Ferrari 599

Ferrari 599

  The Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano debuted in 2006 as a 2007 model in order to replace the 575M Maranello. It is an Italian gran turismo available in GTB Fiorano and GTB Fiorano F1. With an aluminum chassis, body, and powertrain, this 3,726lb sports car is powered by a 6.0L V12 engine producing 611 HP and 448 lb-ft of torque. This engine is mated to a six-speed manual or automated manual.

We’ve just recently discovered the fabulous tuning projects from American tuner, SR Auto Group, whose packages transform any ordinary car into a beautiful work of killer art. Anyone that remembers their Project Pur R8 ’Phantom’ knows exactly what we are talking about. But now, the tuner has moved on to two more sports cars that need little to no tuning to be awesome in their own right: the Ferrari 599 GTB and the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti .

The tuning packages for the 599 GTB and the 612 are called Eligos (Great Duke of Hell) and Adonai (Hebrew name for God), respectively. The Eligos combines a matte black exterior paint with a dark metallic color, and a new set of ADV.1 wheels. The Adonai package comes in white exterior paint or a matte white wrap. It is combined with a black roof and a new set of ADV.1 wheels. Both cars feature a red trim for that extra little splash of devilish charm.

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Everyone know that Jeremy Clarkson is almost impossible to please when it comes about cars. No matter how good a car might be he always finds something not to like about it. And the Ferrari 599 GTO is no exception.

The most powerful 599 ever was tested in the latest Episode of Top Gear show and it was called everything from "impossible to control" to "phenomenal". And believe it or not both him and The Stig had problems controlling the car. Conclusion? "This is not a car - it is wild animal." Is this bad or good? Watch and you will find out!

The Ferrari 599 GTO is powered by a V12 engine delivering a total of 670 HP at 8250 rpm with a maximum torque of 620 Nm at 6500 rpm. It rockets the car from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.35 seconds, while top speed goes up to 208 mph.

The price you pay for pissing off your countryman is harrowing enough in its own right, but if you happen to be an ex-president that was effectively exiled to another country, all the things you left behind become fair game, especially if they’re the Italian super car variety.

The past few weeks have seen a dizzying number of crimes done on those poor Prancing Horses from Italy. Just goes to show you how far people power will go to show their disdain for their ousted president.

Tunisia’s former president, Zine El Abinide Ben Ali, has already fled to Saudi Arabia, but unfortunately for him, he left behind a few possessions that ended up receiving the full wrath of his disgruntled countrymen, most notably his family’s collection of Ferraris .

Last week, a couple of rioters commandeered a forklift and stole what was reported to be the ex-president’s Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano . Photos were even taken of the pilfering when the forklift was leisurely driving along a highway in broad daylight with the 599 GTB sticking out like a skewered barbecue.

If that wasn’t enough, we just found out that another Prancing Horse – a Ferrari California - owned by the ex-president’s family was brutally vandalized by even more rioters to the point that its wheels were stripped off, its badges were removed, and its interior accessories were all, shall we say, ‘borrowed’.

We don’t know what’s going to happen to Tunisia in the long run, but from the looks of things, it sure doesn’t look like a safe place for any Prancing Horses to play around.

Check out the videos of those poor Ferraris after the jump.

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Remember the V8 Vantage Blanc de Blancs by Graf Weckerle we brought a few days ago? Well, now we are introducing its sinister cousin, the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano Comte Noir (The Black Count) by the same tuner, Graf Weckerle. And while the Aston Martin model is painted in white, the tuner has opted to go to the dark side for the Ferrari with a sleek black exterior. Of course, if you’re not keen on the exterior color change, maybe the engine preparations will make a believer out of you.

While a standard 599 GTB is powered by a six-liter V12 engine with 620 HP, the Comte Noir edition delivers an impressive 835 HP. In order to handle this amount of power, the car also gets a coilover-suspension with adjustable shock absorbers and the ability to lift the front axle by 40mm.

The most evil component on the Ferrari 599 is the very unique set of 1" forged titanium/aluminum Fleur-de-Lis ornamental wheels painted in a combination of anthracite and black finish. The wheels are definitely different, to say the least, but we think they may just be a little better than the ones featured on the Blanc de Blancs edition. Either way, they take up to 20 days to build and add a special air to the vehicle.

Looks like it’s been a busy few days for Ferrari at the Fiorano race track. A day after a spy video was shot at Fiorano featuring the 458 Italia GT2 , another one has popped up courtesy of Marchettino.

This time around, the car that was clad in the traditional black coverings looks to be a prototype model of the new Ferrari 599 . Like the GT2 before it, the 599 prototype was spotted burning some rubber at Ferrari’s track in Fiorano. There are a lot of whispers going around about this particular model with some people thinking that this is a test mule for the car that will eventually succeed the 599 while others believe this car will be an updated model of the range that’s going to come with the company’s recently introduced KERS energy-recovery system.

Whatever the case may be, we’re just happy to see that Ferrari isn’t using the days leading up to Christmas doing some last-minute holiday shopping. While that’s fun and, dare we say therapeutic, nothing beats getting behind the wheel of a Ferrari 599 test mule while running it to the absolute limit at the Fiorano race track.

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Now that Christmas is about two-and-a-half weeks away, we figured that it would be the right time to give suggestions on what kind of presents to get for your loved ones, or if you’re not giving anything to anybody, what to get yourself.

