Ferrari 430

Ferrari 430

Secret Entourage photographer, Ronnie Renaldi, never fails to deliver. Whether it’s a brunette, a blond, or even a combination of both, the man has an incredible eye on the camera.

But girls aren’t just what makes Renaldi one of our fave photogs; the man also knows his exotic super cars. In 2011, Renaldi took his lens and did a photo shoot featuring Jenna Baisley and a garage-worthy list of super cars, headlined by the Ferrari F430 .

Suffice to say, the photos are awesome. There’s plenty of skin in there - oh my, those legs! - and Baisley’s luscious and inviting stare just draws us to her like moths would to a flame.

Don’t forget about those exotics, too. If there was ever a time to bring out the popular catchphrase "epic!" from the drawers, this is the time to do it.

Jenna Baisley. A Ferrari F430. Ronnie Renaldi. The perfect combination, if you ask us.

Philadelphia 76ers center Andrew Bynum - yeah, he’s not a Los Angeles Laker anymore - is a pretty tall dude at 7’0", but even with all that length, not to mention the bulk of being close to 300 lbs, the 24-year old certainly has a pretty strong affinity for top-of-the-line supercars.

As we previously showed in the last installment of Car and Athlete , athletes with this kind of financial security have become more adept at splurging their dollars on something as insatiably satisfying as a limited edition model. Andrew Bynum fits into this mold because the man is more than just a highly-paid basketball player; he’s got the garage to back it up too.

So have you ever wondered what kind of cars Bynum has in his garage? True to his reputation as one of the most popular auto enthusiasts in the world, Bynum’s list of cars run long and impressive.

Find out what kind of cars Andrew Bynum has tried to fit his seven-foot frame into after the jump.

Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4

At one point in every automotive buff’s life, he has a dream about driving a supercar down a racetrack. Then he wakes up, looks out the window and his 1993 Metro is staring him in the face. Well, you can hop into that Metro, drive to New York and live your dream for $99. Yup, an exotic car rental company that typically rents Lamborghinis , Ferraris , Mercedes , and other high-end cars for thousands of dollars per day is allowing people to take these monsters around a racetrack.

Gotham Dream Cars has taken its Dream Car Sprint program to the New York Auto Show, which opened up to the public today. The Dream Car Sprint program typically charges $249 for three laps around their parking lot-based racetrack, but at the New York International Auto Show they have brought along a Ferrari F430 and a Lamborghini Gallardo , and have discounted the three-lap price to just $99 + tax.

The track is roughly one-mile long and you have to drag an instructor along with you. This pretty much means that you can’t really have any fun in these supercars, but just to be behind the wheel is enough to make us happy.

As the auto show progresses, the Gotham Dream cars might add other vehicles to this program, but for now we only know of the Ferrari Ferrari and Lamborghini. So, if you are over 21, have a valid driver’s license and car insurance, plus a spare $105.93, you can hop in one of these and see just how far the push these cars until the ride-along instructor stops you. We bet one of us could end that drive in about 15 seconds…

Everyone knows that one of the few things that make a car look better - aside from the work of a tuning company - is a hot girl. And, according to some guys, a hot, blonde girl is that much more appealing. Apparently, the Ferrari F430 whole-heartedly agrees.

The recipe for this photo shoot is quite simple: take a Ferrari F430 and a hot blonde - Corinne Doherty, solely for informational purposes - and put them one next to the other. Then, put an amazing photographer behind the camera - in this case it’s Jordan Shiraki - and throw in a Chevrolet Corvette Z06 to spice things up. These photos were taken at a dry lake bed in Boulder City, NV and the man who requested them was stupid enough not to pay for them, leaving Shiraki with some hot pics.

As a reminder: The Ferrari F430 is powered by a V8 engine that delivers a total of 483 HP and can hit an impressive top speed of 192 mph.

Source: TeamSpeed

The Chinese automotive market is growing bigger by the day and automakers everywhere are taking advantage of this growing market by throwing a number of special editions their way. One type of vehicle that is ripping through the streets of China is the super car. Anything from Ferrari Ferrari to Pagani Pagani to Lamborghini is making its way over to the land of Dragons and Emperors, and this video was created to show off a number of these vehicles.

Watching this video may incite some ever growing jealousy for the people lucky enough to get behind the wheel of these bad boys. The supercars are all part of the Chinese Sportscar Club (SCC), which got together on an airstrip to show off their rides. The list of the supercars is intense, including a Ferrari Enzo , a Pagani Zonda F/R and Cinque , a Mercedes SLR , a Mercedes SLS , a Ferrari F430 , a Ferrari 458 Italia , tons of Lamborghini models, an Aston Martin , and our favorite, the Koenigsegg Agera .

The sheer monetary value of the collected supercars is enough to induce drool.

It’s been a few years since noted Ferrari tuning company, Novitec Rosso , worked their magic on the Ferrari F430 Scuderia and in that span of time, we’ve seen a number of different versions of the program, including a special edition "Evoluzion " and even a version re-tuned by ZR Auto . Now, you can another one added to that list, courtesy of our friends over at ADV.1 Wheels. They even have a pretty cool name for it: the Airport Edition.

