Ferrari Enzo

Ferrari Enzo

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Okay, so it may not exactly be appropriate to pick the best crash of the year, but considering many will be ringing in the new year in a drunken stupor, we think it best to remind everyone of the consequences of drinking and driving. Most of the drivers in the crashes we are featuring were not under the influence when these crashes occurred, but if these guys can get into a massive accident when they’re sober, chances are a drunk YOU will suffer consequences that are much worse.

This year actually brought out the worst in many drivers, some of which instigated accidents with multiple supercars, a vehicular dip into the Atlantic Ocean, and high speed rough and tumbles. Unfortunately, not all of these drivers survived these horrific crashes, which only drives home the point that we have to be extremely careful when operating our motor vehicles.

Remember to have a SAFE and fun New Year.

Hit the jump for the list of the most famous crashes of 2011.

The Chinese automotive market is growing bigger by the day and automakers everywhere are taking advantage of this growing market by throwing a number of special editions their way. One type of vehicle that is ripping through the streets of China is the super car. Anything from Ferrari Ferrari to Pagani Pagani to Lamborghini is making its way over to the land of Dragons and Emperors, and this video was created to show off a number of these vehicles.

Watching this video may incite some ever growing jealousy for the people lucky enough to get behind the wheel of these bad boys. The supercars are all part of the Chinese Sportscar Club (SCC), which got together on an airstrip to show off their rides. The list of the supercars is intense, including a Ferrari Enzo , a Pagani Zonda F/R and Cinque , a Mercedes SLR , a Mercedes SLS , a Ferrari F430 , a Ferrari 458 Italia , tons of Lamborghini models, an Aston Martin , and our favorite, the Koenigsegg Agera .

The sheer monetary value of the collected supercars is enough to induce drool.

What can be better than a supercar? The answer is quite simple: more supercars brought together! This video was shot during a "private" supercar rally and brings together some of the most amazing cars in the world.

In it, you will see the one-off Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster LP640 "Versace Edition" , a Ferrari Enzo , Porsche Carrera GTs in black, purple, and gold, a Lexus LF-A , a Nissan GT-R , a Lamborghini Murcielago SV , a Mercedes SLR , a Porsche 911 Turbo , a Lamborghini Gallardo Balboni Edition , and well we could go on and on like this forever.

The first three minutes of the video will show an impressive supercar parade, but if you want to hear some wonderful exhaust music, fast forward up to the 3:30 mark. Our advice is for everyone to turn up their volume and enjoy! We can assure you that the video is worth every second!

Impressive achievements haven’t been made just in the automotive industry, but also when it comes about toys. If until recently if we wanted to play with a toy car we needed a remote, now an impressive feature has been announced. Silverlit has released a special Ferrari Enzo Toy Car that is being controlled by iPhone.

The Enzo Toy is not only an impressive replica of the real car, but it has been developed in conjunction with an app for all mobile iOS devices. This application controls the car in the same way a joystick does. The toy car is capable of various speeds, has multi-racing steering, and sports head, tail, and turning lights. Communication between car and device is made possible through Bluetooth.

This kind of toy is recommended for ages 8 and up and is priced at $80. Next to the Enzo, Silverlit is offering a whole line of these remote controlled vehicles, called the Blue Sky Series.

Source: Chipchick
Next Ferrari Enzo will be inspired by the Bugatti Veyron

The long-awaited successor for the Ferrari Enzo has the entire auto industry buzzing, simply because any vehicle set to follow the ’world’s most iconic car’ has some pretty huge shoes to fill.

Well, as early as now, we’ve gotten word on a few details surrounding the Enzo successor, some of which were confirmed by no less than company CEO, Amedeo Felisa.

According to Felisa, the Enzo successor will use a carbon fiber chassis - similar to the Enzo and another Ferrari supercar, the F50 . In addition to that, the supercar will also feature a mid-mounted V12 engine that will be developed to produce insane performance numbers, even for the lofty standards of the Enzo.

The Enzo successor is set to make its debut in about a year’s time, which means that all of us have a little more than 12 months to get primed and ready for Ferrari’s new ultimate supercar.

Bugatti and Koenigsegg , you two have been warned.

The Ferrari Enzo may be one of the few cars in the world that doesn’t need any modifications, as it looks absolutely stunning right off the assembly line. But as luck would have it, there are always a few tuners around that know just what accessories to add for that personal touch of awesome. And we have to admit little touches, like a new set of wheels, can make a big difference.

