Ferrari 430

Ferrari 430

Metin Senturk is a pretty popular man in his homeland of Turkey. As one of the country’s pre-eminent pop stars, Sentruk draws quite a big following. What makes Sentruk such a special figure, though, is not because he can belt out a wide range of songs, but because he’s actually blind.

If you’re one to feel sorry for the man, don’t be. Despite not being given the gift of sight, Sentruk is making the most of his life in more ways than one and not just by selling millions of albums in Turkey. Here’s the thing: despite being blind, Sentruk has an underlying affinity for cars – and fast ones at that.

Recently, the blind Turkish pop star drove – yeah, he drives! – his 600-horsepower Ferrari F430 at a runway of an airport in Urfa, Turkey. Except for a few minor tips from rally driver Volkan Isik, Sentruk singlehandedly blasted the F430 reaching speeds in excess of 181.44 miles per hour. This huge feat allowed him to set a world-record for the fastest speed achieved by an unaccompanied blind person, breaking the previous record held by Mike Newman’s 176.47 mph top speed.

It goes without saying that Metin Sentruk is a hero, not just to the visually-impaired, but for those with disabilities everywhere. Sentruk showed that despite not being able to see, it didn’t stop him from achieving something even the most hardened of car nuts wouldn’t dare to do.

We toast to you, Mr. Metin Sentruk. Job well done, sir!

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The Malaysian Grand Prix isn’t scheduled until two weeks, but from the looks of things, Ferrari is already waking waves in Malaysia.

Only it doesn’t even involve the Maranello-based automaker’s Formula One team. In a video that would make every Ferrari fan salivate, three F430 ’s were shot engaging in a fun Prancing Horse race on a road leading up to the Genting Highlands.

Who wins this race is pretty irrelevant to us. All we care about are those F430s, and three of them in one video is more than enough for us to sit back, relax, and enjoy the video.

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By now, we’d be hard-pressed to doubt Underground Racing on their capabilities with upgrading supercars with Twin-Turbo models. Last time they did it, they tuned a customized Lamborghini Gallardo and gave it over 1,000 horsepower. This time, they turned their attention to another Italian sports car: a Ferrari F430 Spider .

Thanks to a new Twin-Turbo System, the F430’s V8 engine delivers an impressive 1000 hp (up from a standard 485 hp). The tuner revealed no details on the car’s performances, but we have big expectation from it.

Stay tuned for more details!

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Underground Racing knows a thing or two about charging up supercars and making them faster than they already are. They did it before with a Lamborghini Gallardo by adding a set of twin-turbo engines and a modified exhaust system to spike up the Gallardo’s power to over 1,000 bhp. Not content with what they’ve accomplished, these guys decided to do the same thing with a Ferrari 430 Spider .

As the video will show you, Underground Racing did a heck of a job again with the 430 Spider. A set of twin-turbo engines and a reviewed exhaust system later, coupled with dyno testing and a test run out on the road, the 430 Spider now boasts of the same power as that previous Gallardo – all 1,000 horsepower of pure, unadulterated madness.

Source: YouTube

Carbon body kits may not look all that impressive from afar, but believe us, up close and personal, they’re about as mouth-watering as any type of body kit you can come up with – unless of course, you find one made of gold, which, surprisingly, there are a lot of running around in this world.

Anyway, just to hammer out our point regarding the awesomeness that is a carbon body kit, the folks over at GT Spirit came across this ultra-exclusive Ferrari 430 Scuderia Spider 16M Carbon Edition. Looks pretty much like any other 430 Scuderia Spider , right?

Take a close look then.

Now if you’re not a big fan of the carbon body kit with an additional set of four carbon wheels, then that’s your call. But if you don’t find this limited-run 430 Scuderia Spider 16M – the ‘16M’ label is a reference to Ferrari ’s 16th Formula One Constructors Championship - not the least bit attractive, then there’s something wrong with you.

