Ferrari California

Ferrari California

  The Ferrari California made its debut in 2008 and is the company's 2+2 hardtop convertible. It is a front engine, rear wheel drive grand touring sports car and was the first vehicle in four decades that did not carry an alphanumeric appendage. The California is powered by a 4.3L V8 delivering 454 HP and 358 lb-ft of torque. This engine can be mated to either a six-speed manual transmission or the company's first seven-speed dual clutch automatic transmission.

Novitec Rosso has been around the block with the Ferrari California a few times, but this latest tuning kit from the German firm is that much more impressive than the last package they put together. Well, technically, it’s the same package with more and more being added with every new decision made. The new package is called the Race 606 and gets the same engine conversion, but many new carbon fiber body parts.

For the engine conversion, the tuner is offering a compressor system that consists of a mechanical supercharger driven by the crankshaft via a cogged V-belt, a flap-controlled NOVITEC ROSSO high-performance exhaust system with sport catalysts, and newly calibrated engine electronics. The result is an increase from the standard 460 HP to an impressive 606 HP and a sprint from 0 to 60 mph made in 3.8 seconds. The Ferrari also won’t stop until it hits 202mph.

In order to improve the car’s aerodynamics, Novitec is now a slew of body parts made in a matte clear-coated carbon-fiber. These parts include front and rear spoilers together with the rear diffuser, rocker panel blades, side air outlets in the front fenders, mirror covers and rear molding, a hood centerpiece, radiator grille, the outer skin of the folding hardtop, and the taillight surrounds. The exterior look is finished by a new set of three-piece NOVITEC ROSSO NF3 wheels.

We don’t know what else Novitec Rosso can possibly add to the Ferrari California that they haven’t already added, but we’re excited to see what else the tuner can think up for this gorgeous vehicle.

The price you pay for pissing off your countryman is harrowing enough in its own right, but if you happen to be an ex-president that was effectively exiled to another country, all the things you left behind become fair game, especially if they’re the Italian super car variety.

The past few weeks have seen a dizzying number of crimes done on those poor Prancing Horses from Italy. Just goes to show you how far people power will go to show their disdain for their ousted president.

Tunisia’s former president, Zine El Abinide Ben Ali, has already fled to Saudi Arabia, but unfortunately for him, he left behind a few possessions that ended up receiving the full wrath of his disgruntled countrymen, most notably his family’s collection of Ferraris .

Last week, a couple of rioters commandeered a forklift and stole what was reported to be the ex-president’s Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano . Photos were even taken of the pilfering when the forklift was leisurely driving along a highway in broad daylight with the 599 GTB sticking out like a skewered barbecue.

If that wasn’t enough, we just found out that another Prancing Horse – a Ferrari California - owned by the ex-president’s family was brutally vandalized by even more rioters to the point that its wheels were stripped off, its badges were removed, and its interior accessories were all, shall we say, ‘borrowed’.

We don’t know what’s going to happen to Tunisia in the long run, but from the looks of things, it sure doesn’t look like a safe place for any Prancing Horses to play around.

Check out the videos of those poor Ferraris after the jump.

Source: CzechFerrari
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Top Gear USA To Premiere November 21st

Top Gear USA is starting to really come around as the US version of the famous car show heads towards the end of its very first season. Eventually we see the trio of Adam Ferrara, Ruttledge Wood, and Tanner Foust coming into their own and not constantly being compared to Clarkson, Hammond, and May, but that’s still a long ways off. The US hosts need to spend a lot more time in the hot seat before they can rid themselves of the constant criticism and ridicule. Nonetheless, we’re beginning to love the show and most of the hosts. Sorry to say, we still love to hate Adam Ferrara.

Episode Eight of Top Gear USA was just jam-packed with goodies, as Tanner and Ruttledge try to figure out if its faster to fly or drive from LA to Las Vegas, Bret Michaels takes a turn on the Top Gear test track, Rutt and Tanner review a Porsche Panamera Turbo and a BMW X6M , respectively.

Hit the jump to get all of the details on Top Gear’s eighth episode.

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It seems more and more people are finding new and interesting ways to bring out their personality in their vehicles, but while earlier we displayed a Lamborghini Gallardo whose owner thought Grigio Antares was the way to go, this car owner thought a little more on the bright side for her Ferrari California .

Okay, so we don’t really know if the car owner is a woman, but we could only hope that a woman is behind covering the beautiful sports car in the sissiest of colors around: bright cotton candy pink. If this owner was trying to make a statement then she definitely succeeded. We just don’t know if we like what she’s saying. There’s just something about covering up a 4.3L V8 engine producing 460hp with a whole lot of pink that just doesn’t feel right.

The bad part is, this vehicle isn’t the only one that has gotten hit with the pink stick. Paris Hilton’s car is well-known as the very pink Bentley Continental GT and we have even seen a pink Maserati GranCabrio . Of course, our favorite is still thepink Lamborghini Murcielago LP 670-4 SV because, well, that car could look good in just about anything.

Source: LeBlogAuto

Ferrari has unveiled a special California at the Paris Auto Show. What makes it so special is a new HELE (High Emotion Low Emissions) system designed to reduce the environmental impact of its cars whilst boosting their performance and driving pleasure. With the use of the new HELE system, California delivers an emission improved by 23%.

HELE incorporates new intelligent engine fan and fuel pump control, electronic air-conditioning compressor displacement control and a gear-shift pattern that adapts to driving style. Next to it Ferrari is also offering the Stop&Start system which restarts the car in just 230 milliseconds.

Next to this amazing system Ferrari is also offering its customers the possibility to customize their California. Clients will be able to choose from four traditional areas: Racing and Track, Exteriors and Colors, Interiors and Materials, and Equipment and Travel. Options include: 16 basic colors, 19” wheel rims or sportier forged 20” versions with either colored or diamond finish, carbon fiber elements, leather, Alcantara® upholstery or any of a wide range of carbon-fiber trim elements.

