Ferrari 430

Ferrari 430

With 2009 a few weeks away from closing its curtains, there’s still no shortage of supercar crashes occurring all over the world, making us wonder if this year is cursed for owners of those expensive toys.

The latest one to break news is a Ferrari 430 that crashed along Nicoll Highway in Singapore. The accident occurred around 7 in the morning on December 19 after the driver of the 430 wrecked his ‘Prancing Horse’ by crashing into a guardrail. Not content with the damage incurred from the crash, the 430 ricocheted off the rail before hitting a tree.

Miraculously, the driver escaped the horrible accident with just a few scrapes and bruises on his arms and forehead, which is amazing considering the wasted wreck the 430 ended up becoming.

Photo by Shin Min

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Another day, another super car bites the dust. This yellow F430 owner might have been driving a little too close to this Student Express shuttle when for some unforeseen reason the super car dove under the back of the van and did a bit of damage to the Ferrari’s front end and put an even bigger dent in the driver’s ego. So far there are no details about how this happened, but the lack of any skid marks means that we can presume that the van’s driver hit the brakes a bit suddenly. So much for those carbon ceramic rotors, it looks like they really do need to get some temperature in them before they bite. Luckily the F430 only suffered cosmetic damage, being that the engine is in the rear, his insurance is only going to have to cover the Scuderia ’s expensive Italian paint job.

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For some automotive enthusiasts the dream of owning anything that comes from the factory with a Rosso Corsa paint job is a lifelong ambition, however there are a few Ferraristas who will readily trade in their racing red paint job for a more stealth like flat black finish. That is where the guys from E25 step in to completely wrap this Ferrari F430 with one of their matte black vinyl conversion, and just watching them work might be worth it. However the best part about a vinyl wrap as opposed to a re spray is that for one the only mess you have to clean up are the scraps of black vinyl that fall to the floor as opposed to multiple stages of sanding and then priming before you can even paint; but if you grow tired of the stealth fighter look all you have to do is peel back the plastic to reveal that beautiful Rosso Corsa finish.

When it comes to Ferrari tuning there are few who are truly up to the task of improving upon exotic Italian perfection. However the folks at Wimmer RS have done quite an impressive job with this particular F430 and will have it on display at the Essen Motor Show for all of Europe’s tuning enthusiasts to see, and while some of their creations challenge reason with the amount of power that they are making this package for the Ferrari is all about simply enjoying your F430.

Ferrari F430 Scuderia by Wimmer RS

Although the exterior appears about as stock as a special edition Scuderia model, Wimmer did manage to get their hands dirty. Under the rear deck lid they started off by reprogramming the engine software before adding an adjustable exhaust system, the combination is good for an additional 38 HP and translated into performance terms, this means that the drop top super car can sprint from 0 to 60 MPH in a very exact 3.84 seconds and cross the 300 km/h barrier in 34.9 seconds. As great as a 193 MPH top speed might sound, owners will get even more enjoyment about being able to remotely open and close the exhausts sound controlling valves that can keep the prancing horse muted while pulling out of your driveway early in the morning without worrying about waking the neighbors and then with the flip of a switch it will be able to produce a deafening tone at wide open throttle on long stretches of highway. Another adjustable convenience feature is the hydraulic lift system that can lift the Ferrari’s front end by 45 mm so that you don’t have to worry about scratching up that very expensive front end on parking ramps or curb stones.

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Moving onto more modern things, you might remember back in June Top Speed reported on the Japanese tuning house ASI upgrading the Ferrari F430 and more recently proposed a modified 458 Italia . But until Ferrari’s newest mid engine super car becomes readily available ASI will have to settle for meddling around with what they already have, and when what you got is an F430, things cant be so bad. However as is the world of tuning, there is room for improvement on even the most capable of Italian exotics, taking a page out of the Scuderia’s catalog, ASI has fabricated a new high mount exhaust system that spits the spent gasses closer together and through the back bumper of the screaming Ferrari. The unit was developed in collaboration with the track specialists Ito Racing, it is made of stainless steel and features a pair of titanium tips for a more refined appearance. The free flowing exhaust will offer owners more power give the F430 a very unique exhaust note, and all it will cost them is $9000.