The car may not be as tidy as we’d hope but we’re giving the owner the benefit of the doubt. Besides, not everyone has the resources to buy a Ferrari, let alone a special edition 430 Scuderia Spider like this one.

Source: GT Spirit

In the pantheon of all-time wasted car crashes, you can’t get any rarer than a Ferrari and a Lamborghini crashing into each other. While those incidences don’t occur too often, they, unfortunately still do, as evidenced by this Lamborghini Murcielago crashing into a Ferrari F430 during a VIP wedding reception for one of the ruling political parties in the town of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

While the cause of the accident remains unclear, both drivers managed to escape the crash without any major injuries, although their bruised egos could have led to the rather heated incident after the crash.

Witnesses said that the two drivers involved in the crash – one of which, is a hitman-for-hire, by the way – got into a scuffle with some of the folks who were trying to take photos of the crash. Apparently, these two guys didn’t take too kindly to the folks trying to capture their embarrassing crash on film.

In any case, it’s a shame that two perfectly awesome supercars ended up crashing unceremoniously, courtesy of these two fellows who seem to have taken the phrase ‘wedding crashers’ to an entirely new level.

You’re going to have to excuse those people who think that the sounds of revving engines are nothing more than just noise. It’s not their fault that they can’t appreciate what we consider as music to our ears. After all, musical taste is subjective and for us car enthusiasts, the sound of a roaring engine is enough to put us on a catatonic state of euphoria.

Take these two videos for example. The folks over at iCar decided to take two pretty powerful cars for a nice and friendly revving duel. On one video, we have a Heffner Performance-powered Ford GT and on the other have a Ferrari F430 Spider .

Check both videos out and see which machine gives you more goosebumps.

Ferrari F430 video after the jump

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Usually a Ferrari F430 Spider is used in the sunny days, for drivers along the beach to impress the girls. So we guess this guy haven’t learned that rule yet!

What you see in this pictures happened in Netherlands. Lets hope those guys managed to take the car out of the snow. Wonder who’s Rudolph?

Source: Autojunk

You might remember the old blue and red STP livery that covered Richard Petty’s #43 NASCAR machine in the 1980s, and while STP Racing won’t be bump drafting at Daytona or climbing the high banks of Talladega, they are getting back into racing. This time the automotive liquid giant has teamed up with the Chad Racing Ferrari 430 Scuderia GT3 race car in order to compete in the 2010 Avon Tyres British GT Championship.

According to the team’s manager, Piers Masarati: "It’s great to have such an iconic brand as STP with us, and we are confident that the Daniel Brown/Chris Hyman line-up in our new 430 Scuderia will mount a serious challenge at the front of the GT3 field this year. We started an intensive test programme last November and broke the lap record at two of the championships circuits. For sure, we will be stronger than last year and with our two cars, we feel confident we can mix it with the other strong pairings in the championship this year."

We just can’t wait to see those colors back in action.

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The holidays may be a time of giving and the spirit of the season may leave you feeling that your offspring deserve a bit of special attention, however the consequences of handing over the keys to an exotic Italian sports car with more horsepower then their heavy little right feet can handle can be a risky proposition. Form our friends at Wrecked Exotics we can show you these firsthand accounts of two different family instances that their father’s would rather not talk about to make you think twice about spreading Christmas cheer.

Why you should never lend a Ferrari to your son!

The first accident happened in Newport Beach, CA on Christmas Eve. The 90 year old California native gave his 70 year old son a brand new Ferrari F430. They then let the grandson go for an unsupervised spin in the F430 with his cousin riding shotgun, unfortunately the car lost control and crossed into oncoming traffic where the Ferrari crashed head on into a tow truck. Tragically the passenger did not survive the impact and the driver remains in critical condition. The second occurrence happened in Romania and this time involved a drop top Ferrari F430 Spider. The kid driving the car lost control and crashed into an opposing car, however unlike the previous accident, he was unharmed.

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