This special Ferrari Enzo has been equipped with a new set of ADV5.2SL wheels wrapped in Pirelli tires. For the wheel finish, ADV.1 used their popular polished gunmetal lip / matte black center combination. That’s it. Nothing else was touched, nothing else was fixed. It may be a small upgrade, but the black from the wheels does wonders to compliment the Ferrari’s luscious, red exterior paint job.

Maybe people are starting to take a step back from the Enzo as a show of respect for the dreadful fate experienced by ZR Auto’s Enzo which took a drive into the Atlantic Ocean recently.

Source: TeamSpeed

There are times when we look back on some of the pieces here and still get a chuckle over what some loony did to their supercar that the latter certainly didn’t deserve. Certainly, we haven’t forgotten the Veyron-diving episode from a couple of years ago; that memory’s still fresh on our minds.

Now, it looks as if a recent car crash will join Andy House - the man behind the Veyron - in the annals of all-time dumb car crashes.

This time, the dubious honor goes to Zahir Rana, the owner of the ZR Auto Dealership. We don’t know the full details of how it exactly happened, but apparently, Rana was behind the wheel of his EDO Competition Ferrari Enzo when the car all of a sudden made a dive straight into the Atlantic Ocean.

The race car was participating at the Targa Newfoundland 2011 when the whole debacle happened. We’ll try to find more details, but for now, we have these pictures of the car taking an unexpected dip in the Atlantic, as well as a video showing the entire incident down to the recovery of the Ferrari.

Source: YouTube
Ferrari 458 Italia Spider

Ferrari is burning the midnight oil, coming up with plans for the next couple of years. We already know we’ll be seeing the Spyder version of the 458 Italia at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show, but it looks like future plans will produce a few other models to clean and freshen up the Italian automaker’s lineup.

The 2012 Ferrari 458 Italia Spyder will be powered by the same engine as the coupe while a retractable hard top will replace the canvas top offered on the 430 Spider - the model it replaces. Ferrari will be jazzing up the variants for this model in 2013 with a 458 Scuderia, followed by a refreshed model in 2014.

The first vehicle to follow the 458 Italia Spyder will be the replacement for the 599 GTB , codenamed the F152 , which will make its world debut in March at the Geneva Motor Show. It will be a two-seat coupe with rear drive and a direct-injection V-12 longitudinal engine mounted in the front. Sales on the US market will begin by the end of 2012.

After the 599 GTB’s replacement has its time to shine, Ferrari will be readying up the successor for the Enzo , which will also debut in 2012. This vehicle will be an all-carbon fiber model powered by a new, normally aspirated V-12. It will herald weight-reduction and fuel-saving technologies that Ferrari plans to adapt to its entire range by the end of decade.

When 2013 hits, Ferrari will be ready with facelift versions for the California and the 458 Scuderia as well. This is where Ferrari’s revealed plans end, but we’ll keep digging to find out more so stay tuned!

You know how people immediately assume that combining elements from jaw-dropping vehicles and mashing them all up spontaneously nets them a wondrous piece of automotive engineering? Sure, it works sometimes. But for the most part, we’re left scratching our heads while looking at this ungodly sight, bemoaning the sheer lack of creative foresight by the people who built it.

This is the Predator Xtreme, a car that could have been built when somebody put a Ferrari Enzo , a Lamborghini Reventon , a McLaren F1 , and an Infinity G35 into a giant blender, put it on full blast, and watched as this piece of work come out.

Now, it probably isn’t as bad as it looks, especially at first glance. But once you take a minute and start examining the car, you’ll notice that a lot of what makes the car look the way it does is the elements found in the aforementioned supercars. The front end looks like a dysfunctional marriage between an Enzo and a Reventon, the interior seating lay-out looks to have been ripped out of a McLaren F1 – except that this one looks far more cramped - and don’t even get us started on why those taillights look suspiciously like the ones found on the G35. It’s because they are!

Full story after the jump.

What do a Ferrari Enzo and a Bugatti Veyron have in common? Until recently, the only similarity was the fact that they were rivals, but new rumors suggest that the next generation Enzo will be inspired by shapes in the Veyron’s design. Guess Ferrari is feeling the heat a bit, huh?

The new Enzo, set to be revealed in late 2012 will feature new-generation aerodynamic technology, including "active aerodynamics" that pump air out through the body to influence the way airflows over and under the skin. Rumors say that Ferrari will place a direct-injection twin-turbocharged V8 engine under the hood , but it is also believed that the next Enzo will use the same gasoline-hybrid technology found in the Vettura Laboratorio HY-KERS concept .

"The world is a very different place to how it was when the Enzo was launched. It has moved on completely. And we are Ferrari – we do not take part to make up the numbers," said Ferrari officials in an interview with AutoCar.

Source: AutoCar

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