Source: GT Spirit
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Although you may not have heard of the the Japanese petroleum group, the Nippon Oil Corporation, however you may be familiar with the name Eneos. Even though we don’t have any of their gas stations here in the U.S. you might have seen the red Eneos sticker stuck to the front of synthetic oil products in almost any automotive parts store here in the States. Aside from the lovely ladies posing for photos and signing autographs, they also had a few high end vehicles on display at their booth at the 2009 SEMA Show in Las Vegas last week.

Eneos brings out a few high end rides at the 2009 SEMA Show

The first item of interest was a very clean Bentley Continental wearing a subtle body kit that mimics the more powerful Super Sports model. The other cool car in the Eneos display was a triple black kitted Ferrari F-430 . Starting off with a flat black finish the Ferrari rode on a set of matching matte black mesh rims that gave us a good look at the braking hardware underneath. However one of the nicest touches on the mid engine prancing horse were a pair of Scuderia inspired glossy black striped running the entire length of the vehicle.

Dana White is known for a lot of things: brash, confident, cocky, and visionary. But as it turns out, one thing he’s not is a good driver.

That dinged up custom Ferrari F430 belongs to the outspoken UFC president after he figured in an accident that resulted in the front right side of his F430 getting all smashed up. Knowing what White is like, he probably began cursing out whoever was responsible for his beloved Ferrari getting all tonked out.

Source: Jalopnik

Another day, another supercar crash.

An accident involving a Ferrari Novitec Rosso 16M Scuderia Spider happened a few days ago on the Autobahn from Mindelheim to Stetten, Bavaria, Southern Germany. The Serbian owner of the special edition Scuderia Spider was testing his brand-new purchase when he inexplicably lost control of his new ride, causing it to come off the road where if rolled over a couple of times before settling in its upright position.

Needless to say, the Novitec 16M Scuderia Spider was thoroughly trashed with damages expected to reach up to $440,000.

As far as the Serb driver and his friend that came along, they were seriously injured as a result of the accident an no developments regarding their status have been released.

Source: Autogespot

Imagine what you can do with a self-shifting Ferrari F430 Challenge. For this one owner, it turns out that you can sneak in a text message to your friend, finish a personally-knitted sweater, and finally, drink wine and get yourself intoxicated.

Of course, all of the gimmicks didn’t actually happen while this guy was driving the F430 around the track. If you look closely at the way he steers the wheel of the car, it’s not exactly consistent with the track layout. So, yes, this is nothing more than a spoof.

Nevertheless, as far as shifting gears is concerned, the man has it easier than the rest of us. Calling it the ‘Ferraromatic’, he cleverly illustrates just how fun it is to drive a supercar without even bothering to shift gears every few seconds.

It takes a German tuner to make an exotic Italian sports car into this much of a purpose built performance machine. Novitec Rosso specializes in taking Ferrari s and turning them into true super cars with more aggressive styling and an even more ferocious bark. With the upcoming 458 Italia the automaker from Maranello with be ceasing production of their current mid engine high performance machine, the F430. So Novitec is comemorating the model by taking Ferrari’s factory tuned F430 Scuderia , invert the stripes and upgrade the running gear to handle a maximum output of 747 HP; thus the name Edizione 747.

Novitec Rosso Edizione 747

The big boost in power comes from Rosso’s Bi Compressor engine that takes the high revving naturally aspirated 510 HP V8 and makes it a twin supercharged screamer that now delivers an astounding 747 HP at 8,500 RPM and allows the F430 to sprint from 0 to 60 MPH in less than 3.4 seconds, reach 124 MPH in only 9.4 seconds and up to a magical 300 Km/h, or 186 MPH, in just 22.9 seconds while the Ferrari’s top speed rises to a status confirming 195 MPH.

Novitec Rosso Edizione 747

The Novitec Rosso Edizione 747 comes with a blacked out hood and roof treatment complimented by a set of tinted taillights and side markers. What sets the livery of the 747 apart from the standard Ferrari super car is that where the normal Scuderia model wears a pair of bronze stripes, the Novitec’s brilliant yellow paint shines through. The interior of the modified Ferrari is equally as eye pleasing, featuring a Supersport steering wheel made out of just the right amount of leather to go along with the carbon fiber construction. The Edizione 747 from Novitec rides a little over an inch closer to a set of three piece NF3 split five spoke rims measuring 20 inches in diameter over the standard F430, however in an attempt to combat curb stones and entrance ramps, the front end can be raised by almost two inches at the touch of a button.

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