Now seeing as this is a place devoted entirely to cars, we figured that one of the coolest things to give as a present would be a car. More specifically, a car with roots to the Prancing Horse of Maranello.

This is a 2007 Ferrari 599 GTB , one of the finest Ferraris to ever roll out of Maranello and if you’ve got the funds, you can actually take it home with you in time for the holidays. This particular 599 GTB is powered by a 6.0-liter 12 engine that produces no less than 620 horsepower and is equipped with a six-speed paddle-shift F1 transmission. Even better than that, the car is dressed in Ferrari’s iconic red paint finish with an authentic black leather interior. It also has electromagnetic suspension dampers, ceramic brakes, shields, and red brake calipers.

As for mileage, it’s got 5,396 miles tacked on its engine, which is pretty reasonable given the car’s esteemed and powerful lineage. If you’re interested in the car, it’s best to contact the people of Exotic Classics in New York and ask about the car’s price tag. Rest assured, it’s going to be the most expensive Christmas present you’re ever going to buy.

So here it is you generous gift-givers! Why not do away with the cursory sweaters or the new Nike runners and give your loved one the gift of a Prancing Horse – a 599 GTB at that – sitting in his garage. Rest assured, you’re going to make him one of the happiest – and luckiest – fellas this season.

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Remember theGemballa MIG-U1 based on theFerrari Enzo ? Apparently, the owner of that car has extreme passion for Ferrari models because he has moved on to a very real, and very exclusive, matte red Ferrari 599 GTO . According to Ferrari president Luca de Montezemolo, this is the first and last model to be offered in this color straight from the factory.

There are no other details available about this exclusive 599 GTO, but we doubt there will be any changes made under the hood. We expect the owner will be just as happy with the same V12 engine delivering a total of 670 HP at 8250 rpm with a maximum torque of 620 Nm at 6500 rpm as found int he standard model. Who wouldn’t? This engine launches the GTO from 0-60mph in just 3.35 seconds, while top speed goes up to 208 mph. To top it all off, this Ferrari can lap the Fiorano test track in one minute and 24 seconds. It seems the matte red look is completely befitting of this elegant speedster.

So now this guy has the Gemballa MIG-U1 and a one of a kind matte red Ferrari 599 GTO. All that’s left is for him to take them out to the Nurburgring to test Ferrari’s affirmations.

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Considered as the fastest man alive, world-record holder and Olympic gold medalist, Usain Bolt, is no stranger to destroying the competition. Actually, annihilating may be a better word to describe it. Since his record-setting run at the 2008 Olympics, Bolt has become a household name, and rightfully so because there’s nobody on the planet that can beat this man in a foot race.

Armed with his new-found fame, Bolt was invited by an automaker that’s also familiar with the word ‘fast’. We are, of course, talking about Ferrari .

While visiting Ferrari’s headquarters in Maranello, Bolt got a unique opportunity to test drive two of the company’s more popular supercars, the 458 Italia and the 599 GTB . Bolt was treated to a drive around the famed Maranello racetrack with test drivers Dario Benuzzi and Raffaele De Simone, before being given the opportunity to get behind the wheel of the Prancing Horses.

Being a gold medalist at the Olympics and regarded as the fastest man on the planet definitely has its own perks. Apparently, one of them is being given a personal tour around one of the most famous supercar makers in the country.

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A few months ago, we reported the news about 21-year-old Dhiaa Al-Essa, a Saudi Arabian student who possessed one of the most remarkable collections we’ve ever seen. This guy, all 21 years old of him, doesn’t have any stamp or coin collections. Nope, his collectibles are a little more expensive than that. Check that; his collection is a lot more expensive than that.

Dhiaa Al-Essa loves cars so much that he already has 30 of them. We’re not talking about the garden variety Civics or Impalas here, either. We’re talking about exotics - 30 of the most powerful cars on the planet. One of his cars even made the headlines before – it was a Ferrari 458 Italia – when it burned down at London’s Heathrow Airport while on its way to the Middle East.

Undaunted by the 458 Italia that never was, Al-Essa promptly replaced it without even batting any eyelashes, spending over £ 600,000 to buy two new Ferraris : a 599 GTO and an F430 Scuderia Spider 16M with the latter being production number 499 out of 499.

Most of us would be thrilled by the mere prospect of owning two Ferraris but this guy is not most people. Despite having the two new Ferraris, he still has orders placed on a number of other supercars, including a Koenigsegg Agera , a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport , and a Ferrari SA Aperta .

Talk about living your fantasies vicariously. This guy’s wallet has no spending limit.

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If only we could get invited to these exclusive track meets, then we’d be the ones getting videotaped with our fancy Ferraris instead of being the ones watching it from our sofas all while imagining the day when we could get our hands on a Prancing Horse.

That being said, there’s no shame in watching these videos because, well, this is probably as good as it can get for us.

This track video comes courtesy of Marchettino who somehow found himself at
Monza riding with a bunch of Ferrari owners for a nice day of leg stretching around the Italian race track. Watch the video and you’ll notice some of Maranello’s best running around Monza, including a black Ferrari 458 Italia , a Ferrari 599 , and what looks to be a Ferrari 575M . Oh and there’s some Ferrari 430 s and 360 s scattered in the area as well.

If that’s not enough, we get a close-up look of an F430 Scuderia going full blast at 170 mph while producing that unmistakable engine roar to the delight of our speakers.

Not to sound like a jealous man, but…I want one of those!

Admit it, people. You’re all as envious as we are right now.

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