Updated 12/03/2010: Ferrari has unveiled a new video in which they explain how the new HELE system works. For those uninterested in the technology behind the vehicle, you can always check out the video to see a few more shots of the California. Enjoy!

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About a week ago, we introduced a special edition BMW Z4 Silver Top Edition that’s being exclusively made for the Japanese market. Turns out, that isn’t the only special edition sports car that’s making its way to Japan, leading us to wonder why they always seem to get first dibs on limited-run cars. It’s not exactly fair, is it?

Having said that, our readers over in Japan will be happy to know that a special edition Ferrari California will be offered exclusively in Japan, similar to the aforementioned BMW Z4 Silver Top Edition. The limited run California is being offered by the country’s leading Ferrari importer, Cornes & Co., and was created to celebrate their 30 years of service in Japan. There will only be 10 available models in three different color schemes – four models will have a Bianco/Nero color scheme, three will have a Nero/Crème color way, and three more will have a Rossa Corso/Nero color scheme.

The engine setup will remain as is with the California’s 4.3L V8 engine producing 450hp, but the importers made sure to give this special edition California some new exterior digs, including new carbon fiber materials on the fuel cover, rear moulding, door handles, and side skirts. This California also comes with Rosso Brake Calipers and a special set of wheels in the form of 5-spoke diamond polished forged wheels with the unmistakable red Prancing Horse center caps that have been bolted down by a set of titanium bolts.

As for the pricing, you can own one of the 10 available models for 26.5 million yen or about $319,000 based on current exchange rates. It’s highly unlikely that we can buy one of the 10 models given that they’re only selling them in Japan so we’ll just settle for the next best thing: looking at the photos over and over again.

Source: Cornes Motors

German tuner, DMC, has produced a number of finely-tuned masterpieces over the years so you know that when these guys are in the news, they most likely have a new tuning package for a specific car cooking in the oven. And, lo and behold, they do indeed have one.

Calling it the Ferrari California Surfista, DMC attributed the awesomeness of their package to providing subtle upgrades on the car, instead of going overboard like some tuners have been known to do with the California.

DMC just replaced the original components with the same parts that are now made of carbon fiber. There’s a carbon fiber front diffuser that’s significantly lighter and adds a rather classy and elegant look to the front. Who doesn’t want carbon fiber, right?

DMC also gave the California a new trunk trim made of carbon fiber that adds sizzle to an otherwise simple looking rear end. Then there’s the rear diffuser – also made from carbon fiber – that completes the now lighter and more powerful Ferrari California . Output for this baby has jumped from 460 horsepower to 550 horsepower.

Source: DMC

Cars this rare usually are sold at auction sites like Barrett Jackson or Pebble Beach, and not on Ebay. So how this 1959 Ferrari GT was sold on Ebay for $3.2 million, we’ll never know. It’s not a knock on Ebay. It’s just that we don’t see these types of authentic classics on that site so you’ll have to forgive us for the initial shock.

Okay, now that we’ve gotten over it – at least a bit – this rare and exotic Ferrari was sold by its owner from Pittsburgh and, even more surprising, was that it was bid on 86 times before the winning bidder scooped it for $3.2 million.

A Ferrari being sold for $3.2 million might be a little steep, but this particular car is nowhere near what you consider ‘typical’, even for Ferrari’s standards. The car – its official name is the Ferrari California Spyder 250 GT CS – comes with a 12-cylinder engine, a manual transmission, and is only one of nine models that come with a Tipo 508 D aluminum body frame. It is also one of the first Ferraris to be outfitted with disc brakes, which at that time, was akin to having a car made out of forged composite today.

Source: Luxist

There are rumblings within the auto industry that Ferrari may have a surprise vehicle that the company is planning to unveil at the upcoming Paris Motor Show.

A report coming out of OmniAuto has suggested that a “green” Ferrari California could be headed to Paris to make its world debut. Nothing has been made official yet, but the word is that, contrary to the ‘green’ tag it’s being described in, the car isn’t being classified as a hybrid. The description used for this vehicle claims it to be something along the lines of a sports car that will come with a number of features similar to the Vettura Laboratorio HY-KERS concept that was unveiled earlier this year.

There’s no denying that a ‘green’ approach is something that Ferrari has long spurned on, but even Ferrari President Luca di Montezomolo has admitted that due to the implementation of stricter government standards, the Italian-based company is beginning to adhere to the new regulations by improving fuel efficiency by 30% while, at the same time, cutting down on emissions by 40%.

With these new regulation requirements on the back of everybody’s mind these days, the idea of seeing a “green” Ferrari out on the streets has turned from highly improbable to a distinct possibility.

Source: Omni Auto

In its standard version, the Ferrari California ’s V8 engine develops a total of 460 HP. Now, in true tuner fashion, Anderson Germany has increased the engine’s power by a total of 55 HP (to a total of 515 HP). To achieve that increase, the tuner reprogrammed the ECU and added a valve controlled stainless steel exhaust system. Unfortunately, the tuner did not release any details on how these changes affected the vehicle’s performance.

The package for the Ferrari California also includes a set of special light-weight 21 and 22" wheels and an adjustable damper that can either lower the ride by 35mm or raise it by 40mm. The exterior is also freshened up by a carbon-finished front spoiler lip, side skirt wings, rear diffuser, rear mud guard, side ventilation, and rear spoiler lip.

Not much of the interior was altered during this tuning makeover, but Anderson Germany did provide the vehicle with carbon fiber accents that will surely provide a classy sporty look. The air vents, radio facing, center consoles, door handles, rocker switches, and steering wheel facing are all coated in carbon fiber.

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