Ferrari 430

Ferrari 430

Owning a Ferrari F-430 is something that we all daydream of achieving. Unfortunately for the majority of us automotive enthusiasts lusting after the exotic Italian machine is all we are capable of because they are just so damn expensive. However, this prancing horse that recently unveiled at Computex 2009, the Chinese technology show is a much more practical version of the Italian super car. No $1,000 oil changes or $4,000 brake jobs the only maintenance that you will be doing on this Ferrari is changing the CD. The best part is that your wife won’t yell at you for keeping it in the bedroom. Besides, this F-430 is a lot more fun to play with than any carbon fiber Ferrari notebook .

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If driving an R8 through the streets of Maranello was a slap in the face for Ferrari from the German automaker. Then the Italian super car builder should send this F-430 over to Sant d’Agatha, to rustle a few feathers. The little Italian town is the home of Lamborghini, a member of the VW family, just like Audi.

What makes this particular Scuderia stand out from all other Ferrari’s is the car’s matte finish. The Marrone Apus color that covers the prancing horse is the exact same paint from the latest super Lambo, the Reventon . As if to say, anything you can do we can do better, this F-430 Scuderia would surely frustrate a few Lamborghini fans because the fighter plane inspired super car’s stealth like exterior is not so exclusive anymore. However, we do have to say, the Ferrari pulls it off quite well.

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The Japanese tuning house Iding Power, has been tuning high perfromance machines like Ferraris and BMWs for some time now. This particular example, based on a Ferrari F-430 , has been named the F-460 GT. The car features some unique features like a rear spoiler with massive posts integrated into the vehicle’s structure. The number 460 comes from the freshly bored out 4.6 Liter V8 that now makes 508 HP. The added displacement and power allows the car to go from 0 to 60 MPH in under 3.8 seconds and reach a top speed well in excess of 200 MPH.

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While most of the world’s attention to yesterday’s Ferrari auction in Italy centered around the 1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa , which became the most expensive motor car in the world ever sold at at an auction by selling for 9,020,000 Euros (roughly $12.2M U.S. dollars at today’s exchange rate), I was more interested in the last production F430 which was being auctioned off to assist the earthquake victims of the Abruzzo region of Italy.

Since the auction results were not yet posted, I contacted Ferrari media and spoke with Joanne Marshall. Ms. Marshall said the hammer price for the F430 was 180,000 Euros (approx. $244,000 U.S. dollars). As with most charity items, there was no buyer’s premium paid. Ms. Marshall also said that Ferrari collected another 40,000 Euros for Earthquake victims through the auction of some memorabilia.

Given today’s earthquake in Los Angeles, all of us here in California are painfully aware of how a sudden jolt can upend lives. Kudos to Ferrari for its noble efforts to provide aid to earthquake victims.

This guy is just giving Ferrari owners around the world a bad name. Further proof that just because you can fork over almost $300,000 for a super tuned Ferrari, doesn’t mean that you are capable of making the most out of the 500 HP. This F-430 Scuderia owner is taking part in a parade of Ferraris in the south of France, and even though it looks like he’s the grand marshal, he doesn’t even know how to get the car into gear. At least he gives us a nice taste of what the adrenaline charged Ferrari F-430 sounds like.

With the Ferrari F-450 right around the corner, the Italian super car builder is hoping to stir up additional demand for the future mid-engine Ferrari by halting the production of its predecessor. All for a good cause of course.

The last Ferrari F-430 to roll of the production line will be auctioned by R&M. The proceeds will go to benefit the victims of the recent Earthquake that devastated the nation on April 6th. The efforts will be mainly focused on the rebuilding of Aquila, a small central Italian town that was most hurt by the incident; and the F-430 wears a two tone paint scheme in honor of the town.

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Maybe we should start a petition to get Italy to have a trade embargo with Russia. Although this breaks the streak of Lamborghinis crashed in Russia , a wrecked Ferrari F430 doesn’t hurt any less.

This situation seems to incorporate two people with more money than brains: the 19-year-old driver and his bank manager father who bought him the Italian exotic.

The kid was driving was reported to be driving at over 200 km/h (124 mph) on Moscow city streets when he lost control and hit a Range Rover. The driver and passenger were injured but will survive, and the occupants of the Rover were not seriously hurt.

A driver in Lisbon, Portugal lost control of this Ferrari F430 and hit a guardrail. The damage in the pics seems to back up the reports of the car speeding. Although the car is ripped in half, reports indicate that the driver walked away with only a few scratches on the head - proving once aging that Ferrari performs extensive crash testing.

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