foot and trying to engage these cars in a good old police chase is as dumb an idea as drinking milk on Fat Tuesday.

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Car crashes are never a pretty sight but we can imagine just how gut-wrenching it must be for someone to watch his beloved sports car burn before his very eyes.

So to the man who owns this Ferrari 360 Modena that inexplicably caught fire at the 101 over the weekend, we feel for you buddy.

No details have been released regarding the cause of the fire so it’s hard to speculate as to how it ended up burning itself to a heap. Whatever the case may be, it’s still a little hard for us to stomach a car as beautiful as a 360 suffer such a stomach-churning fate.

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Its true that when it comes about Ferrari this day, the 458 Italia caught all the attention, but Premier4509 announced a new body kit for the Ferrari 360. Deliveries will start this month, but the tuner did not announced the price for the kit.

The body kit includes four components made of carbon fiber: a new front bumper which is similar to that of the F430, a new rear bumper, side skirts and rear spoiler.

Stay tuned, we’ll get back with more details!

Sometimes, even the best-laid plans don’t go according to what you’d hope for, and this poor guy found that out the hard way.

Let’s face it; thanks to speed limits, the thrill of driving a Ferrari 360 out on the road is nowhere near what it would feel like if you’re taking it out on a race track.

So to experience the unadulterated power of his prized possession, the owner of this Ferrari 360 took out his beloved ride to the Palm Beach International Speedway to run a few laps. Ever the protective owner that he is, the owner even plastered the front of his car with blue protective adhesive because, well, you never know, what might happen out there and he was being extra cautious from getting his car dinged up.

But like we said, even the best laid plans don’t always go according to the script. In the middle of one of his laps, the driver lost control of his car, crashing its rear end into a wall before spinning out of control and crashing another wall with the adhesive-covered front side.

And as you plainly tell by the photos, that blue adhesive that was supposed to protect the 360 from the supposed dinks and kinks was no match to a concrete wall.

Ouch. Ouch. And more ouch.

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Like a set of dental records are used to identify a badly charred body, the only thing that is left from this Italian super car that is now a pile of molten metal is a lone five spoke alloy wheel with a little yellow prancing horse emblem in the center to let onlookers know that it was one a Ferrari 360 Modena . Apparently the 32 year old driver was enjoying a spirited country drive with an older female riding shotgun when he unexpectedly lost control in a swooping bend and then flipped over multiple times before landing in a crop field and then bursting into flames, however unlike the other Ferrari 360 incident that we reported on earlier, this time all that the driver walked away with was a broken ankle.

Ferrari 360 Modena crashes and burns but the driver walks away O.K.

Thanks to the quick actions of a benevolent motorist who happened to be passing by just after the accident occurred and then courageously pulled both the driver and 37 year old passenger from the wreckage before they were harmed by the fire. The passengers were then treated by firefighters on the scene of the accident as they waited for paramedics. The driver only suffered a broken right ankle while the female was air lifted to the hospital with pelvic wounds however her condition was not life threatening. Had it not been for the quick acting passerby, the Ferraristas would have certainly suffered a more tragic fate. The 360 Modena involved in the incident was a 1999-2000 model that originally sold for around $150,000 and was the first production Ferrari to make use of extremely light weight aluminum and carbon fiber construction that made it an extremely agile sports car, but also a highly flammable automobile.

Source: Daily Mail

We’ve seen a lot of accidents over the years and for the most part, we’ve been happy enough to say that despite those unfortunate circumstances, the people involved have been lucky enough to escape from the wrecks breathing and their limbs intact. Unfortunately, this isn’t one of them.

Ferrari 360 Modena crashes in Italy

In an accident that happened about a week ago in Rome, a 2003 Ferrari 360 Modena crashed head-on with a Fiat Punto , resulting in a devastating accident that killed both drivers and seriously injured a couple more, including a motorcycle driver.

The wreckage doesn’t even paint the picture as to how destructive the accident is. It’s one thing to crash a car and live to tell stories about it, but it’s another thing to crash and lose your life in the process.

To those who were involved and lost their lives, rest in peace, buddies.

Usually a headline like this is the precursor to a story that starts with a twelve-year-old Russian oil billionaire or B-list Hollywood movie producer; followed by the phrase “lost control” or “prostitute tried to get away”; and then we all get mad when we hear that they just paid cash for a new Italian beauty (car, not woman). But this time its just a flame job car wrap.

While we can think of better things to do with Ferrari 360 Spider , at least this is just a big sticker that can be peeled off. Plus it could be worse, this could be a gold-wrapped SLR .

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Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale

Unfortunately, Charles Lewis Jr, the owner of the TapouT MMA clothing line has died in an automobile accident. Lewis was also known by the nickname "Mask" due to his constant face paint. The $300,000 Ferrari crashed into a light pole, ripping the car in half. Judging from the carbon fiber seats the vehicle looks to be a 360 Challenge Stradale .

Charles Lewis Jr dies in Ferrari crash

The accident took place this morning at 1:00 AM. "Mask" was declared dead at the scene. A female passenger, who was ejected from the vehicle, was taken to a local hospital and remains in critical conditions. It is speculated that the Ferrari was racing another high performance vehicle, a Porsche, at the time of the accident.

A statement made by TapouT confirms Lewis’s death: "It is with heavy hearts and great sadness that we must regretfully confirm the passing of our beloved friend, brother and co-founder Charles ‘Mask’ Lewis following a car accident that occurred last night. We are currently in the process of setting up a memorial service in his honor and will release more details as they become available. Many thanks to all for the outpouring of blessings."

Video after the jump.

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This Ferrari 360 Modena was almost sliced in half yesterday, yet the two men inside astonishingly escaped serious injury. The $150,000 car (when new) was reported to be going at about 95 mph in a residential neighborhood when the incident happened. It seems that the Ferrari was too much for the driver to handle. A witness in the southern Austrailian town of Walkerville describe the the moments before the accident as, "It’s like they turned the streets into a racetrack."

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Being able to transform a Toyota MR2 into a Ferrari look-alike was supposed to be a good thing (well, yes it is a crime against style!), but when you sale this fake Ferrari into a country like Italy where selling a Ferrari replica is against the law when you can get busted at any moment!

Police in Italy arrested a group of eight mechanics who transformed the Toyota MR2s and Pontiacs into Ferrari and sold them for £15,000 each.

Police are understood to have confiscated 14 fake 360 Modenas – seven sold and seven under construction – and eight people are under investigation.

Apparently those buying the cars knew they were fakes (how wouldn’t they?) so we can only hope that people rolling in rebodied MR2s over here will soon get busted for being so lame. The buyers were simply buying the cars to impress the neighbors.

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