The tuning program that was used in this particular F430 comes courtesy of Novitec , which means that it comes with a performance upgrade featuring a high-performance mechanical supercharger and a water-cooled intercooler that takes the Italian supercar’s 4.3-liter V8 engine and bumps up the output from 510 horsepower all the way up to 717 horsepower and 532 lb/ft of torque.

With all the technical enhancements already in tow, ADV.1 Wheels fitted the Novitec-tuned F430 Scuderia "Airport Edition" with a new set of titanium-finished 19" ADV05.1 Superlight Wheels.

At the end of all the modifications, the F430 Scuderia Airport Edition can hit 0-62 mph in just 3.5 seconds with an ridiculous top speed of 211 mph. Insane numbers for a supercar looking as bonkers as this one.

Bravo, ADV.1! Bravo, indeed!

Earlier this year, we chanced upon a dressed up Ferrari F430 Scuderia that was turned into a proverbial art car by digital artist Laurence Gartel, the same dude that pretty much taught Andy Warhol the ropes.

Recently, another 430 Scuderia -based Art Car was seen being developed, only this time, it’s the work of one Philippe Pasqua. The French artist took the task of wrapping up the Italian super car’s body in treated cowhide leather before putting his artistic skills to good use, designing the 430 Scuderia’s body in what can only be described as a comprehensive ode to something you’d see from Ed Hardy.

We doubt that Pasqua’s design had anything to do with the American clothing brand, but the intricate detail of Japanese motifs, sea creatures, and frightening skulls certainly speaks to the language of Hardy’s work. What we can take away from Pasqua’s design on the 430 Scuderia is that the man is a hell of an artist. What’s especially impressive is the fact that he was able to work around all of the edges and tiny crevices on the Italian supercar to enhance the beauty of his project.

We’ll give props where they’re due, and in Pasqua’s case, it’s all very much warranted. Now, if you happen to be in Paris next month, be sure to stop by at the Galerie Laurent Strouk to check out the Pasqua’s Ferrari F430 Scuderia Art Car hanging on a wall as an exhibit.

We kid you not.

Source: Jalopnik

Even if we squeezed out every penny from our bank accounts, a lot of us still wouldn’t come close to buying a Ferrari . But suppose there was a way to "own" a Prancing Horse without having to dig deep in your pockets. Would you be interested in such a venture? has come up with a new way of staking claim to a Ferrari with the idea of "shared ownership." What this means is that instead of leasing a Ferrari outright, you can actually reduce your costs by sharing a Ferrari with other customers.

How does it work? According to, a used 2009 Ferrari F430 will cost you around $175,000. Add all the utilities and maintenance you need to spend on and you’re looking at a cost of ownership of $380 per day.

Compare that to when you’re splitting costs with three other owners with the premise that each owner gets to spend a week with the F430 and that cost drastically cuts down to about $95 per day. Now, for every party to recoup their investment, shared ownership of the F430 will only last one year, at which point, the car is theoretically sold for $165,000 , which will then be divided by four.

So if you really look at it, shared ownership of a Ferrari is the most economical way to say that you have an Italian supercar at your disposal, even if you could only say that for seven days a month. The caveat is finding three other owners that not only wouldn’t mind sharing the supercar with you, but also take care of it the same way you would.

There’s certainly a lot of risk with this arrangement. But if it means paying only $8 an hour to "co-own" a Ferrari F430, it’s a risk a lot of people wouldn’t mind making.

Source: Jointli

It’s always sad when we have to report on a crashed supercar, but this latest accident takes that depression to epic proportions. Not one, not two, but eight Ferraris , as well as a Lamborghini , two Mercedes models, and two Toyota models have been utterly destroyed this past weekend during a terrible crash on a highway in Japan. The Ferraris destroyed were: several F355 units, an F-360 , and an F-430 . The losses are being estimated at around $1.5 million, but some are reporting losses of up to $4 million! Fortunately no one was seriously injured in the accident, but 10 people sustained bruising and minor injuries, probably to their egos as well as their bodies.

"The accident occurred when the driver of a red Ferrari was switching from the right lane to the left and skidded," said Mitsuyoshi Isejima, Executive Officer for Yamaguchi Prefecture’s Expressway Traffic Police unit. "It was a gathering of narcissists."

The driver responsible, a 60-year-old man may face up to three months in jail or a fine of as much as $1,280 - considering the damage, we’d say he got off easy. The police officers needed about six hours to clear the highway, although it may take the drivers a lifetime to forget this horrific experience ever happened.

Hit the jump for the video.

Source: Bloomberg

Whether you’re a kid or not, the name "Walt Disney" should instantly ignite a certain amount of joy. We’ve all been flipping through the television channels and stopped at a Disney cartoon just for a few minutes. Disney has been around for years bringing that kind of long-lasting joy for people, and now they are bringing it once again with the new additions to the Walt Disney World Speedway.

The Walt Disney World Speedway is a racing facility located on the grounds of the Walt Disney World resort near Orlando, Florida, but don’t expect to see Lightning McQueen racing around the track. The speedway has recently added a new Exotic Driving Experience that includes some of the most amazing supercars in the world – the Ferrari F430 , Ferrari 458 Italia , Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 , Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 , Audi R8 , and Porsche 911 GT3 RS 997 .

If you are interested, the experience will officially begin on January 16, 2012.

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